Dirty little book

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Oh craptastic, crap, crap crap. I mumble to myself as I dump my book bag onto the floor of my room. I know I have my notebook in here some where I had it at lunch. I reach the bottom of my bag and sigh in defeat, AAAAGGGHHH I screech and grab my cell phone.

"Jake, did I leave my notebook in your car?" I bellow be for he even says hello.

"I dunno, why?" he replies lazily.

"Jacob William Black you get up right now and look in your MF'en car or so help me god I will tell everyone at school you kissed Embry Call on the mouth as a dare and liked it!" I shriek at him.

"Sure sure, hang on psycho, I'm going out there. Shit, if it was this flippen important wouldn't you keep it with you?" he huffs. I hold my breath and wait for him to search the car all the while pacing a path in the area rug in my room. "Not here Bells."


"What did it sound like I said, your precious isn't in my car, what the hell is in that thing anyways?" he questions

"I um, nothing thanks for looking Jake. Bye." I say in a sweet voice and promptly hit end on my phone.

I pulled at my hair and let out a long breath before I take the stairs to the main floor hoping to find my notebook. This is silly, I'll find it I coo to myself. It's just sitting on the kitchen table. I turn the corner into the kitchen. Damn. Positive thinking is bullshit. I repeat the same this in every room including the bathroom where I throw the shower curtain to the side, I don't know maybe I was trying surprise my cheeky wayward notebook into magically appearing.

I throw myself back on the couch and huff. My notebook definitely isn't here I think in defeat. I must have left it in my locker. I've never done that before but it is all I have to cling too.


"See you later man." I clap Jasper on the back and high five a couple of the other guys from the team as I back away and head toward the parking lot. As I cut through the outdoor seating area where some of the stoners and dorks eat lunch I smile a little. Before I made the football team I was just shy of band geeky enough to be banded from the cafeteria tables myself. I shiver and shake off the thought and.

As I pass the last of the tables I see a green book is sitting on one of the benches. Huh? I walk over and pick it up to inspect it. I flip open the cover and my eyes immediately fall on the word cock. What theā€¦ I sit on the bench and open the notebook on the table to the first page. Come on you would do it too, it's not everyday a horny teenager with no respect for anyone's privacy come across something like this.

I step into the grassy meadow and smile as the gentle breeze sways her dark brown locks and the vibrant wildflowers. I take in the soft curves of her naked body. My cock begs my feet to move forward and I slowly approach her from behind. I rest my hand on the milky flesh of her hip and feel her quiver under my touch. Her reaction travels straight to my dick and I feel heat radiate though me. I am desperate for more from her but she stands so still almost like a dream. I run the backs of my fingers down her spine. She turns her head slightly to give me a coy smile over her shoulder before she takes off in a sprint across the field. I give chase willing to play her little game as she giggles and flits around the field I watch her breasts bounce with her lively steps. I am aroused to the point of frustration as I finally grasp her dainty wrist and turn her to face me. Her eyes are a light with surprise at my expression which I can only imagine was reflecting my primal need for the woodland nymph. I pull her into me covering her mouth with mine in a long deep kiss. It is only when I feel her soft flesh pressed into me that I realize I too am naked. I snake my hand around her waist and pull her down to the ground until I am on top of her lying between her legs. I pin both of her hands above her head with one of my hands while the other massages her perfect round peaks and pebbled nipples. She moans and writhes underneath me. She pants "now, please take me now." Into my ear and I am lost in a sea of lust and desire. I smooth my hand down her stomach and take hold of my throbbing erection and position myself at her hot wet entrance. She moans again and I can't stop myself from thrusting forward engulfing myself in her. She is so tight an wet and as I move in an out I can feel her tremble with each frenzied thrust, she is throwing her head back and arching her back and when the walls of her pussy squeeze my with her release I am done for. I cry out and bury my head in her shoulder as I release inside of her. I lay limp trying to catch my breath resting most of my weight on her, after a moment I raise myself slightly to kiss her but when I raise my head she is gone. I am laying face down in a field completely alone; my hands are tangled in the grass that should have been her long brown hair. I look around and it only confirms I am in fact alone and naked.

What the fuck? I sat at the bench and read the notebook until the sun fell to low in the sky and then I decided I would take it home and finish reading it. I glanced around to make sure no one else was around and sprinted to my car which wasn't easy since I had a raging hard on.

I sped home and threw my car in park and raced up the front steps. I yelled at my mom that I had homework and bolted up the stairs to my room and slammed and locked the door behind me. I took a closer look at the notebook to see if it would identify the owner but there was nothing, just page after page of penthouse style stories. I sit on my bed with the notebook and a strategically placed a bottle of lotion and a box of Kleenex. I let out a sigh resigning myself for a long night. I don't know who wrote this or why but I think I might be in love.


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