Title: Fairytale's end
Pairing: Stayne/Alice, onesided Hatter/Alice
Warning(s): None
Summary: He watches them much like a jilted lover would.

His blood boils. His pupils dilate. His skin turns as pale as the Queen's hair.

He watches them (behind one of the Queen's white cherry blossom trees, looking much like a jilted lover) hunched together as if they are concocting a diabolical scheme, while whispering things he wish he could hear. Once in awhile Alice's melodic laugh will echo throughout the courtyard, which just serves as another blow to his already fragile heart.

Hatter wonders why Alice pleaded for her majesty to save the Knave; he who hunted her like a dog does a fox. Was it because he was tall? Did Alice feel protected from harms way when Stayne's towering frame stood near? (Oh how he wishes he were tall too!) Was it because of his ebony hair, that somehow managed to move even when there wasn't even the slightest breeze? (He detests this orange mop of hair he was born with) Or was it because of the scars etched deep into his face, serving as a testament to his fearlessness in battle? (He'll give himself some bloody scars if it means Alice will look at him the way she does her gallant knave)

They are now making their way towards him. Hatter ducks against the tree, but not before Stayne notices him. The look in the knave's coal hued eyes was one of satisfaction -as if he had won a grand prize. Yet there was also a hint of nervousness, or perhaps even empathy. Stayne swiftly turns away, all to eager to break Hatter's piercing gaze. Alice is giggling over something he has said (Oh, so now he's a comedian on top of a fearless warrior?) and isn't aware of the battle playing out before her.

And then Stayne snakes his arm around her waist, and gives her a gentle kiss on the forehead. There isn't any competition now; Hatter sees genuine feelings of affection in that single gesture.

He hears Alice remark to him that she is cold ("I'm positively freezing Stayne!") and the knave hurriedly ushers her into the palace. ("I will not have you catching your death out here. How horrible would it be to hear that Alice bravely fought the Jabberwocky, but died from a common cold? It would be downright shameful".)

( & Oh how Hatter wishes he had been the one to put that look of love in her big black eyes)