Category: Drama /Romance/Humor

Rating: T- 13+ Unverified

Summary: After Edward saves Bella from the van he is worried about how his family will react. When he hears that some are plotting against her he reacts in the only way that makes sense. He kidnaps her. As they travel across the country to keep her safe feelings change and surprises emerge. When all is said and done will Edward have the strength to let her go or will he make the hardest decision of his life and decide to keep her forever?

Welcome, Welcome. For those that are returning

I thank you for taking interest in my newest story and for those that are just joining us thank you for giving me a shot. I hope that you all like this one. It came to me from a line in Stephenie Meyer's Midnight Sun and it's something that I have been thinking about for awhile but I just never could really see the whole story and then one day it just came to me and I knew how it needed to go. This story picks up after the van accident in the parking lot.

So sit back and enjoy and as always I can't wait to read your reviews :). Talk soon.

For the whole story I just want and need everyone to know that Stephenie Meyer owns all the characters, names, and others I'm sure own the places that are mentioned in here. I'm just having fun and I hope that you do to.