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Tony grinned at his bride as he led her down the beach towards the marquee. She turned and caught his ridiculous expression and arched an eyebrow.

"What, Tones?"

"We just got married," he replied, grinning even more, and she couldn't help but beam back at him. He covered her eyes as they walked into the marquee. She hadn't seen it yet, and he couldn't wait to surprise her. He moved his hands, and she gasped as she took it all in.

There was a dark wood laminate dance floor in the middle, round tables that seated eight all around it, and a long table for the wedding party at the back of the dancefloor. The walls of the marquee and the tables were all draped with champagne and ivory coloured silks. There were displays of white lilies and roses on each table, on the front of the main table , and on the support beams of the marquee. It was beautiful. She felt tears well up in her eyes and spill down her cheeks, and Tony hurriedly wiped them away.

"Don't you like it, baby?"

"Oh Tony, I love it, I really do,"

He smiled at her, and then crushed his lips against hers.

"OI, DiNozzo! The rest of the wedding party is coming now, so why don't you two take your flipping seats?" Gibbs growled as he entered. The newlyweds broke apart and Tony took her hand to walk her to the table, but she stopped him, her eyes on her father. Tony understood and stepped away studying some flowers, giving them a moment.

"Well, Mrs DiNozzo,' Gibbs drawled.

Kelly beamed and threw herself in her father's arms, not caring about crushing her dress any more. He hugged her back tightly and buried his face in her neck.

"Congratulations, baby," he said, gruffly, and she could hear the tears in his voice. She hugged him tighter still, giving him time to get a hold of his emotions. When he pulled away, he was his usual self, save his eyes, which were unnaturally wet. He took her hands in his.

"I love you, Kels,"

Kelly beamed and squeezed his hands, "I love you too, daddy,"

He grinned back, his eyes leaking, and cleared his throat. Tony looked up and smiled and came over to get Kelly, grinning at his boss.

"Congratulations, Tony,"

"Thanks, Gibbs. That means a lot,"

Gibbs could only watch as Tony took Kelly's handed led her up to the table. They rounded it and he pulled her chair out for her, making sure she was seated before he did so himself.


An hour and a half later, the guests had been well fed, and the plates had been cleared. Tony gulped as McGee coughed nervously and stood, tapping a knife against his glass. Many of the wedding guests spotted Tony's expression, and started laughing. McGee caught on and smirked, before speaking.

"Admittedly, I know a bucket-load of stories that would embarrass the hell out of Tony and Kelly, but I know I'll just end up paying for it for the rest of my life, so I'll more on quickly,"

He grinned nervously as a few people laughed, and took a deep breath,

"As soon as I started NCIS, I knew not to mess with Kelly. Sure, there was her overbearing Marine father, but there was also her best friend. Tony and Kelly have been inseparable since before I met them, and to be honest, I thought there was something between them for a long time, and so did Gibbs, I suspect,"

More people laughed.

"Anyway, I realised that, if I strayed away from embarrassing stories, I actually didn't really know what to say, so Abby and I put his together for you guys,"

A projector screen rolled down on the back wall of the marquee, and everyone turned to look at it.

Black, artistic writing swirled across it.

A Sciuto-McGee Production; A Decade of Tony and Kelly.

The room burst out laughing as a picture slid on of Tony and Kelly when he had just started at NCIS, his newly issued badge in his hand, and a beaming Kelly on his back. Gibbs stood next to them, looking less than pleased. Tony was just shocked by how heart-breakingly young she looked. Then there was a shot of Kelly, sprawled across Tony's desk on her stomach, laughing, aged about nineteen. Tony was sat at his desk, his gaze firmly on her ass, causing more laughter. There were several more shots of them in the office, during the early years of their friendship, whilst Kelly was still in college. Gibbs smiled at them, but then frowned as photos he had never seen popped up. One of Tony and Kelly splayed out on the couch, fast asleep, Kelly's textbooks all around them. Another one of Tony lying on Kelly's bed, whilst she modelled her graduation dress for him, laughing. Photo after photo came by, in and out of the office. Gibbs grinned at one of Kelly's first day as an NCIS agent. She had taken Tony to the floor for smacking her ass in the bullpen, and the photo showed her straddling his back, Tony's face squished against the carpet, and he himself laughing in the background, a cup of coffee in his hand. There were crime scene photos by the tonne, of Tony and Kelly goofing off, photos of them at Gibbs' house, the beach, the park, autopsy, MTAC, Jenny's office. Then it switched to a video clip. Of Gibbs, who arched an eyebrow. He clearly had had no idea he was being filmed. He was talking to Ducky in the hallway outside interrogation, and Tony and Kelly suddenly stumbled around the corner, locked in a heady embrace. Tony shoved Kelly up against the wall and kissed her even deeper, Gibbs remaining completely oblivious. They eventually noticed Gibbs and Ducky when they broke for air, and Kelly burst into a fit of giggles. Tony covered her mouth and dragged her into interrogation. Gibbs turned at the sound of the door shutting, but simply shrugged his shoulders, and then he and Ducky walked away down the corridor. Whoever was filming ducked into observation and managed to just about catch Tony and Kelly making out on the table before they fell off with a bang and a shriek. The clip was then followed by a series of photos of Kelly and Tony in obviously secret embraces. Tony could only assume that it was Abby, she was the only one that had known about them. He winced at Gibbs' expression as a photo came up of them making out on the hood of Gibbs' yellow Dodge. There were more secret rendezvous photos, of them in the parking garage, Gibbs' house, Tony's apartment. Clearly, Abby had been busy. Then there was a transition into the everyone-knowing-about-them period, of Kelly sat on his lap in the office, her ring on display, Gibbs glaring at them. There were more photos of them in the bullpen, out at crime scenes, holding hands walking down the beach, everything. The slide show ended with their mugshots from when they'd gotten arrested. Kelly was snarling in hers, looking every inch her father's daughter.

The room broke into applause as the show ended, and McGee and Abby presented the newlyweds with an album that had every single photo in it.

McGee then stood and cleared his throat again.

"Anyway, Tony, you've always been like a big brother to me, and Kelly one of my best friends, and I love you both. Congratulations!"

Both Tony and Kelly beamed at him as he received his applause, and then Gibbs stood. Kelly couldn't help but laugh at her husband's face, and Gibbs' smirked when he spotted how pale he was.

Kelly leant in and muttered in his ear, "Relax, he let you marry me, didn't he? What can he do now?"

Tony gave her an incredulous look, "Um, kill me?"

"If he was going to wait until now to kill you?"

"Cuz now he's can get my money from you!"

She shushed him as her father cleared his throat.

"Those of you who know me, know I hate public speaking. You probably also know I have my rules,"

A ripple of laughter passed through the marquee.

"I created rule twelve in a pointless attempt to top myself from sleeping with my junior agent twenty years ago. Needless to say, it didn't work, and I ended up married to her," he said, giving them a sheepish grin, and Tony was now smirking.

"However, as soon as Jen and I returned from our work in Paris, she transferred to another team, and rule twelve stayed firmly in place. Until I hired Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo,"

He turned to Tony, "Took me about two minutes of you meeting Kelly to work out you wanted to sleep with her. Didn't click you were in love with her until two years after that. I just noticed you suddenly started looking at her like she is the only girl in the room, and every time she sees you, her whole face lights up. I haven't seen Kels smile like that since her mother died. I know you're gonna treat my baby right, Tony. You guys have got my blessin', you have since day one,"

He raised his glass, "Mr and Mrs DiNozzo,"

The sentiment was echoed around the room and Kelly was tearful as she hugged her father. Gibbs wrapped his arms around her and looked at his new son-in-law over her head.

"It's on you now, DiNozzo. You screw it up, I'll kill ya!"