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This will be told through Ichigo's POV. =)


It's Saturday and I have nothing to do! I thought while laying on my bed, frustrated.
Maybe I can call Auyoma-kun... I sighed. I wish he was still here. Why did he have to move?

"Ichigo! I have good news!" I heard my mom yell, walking up to my room.

"Yes mum?" I asked in a bored voice.

"There's a masquerade ball being held at the park tonight! Doesn't that sound fun?" My mom said in an excited voice.

A ball?! Now I'm really missing Auyoma-kun.
"Yes Mum, that sounds like fun but I don't have a date." I explained, heaving a sad sigh.

"You don't have to go with a date. You can go there with your friends." My mom explained sitting next to me on my pink bed.

I sighed, "Okay." I whispered, looking at the picture on my night stand. Which Is a photo of Masaya.

My mom gave me a smile then walked out of my room.

Wait! What am I going to wear?! I thought frantically, then an Idea popped In my head; I'll call Zakuro!


When I was done shopping I went home to get ready.
After about an hour I was ready. I walked over to my mirror to give myself one last look.
"Whoa." I whispered, I had my hair in my favorite hair style; Pigtails. But they were In curls, to give it a fancier look. I'm wearing a light pink dress that reaches the floor, It has jewels around the top and has ruffles on the skirt of my dress. "I look really cool!" I said while spinning around In circles. I know. I'm wierd. But that's not the point right now.

Then I heard a voice come from my window. "Hello kitten." Kisshu...

"What?" I asked. I'm sure I looked very angry.

He just laughed. "What? Isn't my kitten happy to se me?" He asked with a fake frown.

I rolled my eyes.
Then I saw him look me over, ugh, what a creep!

"My my. Doesn't my cute little mew mew look pretty." He said with a playfull smirk. I wanted to slap him so bad...

"Go away!" I said sternly. He frowned, but this time It looked sincere.

"Why don't you ever give me a chance Ichigo?" He asked, looking down. This made me frown. WHAT?! I SHOULDN'T BE FEELING BAD!

"I'm sorry Kisshu." I apologized. WHAT?! I never listen to myself. Sigh.

He smiled. His smile was so...cute. Again, WHAT?!

"G-go away Kisshu!" I yelled, he laughed.

"Aw. Is kitten upset?" He teased.

"I said go away!" I demanded, he sighed.

"Okay okay. Bye bye kitty." Then he dissappeared. Good riddens!

I sighed and looked In my mirror again. Oh wait! I forgot about the dance!
I got excited again and started spinning...again.

"Ichigo are you ready?" My mom called from downstairs, but I was too caught up In my own little world that I didn't notice her walk In.
"Ichigo?" My mom laughed a little at the site of me twirling around like a fool.

"What?" I said, startled and tripped over the shoes I was going to wear. Ow...

My mom giggled, "Let's go Ichigo."

"Coming!" I slipped on my light pink heels and scurried out of my room.


"Wow" I whispered, the ball at the park looks incredible! There were strings of white lights on the trees, there's heart shaped silver balloons everywhere, and a blonde guy walking over to me. Wait what!
Then I realized who It was, It was just Shiro-baka.. Whoop-dee-doo.

"Hello Shirogane-san." I greeted the blonde and he just gave me a smirk. Wait? Why?
"Why are you smirking at me?" I asked In a slightly irriatated tone.

"Because you look very nice." He explained.

I blushed. Wait why am I blushing?! Shiro-baka complimented me and I blushed?! I must be sick.
"Th-thank you." I whispered and walked away. Maybe I need something to drink...

As I walked over to a table with refreshments, I saw my friends, Mint and Zakuro.
"Hi guys." I greeted, walking over to them.

"Hello Ichigo," Mint greeted while looking at my dress. "Nice dress." Mint complimented.

I smiled, "Thanks. Zakuro helped me pick It out."

Mint smiled, too. "I always knew Onee-sama had good taste."

I rolled my eyes, I know she looks up to Zakuro and all, but she can be just a teensy bit obsessive.
"Ryou thinks so too." I said and Mint gave me a smirk. Ugh. Not again...

"No wonder. He does have a crush on you after all." She said crossing her arms, still smirking.

I blushed, what?! STOP BLUSHING OVER SHIRO-BAKA! I scolded myself.
"No he doesn't!" I shouted, but not loud enough for anyone other than Mint and Zakuro to hear.

Mint just laughed. She is so annoying. I thought.

"Everyone bring your date to the dance floor 'cause it's time for a slow dance." A man announced by the stereo that was now playing a song slow enough for a slow dance.
I'm starting to think coming to this ball was a bad idea...

"Ichigo! I just realized you're not wearing a mask!" Mint scolded. "This IS a 'Masquerade'. You're suppose to wear one." She explained.

I sighed. She gets worked up over the littlest things...

"I have one for her." Zakuro said, taking something out of her bag.
I cocked a curious brow at her. She pulled out a beautiful pink eye mask that was sparkly and had a small heart charm at the tips of each corner.

"Zakuro It's so pretty!" I squealed and put in on.

everyone walked to the dance floor. I sighed. I wish Masaya was here... I thought sadly watching the couples dance together.
Then someone tapped me on my shoulder. I turned around and saw a guy wearing a white tux, black fedora, and a white face mask with a silver star around the left eye.
I couldn't tell who it was, unfortunately.

"Hello?" I greeted shyly.
The boy didn't say anything, just extended his hand infront of me.
I think he was asking me to dance.
"You want me to dance with you?" I asked with a small smile.

He nodded.

My smile widened as he walked with me to the dance floor.
He took my left hand and extended my arm along with his and placed his left hand around my waist.
We started dancing, It was so sweet and gentle. He seemed so...amazing. And I don't even know his name!
"What's your name?" I asked him. No answer. Darn it.

He spun me around and stopped with a gentle dip, making me blush. I'm going to blush alot tonight aren't I? Sigh.

The music stopped and we just stood infront of eachother, looking eachother in the eyes.
Of course, he was wearing a mask that covered his entire face and the eye slits weren't very big. Darn.
"Please tell me your name." I asked-err- more like begged.

He just chuckled.

I sighed in frustration. Why wont he tell me?
Just as I was about to ask for the third time now, he kissed me on the cheek.
And I'm sure I was blushing a VERY bright red color. I placed my hand on my cheek, even though he didn't kiss my lips, It still felt so...amazing.

After a minute of silence the guy smiled and walked away.
"W-wait!" I tried to call for him to come back but I guess he didn't hear me.
"Come back..."

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