Hello :)

I thought I'd start something new. Not sure it's wise, but here it is. It's AU.

- Kelly never died in the accident. She's now twenty-four. Only Shannon was killed.

- Jenny never left Gibbs in Paris, she returned back to DC as his partner. His marriage to Stephanie never existed. Jenny remained at NCIS, on another team until she was promoted to Director. Jenny and Gibbs married two years after Paris.

- Kelly was assigned to Gibbs' team a year ago to help with the case-load, but is still considered the probie.

Enjoy :)

Jennifer Shepard-Gibbs smirked as she looked over her 'kingdom'. She had kept her own surname when she had married Gibbs, thinking it would be confusing having two Agent Gibbs' on the same team. And now Kelly had joined, there were three Gibbs' at NCIS, so it was probably a good thing she had double-barrelled her name. The young agent is question was currently leaning across DiNozzo's desk, teasing the older man. Her husband was currently absent from proceedings, most likely getting his hourly fix of java, which was why Kel was getting away with it. Ziva was currently on the phone, conversing rapidly in Hebrew, and McGee was tapping away on his computer. She chuckled as she saw the rather green agent was not working as she had initially assumed, but playing one of his online war games. It was amusing to see how Jethro's team acted in his absence. Suddenly, a buzzer sounded from Tony's computer. McGee hurriedly shut down his game, Ziva made her goodbyes and hung up the phone, Kelly hurried over to her desk, between Gibbs' and Ziva's, and all four agents busied themselves with work. Two minutes later, her husband exited the elevator and strode into the bullpen. She twigged what the buzzer was – an alarm that Gibbs had entered the building. DiNozzo clearly had some sort of arrangement with security on the door. Jethro looked up and caught her eye. He winked. She smiled. It was clear her husband wasn't aware of his team's intelligent system. It wasn't often they got one over on their 'fearless leader'.

"DiNozzo," Gibbs said, abruptly, "Suspected abduction of a female petty officer. Address is on your PDA. Take Kel, check it out, call it in if necessary."

"Yeah, boss. Come on, probie, if you're quick, I'll let you drive,"

Kelly smirked, snatching the keys out of his grip, "I'm driving anyway, Toh-nee."

DiNozzo groaned. Kelly drove like her father. She strode straight past him for the elevator. Jenny's eyebrows rose as she saw DiNozzo's gaze linger on Kelly's ass. Jenny knew he loved women, but lusting after the bosses' daughter? Dangerous territory.


Tony chuckled as Kelly almost ran across the carpark to his Mustang. He had surprised even himself when he had allowed her to drive his baby. Seeing as it wasn't an official case yet, Gibbs didn't care they didn't arrive in the charger. His grin grew wider as she clambered up on the bonnet to watch him cross the carpark at his own leisurely pace. He had to admit she was stunning. She had inherited her mother's gorgeous red hair, and her father's piercing azure blue eyes. She had a fantastic figure, and she looked smokin' in a blue tank-top that matched her eyes, black combat pants and army boots. Plus there was something even more attractive about the heat she was packing on her right hip, her badge glinting in the bright morning sunlight. As he neared the car, she stretched her arms backwards to grip the top of the windscreen and then flipped over it to sit in the driver's seat, smirking. He laughed again. She always had been good at gymnastics. She grabbed the mirrored aviators she had been wearing on her head and shoved them down to cover her eyes, starting the engine as he slid into the car next to her, tossing his bag in the back seat next to hers. He grinned when she turned the stereo on loud as she pulled out of the Navy Yard, heading for Quantico. She smiled back and then burst out laughing as he pulled a pair of matching sunglasses out of the glove box. He stared at her. Her whole face was shining with joy as she openly laughed, her flame-red hair blowing behind her in the wind. She was absolutely beautiful. He smacked himself violently upside the back of the head. He shouldn't be thinking this way. Kelly laughed even harder.

"What, probie?!"

"You just hit yourself upside the head, Tone. And you think my dad has problems!"

He glared at her. This was not good.

This is Kelly! Probie! Gibbs' DAUGHTER! You're only gonna get yourself killed!

She smirked at him as if she knew exactly what she was thinking. She couldn't.


They made the trip to Quantico in record time, thanks to Kelly's ridiculous driving. DiNozzo found it extremely sexy that she could handle his baby as well as she did. Base security was waiting for them at the house in question. Tony and Kelly approached the marine in charge.

"Special Agents DiNozzo and Gibbs, NCIS. What's the situation?"

"Gun-shots, shouts and squealing tires at 0330. Neighbours called it in 0345. House is a mess. Belongs to a Petty Officer Peter Morgan. He's vanished. There's a lot of blood. At this point, we're not even sure that he's the victim."

"Thanks man, we'll take it from here. Kel, photos, I'll sketch and measure."

The marine nodded and base security left. Kelly got straight to work. Tony assessed the scene. Something major had gone on here, even if Morgan hadn't been abducted. Tables overturned, smashed glasses, blood on the floor. He yanked his phone out and called his boss.

"Yeah, Gibbs," he answered on the first ring.

"Hey, boss. Think you lot better get down here. Something has definitely happened."

"Can't get out there till tomorrow, DiNozzo. Seven car pile-up on the 245. Traffic backlogged for miles. Cordon off the crime scene, finish up and then book yourself and Kel into a hotel on base. There's no point trying to get back tonight, soon as you get here, you're gonna hafta turn around again."

"Book myself into a hotel with Kelly?"

"Do I stutter, DiNozzo? I'll make contact in the morning."

"Right, sure, boss," Tony replied, but his boss had already hung up.

"What's the matter, Toh-nee? Scared to share a hotel room wid' lil' ole' me?" Kelly asked, leaning against the doorframe. He turned to face her.

"No-one said anything about sharing a hotel room, Kel!"

"I did. I'm not shelling out for my own hotel room. We can only put one on expenses, you want your own room, you pay for it. I ain't got no beef about sharing a room with you."

Tony bristled, "I don't have a problem sharing a room with you, Probie. None what-so-ever."

Kelly winked at him and got back to work. Tony barely managed to hold back a groan.

How the hell was he gonna last a whole night in a room alone with her?