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Alec has finally left - gone to who cares where.

I watch my best friend closely, hoping that he will bounce back to the way he used to be, but it is as if Alec's venomous words have taken the wind out of his sails.

It's been weeks, and he continues to hold a part of himself back. He claims to be fine. I can see the change in him, though, and it makes me ache for him.

I pray that, with time, he will open up again and his heart will heal.

He deserves to be happy, to be loved.


"Jesus, Edward...you're worse than a girl when you travel!"

I watch in amazement as he runs his fingers through his hair, his eyes on the suitcase, carry-on, and another bag with God knows what in it.

He looks at me with annoyance and huffs. "Not my fault. A lot of this shit's business-related and then the conference for the club-"

I hold up my hands in surrender, shaking my head as I help him carry his luggage to my car.

As we drive to the airport, I ask him who's going to teach his classes.

"Don't know," he says.


As Edward tells me about Jasper - the mysterious Jazz from camp - I marvel at how his past and present now collide. I hold him, letting him talk everything out before I share my thoughts. I can hear the confusion, the want, in his voice as he speaks. I know he had never been able to really let go.

I pull back, looking at him. His eyes are full of emotion; fear, hope, pain, rejection, yearning - I see them all.

I sigh softly and wonder if maybe Jasper is the key.

"You know what you have to do; don't you, Edward?"


As I sit on the chair-and-a-half, I carefully balance my plate of lasagna on my knees.

Felix holds out a glass to me, grinning. "Here, Bells. Some bubbly for the birthday girl."

I blush, take the offered drink, and sip it slowly. "Thanks..."

He leans down and gives me a quick peck, right on the corner of my lips. I can feel the heat on my face increase as I glace around. No one seems to have noticed, everyone busily talking or eating.

His eyes are mischievous, and I narrow mine as I whisper, "You watch it, mister."

He grins.


The first thing I see as we run into the alley is Jasper being held and beaten by five guys.

What the fuck? Goddamn cowards!Five against one...

I turn to Edward as he exclaims, "Shit! Jasper!"

I see his face whiten at the sight before us, and for a moment, I wonder if he might faint; he looks so pale.

Emmett and Felix are already running to help Jasper. I join them once I'm sure Edward is alright.

It's over before it's really begun, and we're left licking our wounds.


I hold my hand to my chest, wincing.