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[Chapter 07 — The truth and the lying]

Sookie's Point of View

Even with Pam's no-speed-limit driving, we arrived at the Sheriff's place—as Pam had put it while talking on the phone for directions—with barely seconds to spare. We were in a residential neighborhood outside of Dallas, and just as the rest of them, the ridiculously large house was erected onto a small lot.

I was reluctant to leave the car as the realization of the danger I was about to face hit me.

"Are you sure we have to do this?" I asked Pam, my throat dry with fear, as she also hesitated before leaving the car. She didn't respond, she seemed to be measuring something; before I could help myself I added, "There are at least twelve vampires and four humans inside."

A vampire appeared at the front door, and it didn't help my nerves at all. Now, she was scary.

What little emotion Pam had, vanished in an instant, replaced by a calm unexpressive mask, as she exited the car and I made a point in following her closely, and slightly behind, in a stupid attempt to hide from the vampire.

"Pam Ravenscroft? From Louisiana?" The vampire stated coldly, and perhaps it was my imagination, but I got the feeling that she didn't want us here.

"Yes," They simply gave each other a curt nod.

"And this woman?" I was about to, not only respond, but also give my hand for the vampire to shake when Pam gave me a look of disapproval. Ooo-kay.

"This is my companion, Sookie." Pam said. I realized I had never given her my last name, and I wondered if I should now, but then again, I was just arm-candy tonight. I rolled my eyes.

The vampire swiveled an eye toward me thoughtfully...Uh-oh. "I am Isabel Beaumont," she led the way to the main room onto which the front door opened, "there have been some changes on the schedule, and Stan can no longer receive you right away."

Pam's tiny hands balled into a tight fist. Isabel stopped in a waiting area and motioned for us to sit, her stance impassive, "Are there any problems?"

"None at all." Pam replied with no inflection in her voice as we took our seats. I tried not to show my disagreement. There were three other vampires in view, two who were standing completely motionless in the middle of the room, and a Hispanic vampire who stood protectively in front of what I assumed was Stan's office.

While we waited—for what seemed like an eternity to me—a human pacing in the nearest hall caught my attention. He was worried and scared, without comprehending why he was feeling that way. His thoughts also switched constantly to a very naked Isabel who was as white as paper and as flat as a board.

As if on cue, our host called out, "Hugo, come, sit." The man responded as a trained puppy, and a strange outside wave of calm soothed his nerves, as he sat next to me. It also made his thoughts patterns clearer. And I was barely able to suppress a squeak of shock.

Pam looked at me, as did every other vampire, and I force myself to smile mischievously at Pam, "Sorry, I just thought of something." I said, squeezing her hand lightly, but meaningfully.

There was a glint in her eyes as she returned my smile, "You can tell me about it later."

A vampire—looking paler than he should and with a worried expression—exited the office and was escorted out by one of the vampires. Isabel signaled Pam with a nod, and they both entered the office.

So I was left behind with Hugo Ayres, a human whose mind was wide open to me, and much to tell.

* * *

Pam's Point of View

I walked into Stan's office ready to smash some skulls...and then I was greeted with opened arms and much enthusiasm. No one looked particularly threatened by my presence (I snickered) and Stan was cordial and ridiculously good looking as ever. His sandy hair was slicked back, and his black-rimmed glasses were even mended with Scotch tape. I like that nerdy, geeky look myself.

All except for Isabel, who looked mighty displeased with my arrival. I kept an eye on her. There was no need for her to tag along, but since Stan paid her no attention—as he scrutinized my appearance with appreciation—I ignored her as well.

"Pam, dear, I must apologize for my rudeness, but it was necessary. Phones are unreliable." He said, with a faint trace of foreign accent.

Was he trying to tell me that his phone's been bugged? If that's so then someone in his retinue was plotting against him, or he was simply being cautious.

After little formalities and lots of flirting—on his part, of course; I'm a lady—I prompted him on the matter at hand. "What's been going on?"

"My brother Farrell has not returned to our nest for two weeks now," Stan Davis said, "and my child Rachel disappeared, along with your Sheriff, three nights ago."

This was bad. For a vampire as powerful as Stan to be missing two members of his nest was not only very unusual, it was humiliating. Add to that the two other vampires that had gone missing. I asked him about them.

"The first disappearance occurred four weeks ago," he said with a wave of his hand, so I gathered it was either not taken seriously or the vampire was unimportant. He continued, "Now the second one was only a week apart. He had just recently moved to my area—Gerald—he came from your Viking's turf." I nodded, Eric had told me about him.

"I felt obligated to inform the Northman and he insisted to be updated on the situation since it was apparent then that it was not an isolated event." No matter how many centuries he'd lived, he always clung to this thread; he was an honorable man . . . Stan Davis too. "When my brother didn't return for a fifth night, I called Eric and requested his assistance."

"Did he owe you?" I asked rightfully.

"No," he said, biting out the words, his fangs half out. Very well, as long as he knew who is in debt then we can move along.

"Where were Eric, and Rachel last seen?" I asked.

"They were following Farrell's case clues, my sources tell me that they visited the bar The Bat's Wing, although the staff had already been interviewed, from what we uncovered no vampire had been with him or them, just humans."

How is that possible? He can't expect me to believe Eric Northman was taken by mere humans. "What's being done?"

"There's not much to do." He responded stiffly. "Isabel here is in charge of the investigation, but there had been no further development for the past nights." It didn't look like she was doing a good job just standing there.

"Five vampires have disappeared and no one has the slightest idea how this happened." I said unconvincingly, glancing at her with the corner of my eye.

Isabel snarled at me, and Stan's eyes actually glowed for a second, so angry was he. However, he knew I was right, and so instead of replying to me, he must have used his freaky gift and telepathically communicated with Isabel.

She hung her head and whispered, "Yes, master." For a moment I wished I had a more binding connection to Eric, so he could tell me where he was and this would be all over in a hurry. But where's the fun in that? He would no doubt have told me.

I noticed that Isabel was acting relatively submissive, rather than her defiant self. Oddly suspicious. Maybe she's jealous? Of what? I had too much on my mind at the moment to deal with Stan's libido, and vice versa—she could have him for all I care. Or was she hiding something, like guilt? Now that was interesting.

"I have no more business here for the moment." I said standing up, "Thank you for your time, Stan."

"Keep alert." He advised, as Isabel escorted me out.

I saw Sookie standing up, shaking with fear, and I rushed to her side. What now?

* * *

Sookie's Point of View

I could see that Hugo was thinking about Isabel. He was remembering a meeting less than two weeks ago. He was in a basement with a blond, surgically altered in every way possible, staring at Farrell—his mind told me—all tight up with silver chains and dead for the day.

Why was I here again? I couldn't remember, but I needed to be here. It felt both right and wrong. I wanted to please her more than anything. Has she actually told me to do this for her? No...wait. Has she? I couldn't decide. It didn't matter, I was going thru with it. She'll love me for it...Why would she? It doesn't make any sense. I heard her whispered in my head, 'I love you'. I smile to myself, all confusion seeping out of me; it makes sense.

"What's the plan for this one?" I asked, "This one's important to them, unlike the other two." She was standing beside me, too close. Why does this woman keeps throwing herself at me, she was married!

"We are planning to have a little gathering at dawn this Sunday to watch them burn!" Sarah was cheerful.

"Them? You guys, I mean, We have another one?" I was surprised, it had taken me forever to get Farrell away and weak enough to bring him here.

"Oh yes, he wants to die, so we're letting him believe God will forgive him. Stupid vampire." I stiffened as her hand started to travel down my back, to my ass.

"Ms. Newlin," I said, trying to put some distance between us, "What about that girl? She's not a vampire, what you plan to do with her?"

There was a small woman in another cell, she was in terrible shape—with bruises and blood smeared all over her face—just laying on a heap on the floor. Hugo felt pity for her, he didn't know why he had brought her along with her boyfriend—one of the vampire's he first captured.

"Steve has plans for her. His idea is to lash her to this one here, so that when he burns, so will she." She said calmly, "A bit cruel for my tastes, but she had it coming, consorting with the devil."

Just like me, if only you all knew. I have to get out of here.

* * *

"Miss? Are you okay?" Hugo asked me, putting a hand on my shoulder.

I was shaking, horrified with that poor woman's fate. I caught myself before saying, 'Why?! Why would you do that?' He didn't hear it, it never escaped my lips, but he read the accusation in my eyes and he feared I really could or knew, somehow.

I stood up abruptly, disturbed by the possibility that he could tell I did. I put up my shields fast and hard, keeping everything out. So when Pam stood next to me and pulled me in a sideways hug, I nearly jumped out of my skin.

"Are you okay?" She asked looking intently into my teary eyes, and giving my arm a gently pinch.

I wiped the tears away with the back of my hand, "I—I just...missed you" I finished lamely, and Pam actually rolled her eyes.

"All right, let's go back to the hotel, dear." She whispered in my ears, though I knew every vampire in the room could hear her. It was part of the show, except that her tongue was not necessary for the rouse. However, it did help me move past the fear.

She took my hand and nodded to Isabel, who was looking back and forth between Hugo and me. I crossed my fingers as we walked outside and got into the car. I released the breath I've been holding in a gush.

I couldn't be thankful enough for Pam's maniac driving. I wanted out of there. Fast.

* * *

"What's got you so shaken, Sookie?" Pam asked me as we made our way back into the city.

Should I tell her? What if Eric was already dead? How would she take the news? I was certain that I didn't want to be in the same room if it was ever suggested nor did I want to be the one who delivered the message. It was obvious in her determination to find him that this was not just business; she cared for him on a personal level.

"How long had Eric been gone?" I murmured, thinking it was a good way to approached this.

"He left six nights ago and I haven't heard from him since just after dusk on Wednesday." She said, "What is it?"

"Oh, thank God!" I exclaimed, "We still have a chance, he might still be alive!" Pam turned to me.

"What, is it?" She asked sharply. Clearly in no mood for riddles.

"He's been meeting with this woman, Sarah Newlin. I can't tell you where, but it was a basement, and they had a cowboy looking vampire chained with silver—" I said. I told her about the girl, and what they had planned to do with them, "That was two weeks ago," I said with a small sob, "it's so cruel, and what if..."

"No," she said, nearly breaking the steering wheel with the force of her grip, "He's still dead."

I nodded, "I just think we should find him before Sunday, after that...I doubt..." For some it was Saturday already, but until I had some sleep or it was six am, it was still Friday night for me. With only had the rest of today and tomorrow. I gulped.

We were about to turn on the hotel's street, and then, we didn't. "Where are we going?"

"The Bat's Wing," she told me all about her meeting with Stan, what they knew, how Eric got involved, when and where they were last seen and with who. Stan's people had already interviewed the bar's staff, but Pam still wanted to check it out for herself—through me. She had a feeling there was a lie or an omission in Stan's story, either intentionally or someone else is messing with him.

"So if Isabel is with Hugo, wouldn't she noticed he's glamoured?" I sure noticed, why wouldn't she? "I'm positive he didn't do it alone, and maybe he had nothing to do with it. I could feel like the strings being pulled in him, you know?"

"It's possible that she might have been the one to compel him in the first place, but I can't think of a reason for her to do such thing. What can she possible get from this?" she snarled, and I decided to keep quiet for the rest of the ride.

She called Bill, asking him to find out who the Newlins were, and to head our way as soon as possible. We needed help outside the Dallas crowd.

* * *

The Bat's Wing was crowded, and the interior of the bar didn't help much with the overload sensation. The walls were big chunks of dark stones, the different ambiances were connected through a zigzagging path—you couldn't see the entire bar from one place, you had to walk it—and the lightning was very dimmed, the poor illumination was mostly due to the small odd lamps or candles at the tables.

The first person we checked was the bouncer, an enthusiastic fat guy with a huge ragged hole in his head. I made small talk with the man while Pam looked for a picture of Eric in her purse, but when I showed it to him, he only recalled the uh's and ah's that the fangbangers in line made as he and a tall red-hair female vampire entered the bar.

"That's Rachel," Pam said to me, speaking right at my ear since the music was blasting.

"Pam, I can't drop my shields here. It's too crowded, I'll drown." I tried to shout, but I think she still heard me. We had stopped in the middle of the bar and she had signaled me to "do your thing," but I couldn't. It was giving me a headache just to think of it.

I took a seat in a far away corner booth while Pam looked for employees for me to read. Most of them knew nothing, except the last one. Pam didn't stay with me though, she kept talking to the bartender, a pirate looking vampire. What can possibly be more important than this?

"Bethany, I want to ask you a few questions. Do you remember this vampire?"

"How'd you know my name?" she asked, slumping down in her seat.

I rolled my eyes, "I'm a physic." It was easier to explain to her like that, since she was a fan of the show Medium. I went with it. Pam would surely make her forget. Wait...should I let her?

"Cool!" The thin brown-hair waitress interjected. "Yeah I remember that guy, he came here with my girlfriend."

Her girlfriend? "Rachel is your girlfriend?" I asked. She thought about it...she didn't know if that was her name, her girlfriend's name, but she really believed she had gone out with her. Glamoured? Check.

'What were they doing?" I grabbed her hand, making an effort to focus only on her thoughts. "Did you serve them?"

"No, I asked Desiree to do it. I couldn't stand it, and hid behind the storage's door. They were just talking with this other vampire, long braided hair, and some other one."

"What did they look like, Bethany?"

"I don't know, the woman was freaking pale, and skinny as hell; I only stayed until she and my girlfriend walked away." She was sobbing, it was...pathetic. I wished I could undo her spell, I didn't work, but I did got more on the male; he was young-looking, small and had black tattoos.

Pam came back to our booth just then, growling, making both poor Bethany and me jump. "Isabel." I nodded, that's exactly who I saw in the waitress' mind. I thanked her and said goodbye because Pam was real eager to drop me off at the hotel, I've been trying to ask her where she's going, what's she going to do, but every time I opened my mouth she would glare at me.

"It's not fair! I've worked hard on this, too—I have a right to know!" I protested.

"Sookie, I have to feed, so unless you want to jump in my coffin then stop questioning me." She tried very hard to be her sassy-self, but I wasn't buying in.

"You're lying! What are you going to do?" She parked the car, exited and was opening my door in an instant. I stubbornly crossed my arms, not moving.

"Sookie," she snarled, and was right on my face, fangs fully out, "Get out!" Okay, so maybe it wasn't a good idea to argue with a vampire, and she had been so friendly up to this point that it was actually terrifying seeing her like this. I got out.

Before driving away she tried to smile at me, "I'll be back, okay?" I nodded.

* * *

I plopped down on the sofa, exhausted by information overload.

I had been waiting for her for the past three hours. It was 6:30 AM.

Pam hadn't arrived.

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