CHAPTER 19: More Than Ready

Bella POV

"Now that I know what you are I am being to understand why you don't live someplace like Florida." I was leaning my head against Edward's chest as he played with my hair.

"What do you mean, love?"

"I would hate the sun too if I couldn't go out in it." I explained. We were waiting for the sun to go down so I could go met up with my mother.

"We don't hate the sun." He chuckled. "Matter of fact we happen to love it."

"You do?" I turned to look into his eyes.

He nodded a quick yes. "It's just that if we go out in the sun around others we would cause a bit of an uproar."

"Because of the catching on fire?"

He laughed at me and kissed my nose. "Silly Bella, those are just myths. The sun doesn't hurt us."

"Then why can't you go out in it?" This didn't make sense.

"I'll show you someday." He leaned down and kissed me and I forgot any question that I might have had.

There was nothing better than kissing Edward. Feeling his cool hard lips shape themselves around my warm soft ones. It was amazing to think that he could be so gentle and still so passionate. I knew that he wanted more but he kept himself to light kisses and small touches. Not that I would have minded going further than we were. I loved him and would spend eternity in his arms. What difference did it make how close we were now?

"Edward" I pouted as he pulled away with a chuckle.

"Bella, we can't" I could see the pained expression on his face. "I promised never to hurt you and I intend to keep that promise."

"But you wouldn't be hurting me." I reached for him again but he held me still.

"Bella I could so easily hurt you. I have to concentrate every time I touch you so that I'm not to ruff. If I wasn't thinking I could crush you are worse and it's too hard to think when you're in my arms."

I sulked but I understood. He was being a gentleman and I should appreciate the care and respect that he was showing me. So I leaned back against his shoulder again and he went back to playing with my hair.

"Two more days and then we are heading back to Forks." He reminded me. "Is that going to be enough time?"

I didn't respond right away, I didn't have to. I knew that Edward understood or at least worried about my saying goodbye to my mother. The first day had been unbearable. I had almost changed my mind about leaving as she had cried and yelled at me for scaring her. She had made me call Charlie while we were talking and he had been just as upset. Apparently it had taken him two days to find my note and he wasn't happy with the fact that it had taken me two weeks to get to Florida. He also wanted to know how I had driven to Florida when my truck was still in his driveway. I had no answers for either of them. I couldn't very well tell them about the Cullen's but Charlie already suspected. Not only had the rest of the Cullen's had left town not to long after I had but Billy Black had put some thoughts into my father's head about my association with them. Apparently that just added fuel to the fire and his suspicions grew from there.

I explained that I had asked Alice to drive me and she had agreed. I wasn't sure if this made my disappearance better or worse but I knew that Alice would see what I was saying and she would back me up. I also made sure that he knew that the Cullen disappearance had nothing to do with mine. That didn't make things better but when I told him that I had been sending in all my school work and that I would be on my way back soon he seemed more at ease.

I had spent the next few days with Renee. I was able to see Phil pitch his first game for his new team and help her start house hunting. She tried her best to convince me that I should move out here but my mind was made up. I had Alice join us one night for dinner and she absolutely loved her and apologized for my taking her away from her family. Alice just smiled and said it was no problem and she would do anything for her best friend and that I was more like a sister to her since she considered me family. All and all, the time with Renee had been great and just want I needed to be able to bid this part of my old life goodbye.

Now I needed to face my new life. I knew that Edward wasn't ready to make me immortal like he was and I was okay with that. I didn't know if I was ready either. Just because I wanted to spend eternity with him didn't mean that I was done doing all that I wanted. I needed to graduate from high school and maybe college. I wanted to spend more time with Charlie even though I wasn't sure if that was the best idea of not. The closer we got the harder it will be when I have to go away. Maybe it would be better to distance myself from him now but I couldn't see going back to Forks and not being with Charlie.

Not that I could see going back to Forks and not being with Edward. If he were to decide that he was going to move to Alaska with the rest of his family then I would have to go too. We were a part of each other now and there was no way that we could be apart ever again. He meant too much to me and I would never let him go.

"Bella?" I had forgotten what he asked.

"I'm sorry, what did you ask?" I blushed a deep scarlet.

"I asked if two more days was going to be enough time with your mother."

I wanted to tell him no, that I wasn't ready never see my mother again but also knew that there would never be a good time to leave so I lied.

"Yes, that will be fine."

"Bella, you don't have to do this if you're not ready." He was rubbing my back now. "I can wait."

"What does that mean?" If he was trying to back out of our deal I would find a way to hurt him.

"It means that if you want more time with your mother that's okay."

"Are you trying to leave me again?" I sat up in bed and stared him down.

He smiled at me. "No, love. I plan to never leave you again but I also don't want you to be unhappy. So if you wanted more time with your mother I would just send Alice back with Jasper and Emmett and I would stay with you until you were ready."

"But what about your family?" I couldn't believe that he would stay away from his family even longer just to be with me. "And the sun?"

"My family would understand and the sun wouldn't bother me as long as I stayed inside during the day." He reached for me and I slide back into his arms.

"Like a regular vampire?" I joked.

"More or less." He went back to rubbing my back.

"I can't take you away from your family any longer." I assured him. "As it is they must be missing you terribly."

"I'm sure they are but Bella" he put his hands on both sides of my face. "My place is wherever you are and my job is to protect you and make sure you're happy. Besides I've had a century with my family and you've had seventeen years with yours. Out of the two of us I think you are making the bigger sacrifice."

"I don't see it that way." I told.

"No you wouldn't." He shook his head and I didn't say anything. "So did you need more time?"

"As sweet as that is I'm never going to be alright with leaving my mother but I know she will be okay." I let him know. "Phil is a great guy and he'll take care of her and make sure that she doesn't do anything to crazy. So yes it's okay to go in two days."

"You're sure?" He questioned again. "I really don't mind staying."

"I'm sure."

"Okay" He kissed my lightly and went back to playing with my hair.


Two days later I found myself not on the road back to Forks but on my way to Disney World. Despite all the protest against it Alice wouldn't let us leave Florida without seeing the greatest place on Earth. Of course we had to wait until the park was almost closed but that didn't seem to faze her or Emmett. They ran around like two kids in a candy store jumping from ride to ride and I hated to admit it but I had a great time.

It also helped to be with the world's strongest man, a psychic, and a mind-reader. They knew exactly when the rides would be less full and Emmett was able to win everything. Edward and Jasper didn't do badly either and we ended up leaving with a van full of stuffed animals and toys, penance for Rosalie and Esme according to Emmett.

After we left there we went back to Jacksonville to say goodbye to my mom once again. Edward kept asking if I wanted to stay but I assured him over and over again that it was okay. I didn't think he believed me but he didn't say anything more about it.

In the end we had to stay three more days in Florida thanks to the sun. I never did find out what happens when they go out in the sun but I would wait. I also didn't find out why we couldn't have just left at night but Alice warned against it and as I was learning everyone trusted Alice. They had a standing joke about how no one bet against her.

I personally think that we ended up staying so that she could shop a little more because it seemed that the sun didn't stop her from finding a mall with underground parking and tinted windows. She drug me with her and proceeded to spend a ridiculous amount of money on clothes for me, Jasper, Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Esme and Carlisle. I asked her at one point why if she was so into clothes she didn't design them herself and she just laughed.

"I have patience for design. I would have to figure out the look that I wanted and then make the pattern, cut it out and sew the clothes. I'm more of an instant gratification girl. Which means it's easier to just go get what I want." She shrugged after that. "Although that doesn't mean that I won't try one day. That's the great thing about eternity. You have plenty of time to try new things."

She was right. I had always thought that I would go to college, graduate and become an English teacher but with eternity before me I could do so much more. I could be a teacher and then maybe a writer, personally I thought my story with the Cullens would be amazing but who would believe it, or maybe a play write. I could even be an architect or any other thing I might choose. There were endless possibilities.

We packed up both Edward's car and the van after we left the mall and got back to the hotel. I did learn that Jasper and Emmett had indeed bought the van claiming that it might come in handy in the future. Between the shopping trips and cars I was beginning to wonder just how much money they had. You would think with forever to plan for they would learn to economize. After all eternity is a long time without any savings in the bank and Carlisle couldn't be making that much working at a hospital in Forks. When I mentioned this they all laughed and Emmett tousled my hair.

"I swear Bella you are so cute." He laughed grabbing me into another of his patented bear hugs and swinging me around. "I love my new baby sister."

I just laughed with him figuring if they weren't worrying about it then I wouldn't either. But things would have to be different for Edward and I. If he wasn't me for eternity then he was going to have to learn to cut some corners.

"Are you ready love?" Edward came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. Night had fallen and everyone was heading to the cars.

I leaned into him enjoying the feel of his arms around me. Was I ready to bid this place goodbye not knowing if I would ever see my mother again? I wasn't sure but I was sure that I was ready to start my life with Edward. I nodded and he let go to take my hand and lead me out to the car.

As I got in I saw that Alice was in the back seat again playing on her phone. It was nice to see that she and Edward were over their fighting and that some things would never change. "Hey you two we aren't that far from New Orleans and we could hang out in the French quarter. I'd bet Bella has never been to Louisiana." She winked at me and tapped her head. I laughed as Edward got in and shook his head at Alice.

"Don't you think we've been gone long enough?" He asked.

"But there's so much more to see." She pouted. "There's the Alamo and Roswell. We aren't the only myths around you know."

"You mean Aliens aren't real?" I asked pretending to be shocked. "And after meeting vampires I was sure all the myths and legends were true. What next? Are you going to tell me there are no werewolves?"

I laughed but Edward and Alice both turned to me and I could swear that if they could would be throwing up right now. "Wait" I breathed in. "Are there werewolves?" My eyes widened.

Alice spoke because Edward seemed to unable to catch a breath. "That is a story for another day." She went back to looking through her phone. "What about Vegas?" She was working hard to change the subject. "You know how much Emmett and Jasper love Blackjack. Maybe even a quickie wedding." She raised her eyebrows at me. "Give the folks in Forks something to really talk about." I started choking and she doubled over laughing while Edward rubbed my back to get me to relax.

"Way to go Alice." He hissed.

"I'm sorry" She sobered. "I was just trying to show Bella that I could joke too."

"Right" He didn't sound appeased.

"It's okay." I patted his hand to let him know that I was alright. "She just took me by surprise."

"Sorry" She apologized again smiling at me before turning her attention back to Edward. "So Vegas?"

"No Alice" He closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Why not?"

"Because we have been away far too long and Bella needs to get back to school." He smiled at her. "This is her first time through unlike you and she needs to get as much from it as possible."

"Oh please" Alice scoffed. "The things she learns with us will serve her way better than anything she will ever learn in school. Not to mention that this may be her first time though but it won't be her last so if she misses something this time she can get in the future. So I say Vegas." She crossed her tiny arms and pouted.

"Sorry Alice." Edward wasn't swayed. "I'm taking Bella back to Forks." He took my hand in his and smiled at me. "But don't worry, as you just pointed out we have time." With that he kissed my hand and started the car pulling out and on to the highway.

We did have time. I smiled watching the world fly past me quicker than it should have. We were headed back and although I still had many more goodbyes to share and the rest of his family to met I knew Edward would be right beside me. I also knew that I might never be ready to leave behind my family and my human life but to spend eternity with my new family, with Edward? I was ready; I was more than ready.

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