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Part 2 in Roads Travelled. Post the marauders last year at Hogwarts, and during the beginning of the first war (1978-1979).

BTVS/HP crossover. With graduation come new responsibilities. Outside the safe walls of Hogwarts, Buffy and co. find themselves involved in a war against Voldemort. No one is safe, not everyone is loyal and there will be losses on both sides. Can love and friendship prevail against the darkness or will it crumble beneath the growing shadows?


James/Lily, Sirius/OC, Peter/OC


A messy field with death and bloodshed. I thought I knew what I was getting myself into when I took the Dark Mark. I thought serving the Dark Lord was all I wanted, that it would bring respect to my family, which Sirius seemingly had abandoned. But it is becoming more and more apparent that the Dark Lord's promises are empty. He has his own secret agenda, and now, I suppose, I have one too. But Sirius came to my aid when he believed I needed it, despite all the bad blood between us. He showed me what family truly meant. I'm going to honour that.

- Regulus Black.

18 June

"Are you sure you're okay with living here?" Buffy asked Remus the next day, while unpacking her things. "I know you had difficulty with it before, considering what happened."

"I'm fine," Remus said, smiling tiredly, but genuinely, as he looked around the master bedroom of the Lupin cottage, where they would now live together. When his mother was eventually released from the hospital, she would take his old room, which had already been transformed into a more 'female' setting, and equipped with all the necessities she would need.

They still hadn't decided where the baby would stay, but both he and Buffy knew it couldn't live in his mother's room – unless she miraculously snapped out of the void her mind had become after his father died.

"I couldn't imagine selling this house, even with all the memories," Remus continued softly. "It would seem like a crime. And not all memories are bad. I think I need to stay, to prove to myself the past is in the past. Just because my father died here, doesn't mean all the good times died with him. Life goes on."

"It always does," Buffy agreed, just as softly.

"I'm still surprised you accepted my offer to move in with me," Remus admitted.

Buffy rolled her eyes. "That's just because you're an idiot," she spoke frankly. "I love you, you love me, your furriness isn't an issue for me...and besides," she added with a wink, "where else would I go?"

"Oi!" A voice coming from the living room shouted. "Moony? Buffy? Are you there?"

Remus frowned. "Prongs?" He and Buffy quickly walked to the living room, finding James' head floating in the fireplace. "I thought you and Lily were moving into your new place today? Godric's Hollow, wasn't it?"

"We are," James said. "In fact, we're there now, along with Sirius, Samantha and Peter. Dumbledore showed up, and asked us to gather everyone. Apparently, he wants to speak with us about something."

Buffy clutched Remus hand, suddenly afraid their former Headmaster had found a way to send her back, at last. "Did he say what it was about?" She asked shakily.

"No," James answered, "but I don't think it was anything bad, so don't worry too much."

"Alright, we'll be there in a moment," Remus said, and James threw them a quick grin, before his head disappeared.

"Ah, Remus, Buffy, glad you could make it," Dumbledore said jovially when Remus and Buffy stepped out of the fireplace in James and Lily's new home in Godric's Hollow. Their living room was covered in boxes and unpacked things. "Now, you might be wondering why I asked to see you, considering we parted ways only yesterday at Hogwarts. The reason I didn't pull you aside then was that it would have brought far too much attention, considering all the guests milling around the grounds."

"Yes, we are quite curious," Lily confessed from her place on a rather dusty couch.

"I'll get straight to the point, then," Dumbledore said. "Have you ever heard of something called 'The Order of the Phoenix?'"

Everyone shook their heads. "Some sort of group?" Buffy guessed tentatively.

"Correct," Dumbledore said. "A secret group consisting of people; everyday people, with various areas of expertise within the Wizarding World, who have dedicated themselves to fighting the Dark Arts, or rather, Voldemort. It was formed just a few years ago, by me, when it became apparent his power was rising. We work mostly behind the scenes, gathering information which we then give the Ministry to help them prevent attacks, or sometimes, we just 'happen' to be at the 'wrong place at the right time' so we can come to the aid of defenceless people and stop them from dying unnecessarily, if we know an attack is going to occur but too late to warn anyone. I suppose you could call us vigilantes, though we don't break the law, and we try not to draw attention to ourselves. Basically, what we're trying to do is to put an end to the war more quickly, by lending a helping hand when we can."

"Why are you telling us this?" Sirius asked, arms crossed. "Are you asking us to join your Order?"

Dumbledore beamed. "That is indeed what I'm doing. It's strictly voluntary, and you won't get paid, even though it can be both difficult, dangerous and time consuming."

"Why us?" Samantha asked, looking at her friends nervously, trying to see what they were thinking. "What makes us special?"

"I have watched all of you throughout your schooling, this year especially, and I have come to the conclusion that you are just the sort of members the Order needs: Young, determined, strong-minded, magically powerful, stubborn, clever, creative, resourceful, and most of all, unwaveringly loyal to each other, and to the light."

"Can we think about it, for a couple of days?" Lily asked. "I mean, it's a lot to consider..."

"Of course," Dumbledore said. "If you didn't need to mull it over, I'd be worried I hadn't made the right choice in asking you. One of you just needs to send me an owl when you've decided. I don't think I have to remind you that you cannot talk about this to anyone who isn't already in this room. Good afternoon, everyone," the Headmaster finished, before apparating away with a flourish, leaving the room in stunned silence.

"What are we going to do?" Peter asked, wringing his hands.

"Think it over, of course," James said. "We all need to decide this on our own. We can't have anyone else influencing our choice. Not when it's something so important."

"I agree," Remus said quietly. "We should all go home, come to our own conclusion, an d send Dumbledore an owl, either accepting or declining. This is something we can't do together."

"Mr. Lupin," Dr. Robert Nicholson greeted when he saw Remus about to step into his mother's room at the muggle hospital she was admitted to. "Here to visit your mother?"

"Yes," Remus said absently, the meeting with Dumbledore still on his mind. Forcing it out, he put focus on the conversation with his mother's doctor. "How is she?"

"She's..." The doctor hesitated.

"Please, be honest with me," Remus begged.

Dr. Nicholson sighed. "Alright. She's not improving much. In fact, I'd even say she's deteriorating slightly, though some days are better than others. Maybe your visit will cheer her up," he tried, smiling half-heartedly, but hopefully.

"Maybe," Remus said, though he doubted it.

"If you don't mind me saying so, son, you don't look too good yourself?" The doctor asked, frowning as he caught sight of Remus' exhausted look, face pale and dark circles beneath his eyes.

Remus forced up a grin. "I'll be alright," he said and that was the truth. The only reason he looked bad was because the full moon was only two days away. He was just tired. "I had my final exams and graduated last week; it's just been a very stressful month."

The doctor nodded. "Alright then. But don't overwork yourself," he admonished, before clapping him on the back and moving on down the corridor.

"Buffy would kill me if I did," Remus muttered to himself, before opening the door to his mother's room and stepping inside.

His mother's eyes were closed, her face looking pale and drawn even in her sleep and in the bright light of day. The bump from her highly pregnant belly was protruding from beneath the yellowish covers, making Dana look even smaller in contrast.

"Hi, mum," Remus whispered, as to not wake her, taking her hand. "I graduated a few days ago, and I think I did well on my NEWTs." He paused, feeling slightly silly to be talking to her when she was asleep.

"Buffy's moved in with me at our house, so I'm not alone," Remus continued. "I don't want you to worry about me. I'm fine." His throat suddenly felt very constricted. "I miss you," he choked out, tears burning in his eyes. "I wish you'd become healthy again. I wish dad had never died; then you'd never have ended up in this state... Merlin, there are so many things I wish had never happened!"

Remus closed his eyes, taking a few deep breaths to get himself under control again. "I'm going to be fighting in the war against Voldemort," he said. "I'm a bit scared, but it's the right thing to do. It's going to be a bloody carnage out there. It's already happening. I couldn't possibly not fight." His eyes suddenly darkened. "I'll make dad proud. And I'm going to kill Greyback for him. For you. For us, mum. He won't be able to hurt anyone, ever again, not when I'm done with him," Remus promised, voice grim.

His mother stirred slightly. "John?" She mumbled, and Remus forced up another smile again as she opened her eyes.

"No, mum, just me."

"Remus," she smiled sleepily and Remus' heart jumped. She recognized him! "I had such a nice dream, John," Dana continued, and Remus' heart fell again. "Remus was there, and you were there, and we were all playing beneath the stars, under the moon..." She sighed, reaching up with the hand Remus wasn't holding, and stroked his cheek. "Such a nice dream," she repeated, before her eyes slipped closed again, and she went back to sleep, her hand falling back limply against the covers.

Remus took a deep, shuddering breath, placing a soft kiss on her brow, before standing up to leave the room. "I love you, mum. Get well soon," he added as he closed the door behind him, not allowing his tears to fall until he had left the hospital and apparated home.

Buffy's mind was a jumble of thoughts as she got ready for bed, Dumbledore's offer spinning around, making her crazy. Joining the Order would be the right thing to do, and Buffy wanted to help, she really did. But at the same time, she didn't.

Saying yes to Dumbledore's request would mean she had to fight again – become the Slayer again. And the year she'd had at Hogwarts had been so peaceful, so relaxing, that taking up arms and becoming the warrior she was chosen to be felt like such a chore. She knew it was selfish, but she couldn't help it.

Despite the occasional patrol and workout – which she'd done because she would have felt restless otherwise – Buffy had really felt as though the Slayer-part of her life was over; finished when she'd fallen through that portal and ended up here. She'd been given a chance to be a normal girl again, without life threatening duties and loneliness, and she had gotten used to it and didn't want to give it up.

But she knew her answer to Dumbledore's request could only be yes. Buffy knew the war would only grow larger – she could feel it in her gut, and the death toll could only grow longer before it was over. She couldn't justify sitting it out, twiddling her thumbs and pretending everything was peachy. Not when she could help. Whether she liked it or not, it was time to face the darkness again.

Buffy glanced at Remus, already asleep in their bed – their bed – exhausted due to the coming full moon. He'd also been fairly upset when he arrived back home after the visit to his mother at the hospital after the meeting. Buffy knew he too would decide to join the Order, if he hadn't made his choice already.

It was the right thing to do. The only thing to do. Neither of them – she actually doubted any of her friends who'd been asked would say no – could turn their backs on doing the right thing, on preventing the deaths of innocent people.

Slipping down beneath the covers of the bed, she turned off the lights, leaving the room in darkness, the only sound coming from Remus' deep breathing. Curling up against his chest, Buffy closed her eyes.

At least she knew she wouldn't be alone.

"What are you thinking of?" Mandy asked, wrapping her arms around Sirius waist. "You've been so quiet ever since you came back from James' house."

Sirius placed a soft kiss in Mandy's hair, looking around his new apartment, bought from the money willed to him from his Uncle Alphard. Mandy had been over all day, helping him set it up, and when Sirius had apparated over to James' house, not knowing what he wanted, she'd stayed behind, continuing with the unpacking and cleaning.

"It's nothing," he said, knowing he couldn't talk to Mandy about this. The offer from Dumbledore didn't include her: She was still in school and wouldn't even be considered until she'd graduated. A part of Sirius hoped she never would be although deep down he knew better.

He wanted to keep Mandy safe, away from the war. As a muggleborn, she was one of those already at high risk, and the further away she was from the frontlines, the better. He would do anything for her – he'd die for her, as he would for all of his friends, which made the choice whether to join the Order or not almost ridiculously easy: If there was anything he could to do keep his loved ones safe, he would do it.

"I can tell it's something," Mandy prodded, poking him in the chest. "Talk to me."

Sirius let out a puff of breath. "I wish I could, but I can't. I promised."

Mandy cocked her head to the side, looking up at him with a tender look on her face. "It has to do with the war, doesn't it?" She asked, and Sirius blinked, taking a step backwards in surprise.

Mandy smirked. "Ravenclaw, remember? I'm not an idiot."

Sirius chuckled ruefully. "I know you're not."

Mandy smiled. "It's alright that you can't tell me. I trust you." She looked up at him impishly, slowly beginning to unbutton her shirt. "So...what do you say? Time to baptise the bed?"

Sirius grinned widely.

"James, come to bed," Lily said, an exasperated look on her face as she watched her fiancé (Merlin, she loved that word) stare out the window of their new home. James had been standing in that exact position for over an hour, and Lily was beginning to grow worried. "Please?"

James sighed, though he didn't tear his eyes away from the night outside. "Why? I won't be able to sleep anyway," he said.

"No, but maybe you won't catch a cold," Lily said, rolling her eyes, standing up and walking over to him. "I know what's on your mind," she continues, resting a hand on his left shoulder blade, "it's the same thing that's on mine. Can't we sleep on it, and come to a decision in the morning?"

"I've already decided," James admitted, finally turning around. "I think I did the same moment Dumbledore asked me. I've always known I would fight in this war when I graduated. I always thought I'd do it as an Auror, and I still will, if I get accepted. But by joining the Order, I can help even more people."

Lily smiled slightly. "Then why are you standing over here? If your mind's already made up, what's there to think about?"

"You," James said, touching her cheek gently. "I'm worried about you. That you'll get hurt. That I'll lose you, when I just found you."

"Oh, James," Lily sighed. "You don't have to – "

" – Be afraid?" James interrupted. "But I am. I'm terrified. Not for myself, but for you."

"I can take care of myself," Lily reminded him gently. "And I'll be careful. We will both be careful, and look out for one another."

"So you're joining the Order too," James stated, swallowing, eyes bright.

"Of course I am," Lily said. "Like you said, I want to help people. And I'm muggleborn, my family are muggles, and they are the ones targeted the most in this war. I can't stand on the sidelines. I realize you're worried about me, but don't you think I'm just as worried about you? We're in this together, James. Everything will be alright."

James hugged her close to his chest, placing a soft kiss on her head. "Together, huh?" He asked, not happy Lily would be in even more danger than if she wouldn't have joined the Order, but accepting and respecting her decision. At least he would be at her side, and able to watch her back.

"Always together," Lily confirmed.

"I think those were the last boxes!" Samantha said brightly, wiping sweat from her brow. "What do say we take a cup of tea, and then go to bed?"

"I don't understand how you can be so cheery," Peter muttered. "Not after what Dumbledore asked us. And why couldn't we just use magic to unpack everything?" He added, looking around the apartment space above their store.

"Because," Samantha said, walking into the small kitchenette, "we might live almost next door to the Leaky Cauldron, but we're still on a street that's part of a muggle area. We shouldn't use more magic than necessary. And as for being so cheery despite everything," Samantha sighed, walking back into the main room, "it's not like deciding is the end of the world. And I've already made my choice."

Peter blinked. "You have? Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I don't want to influence yours," Samantha explained, curling up on the slightly ragged looking couch in the room. "Like James said, we must decide this on our own."

Peter frowned. "I promise I won't let what you say get to me," he said. "I am capable of coming to my own conclusions."

Samantha bit her lip. "Alright," she finally said. "I've decided to join."

Peter blinked, slightly surprised. "Really? I mean, I thought you would, but I wasn't sure...you're not exactly the type to go looking for a fight."

"The Order is a group focused mainly on defence," Samantha reminded him. "We're not staging a guerrilla war. And besides, after what happened to my mother and little sister...how could I not?"

"It's about the revenge," Peter stated, nodding, certain he knew Samantha's reasons now. He could understand that.

"No," Samantha corrected, frowning. "It's about justice. It's to make sure no other family is ripped apart the way mine was. It's about doing the right thing, protecting innocent people." She stood up to turn off the now boiling water and fix the tea, leaving Peter on the couch, frowning.

The right thing...what was the right thing, really? And protecting other people...couldn't they look after themselves? Britain was part of a war that had been growing steadily worse for years – if the wizarding population wanted to be protected, they should leave the country, or something, not look for someone to save them because they were too lazy to pick up their own wands.

The reasons Samantha mentioned seemed so flawed.

Peter could understand the need for revenge. He could understand fighting because you wanted recognition for it, or because of pride, or for the right to live. He could even understand fighting just for the sake of fighting. Peter himself would join the Order because he knew all his friends would and he didn't want to be seen as the odd one out – that was something he was anyway.

But doing the right thing? Who decided what the right thing was? Who decided You-Know-Who's views were wrong, and the rest of the world's were so right? What made the Dark Lord so bad, really? He wanted change; Peter could respect that, even though his methods left a lot to be desired. But no revolution ever came quietly.

Still, Peter would never dare to voice these thoughts aloud – Hell, he probably shouldn't even be thinking them. But he felt so out of place – he always had, less when he met Samantha, but now it was starting again; that feeling of disconnection.

He wanted to find himself, do something for himself, independently from his friends and their expectations. Easier said than done, however. It wasn't like an opportunity like that would ever come knocking on his door. Because who cared about Peter Pettigrew, the average nobody, the sheep who went along with the mainstream. It was what he'd always done; what he always would do...

"So..." Samantha returned with the tea. "Have you decided? Are you joining?"

Peter smiled weakly. "Of course I am. Like you said, it's the right thing to do."

'Because...what else is there?'

23 June

"Severus," a voice said, and Snape looked up, startled, into the eyes of Regulus Black.

"Regulus," he grunted. "What are you doing here? I didn't think you were one to visit Muggle pubs..."

"I could ask you the same question," Regulus said lightly, sitting down opposite Snape in the dark corner booth.

"I'm meeting someone here," Snape grumbled. "Someone important. So if you would be so kind..." He gestured towards the door. "Leave."

Regulus chuckled, signalling the bartender for a beer. "Now, Severus, that's not a nice thing to say." His eyes sparkled. "After all, I'm the one you're here to meet."

Snape snorted. "Don't be ridiculous..." He trailed off, as Regulus nonchalantly put his left elbow on the table, his head resting on the palm of his hand, his sleeve slipping down and revealing a skull with a snake protruding from its mouth: The Dark Mark.

Snape breathed in a deep hiss as Regulus smirked at his reaction.

The bartender arrived with Regulus' beer, leaving as quickly as he came, and the younger Black sipped on it, shuddering at the taste. "This is what muggles call a beer? Disgusting," he muttered. "How can they drink this stuff?"

"They're muggles, what did you expect?" Snape said shortly. "How long have you been a Death Eater?" Snape asked, changing the subject.

Regulus chuckled. "Always going straight to the point, eh, Severus?"

"Just answer the question," Snape growled.

"Since the beginning of November," Regulus answered. "Low level, of course, until I leave school, but still part of the inner circle. Voldemort personally recruited me," he bragged, glancing at Severus. "Something we have in common, I suppose."

Snape just grunted, surprised he'd never noticed the younger Black had a Dark Mark. But then again, Slytherins weren't exactly known for being touchy-feely.

"Well, we should probably get going," Regulus said, standing up and dropping a few muggle coins on the table to cover the almost untouched beer. His eyes glinted evilly. "He doesn't like to be kept waiting."

Snape wasn't quite able to completely hold back a shudder.

"Ah, Severus," a soft voice hissed in the darkness, the only light coming from a few torches around a large stone throne upon a figure almost cloaked in the shadows sat. "Please, rise."

Snape rose from the deep bow he'd made when he was escorted into the throne room by Regulus, who had then been dismissed. Eyes locking upon the face of the Dark Lord, Snape couldn't help but be surprised: Whatever Snape had expected him to be like, this was not it.

The Dark Lord's eyes were dark, but where the whites should have been was instead only a bloody red, giving him a hellish, dangerous look. His hair was long and glossy black, but with a hint of white at the temples. His fingers were spiderlike, graceful, but also a testament to the deadliness of his entire being.

He was also quite tall, probably looking taller than he was due to the fact that he also seemed very thin, though far from frail: The power was practically oozing out of him, distorting the atmosphere, and he seemed to be surrounded by an impenetrable darkness that made the air itself feel sick and heavy and difficult to breathe in, as though the Dark Lord himself was something unnatural and twisted.

Snape, though fighting revulsion from the wrongness surrounding the tall wizard, couldn't help but be mesmerised. He looked so regal, magnetic, filled with promise and power. The power!

The Dark Lord suddenly laughed, a high-pitched, cold laugh that buried itself deep into Snape's bones, and he knew he would never be able to forget that sound, even if he tried to. "Do you like what you see?" He asked, and Snape's mouth suddenly felt very dry. What was he supposed to say?

"I am honored to be in your presence, my Lord," Snape said, not quite knowing where he found the words, but apparently, they were the right ones, for the Dark Lord chuckled.

"Indeed." He sounded amused. "I have heard much about you, Severus, from my loyal Death Eaters. They say you are...eager to prove yourself, thirsting for power, a prodigy in Potions, hating muggles...and yet, you once spent a great deal of time with a muggleborn." The Dark Lord's voice was suddenly cold. "Why is that, Severus?"

"She...she's nothing to me," Snape managed to get out. "I have made my choice, my Lord, and I wish nothing more than to serve you."

"I am glad to hear it," Voldemort said, and then suddenly, a sharp pain tore through Snape's mind, as the Dark Lord attacked his mental shields with what must have been full force. Snape crumpled to the floor, barely holding back a scream. Then, as quick as the pain arrived, it was gone, and Voldemort had leaned back in his throne, a thoughtful look on his face. "Who taught you Occlumency?" He asked, voice natural, but with a hint of danger.

"M-my mother, my Lord," Snape stammered out.

"Eileen Prince. Yes," Voldemort said, voice low, suddenly sympathetic. "A powerful witch, in her own right. A shame that she lowered herself to become the breeding horse and punching bag of a mere muggle."

Snape tensed, his fists clenching in anger as his father's face flashed before his eyes. "I hate him," he hissed out. "I despise him. I want him dead!"

"Yes," the Dark Lord hissed, his eyes gleaming as he leaned forwards. "That you do. You remind me much of myself, Severus, in many ways."

Snape's black eyes flickered with surprise.

"Yes, we do have a lot in common," Voldemort said, seeing his look. "Maybe I will tell you just how much, someday." He paused, tapping his fingers against each other thoughtfully. "Your hatred for all things muggle is true, that much I can see," Voldemort said. "That is good. And yet...I don't think you hate her...Lily Evans."

"She chose him," Snape said bitterly. "She chose Potter. She's nothing. I don't care what happens to her." But as soon as the words left his mouth, he knew they weren't true. He didn't want Lily to die. Even though she'd rejected him, he still loved her.

"Potter..." The Dark Lord mused out loud, as though trying out the word in his mouth. "James Potter, correct? Hmm...yes, I can see your hatred for him is also true. Because he now has what you don't. Jealousy...a powerful emotion, indeed." He smiled. "I see why you want to join me, Severus Snape. You want the power, the knowledge I can give you. You want revenge on your father, and muggles like him. You want James Potter's head on a platter, cooked and served. Preferably with a side dish of Sirius Black. And you want Lily Evans in your bed."

Snape's nostrils flared, not quite liking Voldemort thought he only wanted Lily as a mere whore. He loved her. But he said nothing.

"You desire her, because she's what you can't have," Voldemort continued. "I can give you all you yearn for, Severus. Even her, eventually."

Snape's head snapped up in attention. Suddenly, it didn't matter why Voldemort thought he wanted Lily – only that he would give her to him. Once he had her, then surely, he would be able to make her forget all about Potter, to win her heart forever. Yes, he'd parted ways with Lily, letting her go, wishing her luck - because he wanted her to be happy - but he was certain, that if given one more chance, he could make her so.

One more chance, that was all he needed – all he wanted. He hadn't been able to get Lily to give it to him, but with the Dark Lord on his side...how could he possibly fail?

"My spies at Hogwarts are all reporting James Potter can become a problem: He's very powerful already, firmly on the side of the light, he has captured Dumbledore's attention, and aims to become an Auror. Eventually, he will die, either at my hand, or at my Death Eaters. It all depends on how troublesome he ends up becoming," Voldemort continued, tapping his long fingers against the throne's armrest. "As for Black...also powerful, and on the light side...for now. However, he does have ties to the dark, and he holds love for his brother still...that can be utilized, and if turned, he would be a powerful ally. However, if that does not succeed, his death is yours, Severus," Voldemort smiled.

"And Lily?" Severus croaked out, heart pounding in his chest. "My Lord?"

"The only thing standing between you and your little muggleborn is Potter. And when Potter dies, she is yours," Voldemort said, smiling. "It is possible the rest of Potters friends will try to keep her from you, but really, their bonds of friendship aren't as strong as they believe. Even now, there are cracks which are only growing wider."

Snape had so many questions, so much he wanted the answer to, but he knew he would get them eventually. This was not the time to ask. "To offer me all this," he said, head bowed, "is most gracious of you, my Lord. I will serve you willingly, do all that you ask, to the day I die. My soul is yours."

Voldemort cackled, that bone-chilling laugh escaping his throat again. "Indeed, it is. Give me your left arm, Severus, and enter my service."

Holding out his left arm, pulling up his sleeve, Snape watched in fascination as Voldemort pressed his pale spiderlike fingers against the inside of his forearm, muttering words in latin – mixed with what Severus thought to be parseltongue – under his breath, ending with a long hiss of "Morsmordre!"

Suddenly, the area beneath Voldemort's fingers was burning; his blood pulsing hot, the skin seemingly glowing. And then, the pain began.

Severus screamed, high and loud. It felt worse than a thousand piercing needles, and for a moment, he was sure he would pass out. Then, Voldemort's fingers were removed, and the pain stopped. Left on his arm, was the Dark Mark.

Voldemort smiled, and on the chamber wall, more torches lit, and all around them, Snape saw dark figures cloaked in black, with white masks covering their faces: Other Death Eaters. "You're one of us, now," the Dark Lord hissed.

Published: 10/03 -10

A Note From the Author

And so begins Road of Carnage. This story will, which I'm sure you can discern from the title, be a lot darker than Road of Innocence, but of course, there will be happy moments as well. Below is a little story trivia, which will be placed at the end of each chapter, concerning continuity, interesting facts and so on.

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- Regulus becoming a Death Eater was subtly hinted at in Road of Innocence chapter 13. Blink and miss it.