The seagulls were loud with their crude crawls and the seamen were louder with their even cruder calls out to her. She ignored them as she blissfully took a deep breath and smelled the bitter salty air as the wind brushed against her cheek. Although she can ignored such disgusting creatures loud noises she could not block out the mournful cries of the sea life before her, the fish, the sea plants, the merpeople and so many other mystical creatures, even the waves themselves were crying for her.

She opened her eyes and looked down at her pale white wrist. It was slowly getting paler and paler, so pale and white it was transparent. She could see the ground through her own wrist.


She turned to see her husband. A strong, tall, tanned man who appeared to be working class and yet somehow majestic. His dark tangled black hair and beard gave people the impression of something untamed about him and his deep sea green eyes could be fiery with passion or cold with hatred. His clothes seemed unusual and yet no one looked at him because of them. That was probably due to the Mist, humans were so easily fooled. He wore breeches without the tights, sandals from back in their Ancient days and a doublet with the sleeves hacked off. He looked like he was somewhere warm instead of London.

"Poseidon" she replied warmly.

A younger man with longer black hair and clear skin, he could pass for a seventeen year old boy just about to make his way around the world , appeared beside her husband. He looked at her with a possessive loving look that she never grew tired off.

"Mother, you called?"

"Darling" she said cupping her son's face with her good hand. "I am so very proud of you and I hope you keep making me proud when I am long gone"



Like father, like son, they both looked at her with their wide shocked almost innocent eyes. She smiled fondly at them and sighed heavily. She was a beautiful woman, oh not as beautiful as her sister in laws Hera and Persephone, but she had sleek straight dark hair and cool watery blue eyes that looked incredibly bright – star like, Poseidon had told her. She had been at court with her majesty Queen Elizabeth the first and so was dressed richly in layers of different blue silks, her hair free from its terrible hood and drifting into the wind.

"I am fading" she confessed.

"Wha....but Mother, people still believe! There are plays and poems and ballads all written in the Gods name! Look at Father, he is still strong and mighty, look at me I am still young and healthy. How can you be fading?"

"Darling, as an extension of your father you will live forever. But no one believes in Poseidon's wife anymore. I am not a famous green-eyed queen who was determined to kill Hercules nor am I a stupid naive beauty who ate a forbidden fruit. I am quite forgettable, I assure you"

"Sweetheart, you can never be forgettable that I assure you" Poseidon said with a mix of sadness, love and implied innuendo.

"All hope is not lost" she said softly stepping closer to her husband. "Hades has promised me reincarnation. We will meet again"

"But it could be centuries!" Poseidon protested grabbing hold of her. "And how can we trust Hades' word?"

She kissed him gently and sweetly before stepping back. "I trust his wife's word, who has him firmly under her thumb. And who cares about a few centuries when we lived together for thousands of years, besides think of it as freedom, be a bachelor, pick up loads of mistresses and get drunk"

She really could not help the bitterness in her voice. No matter how hard she tries she still gets a little jealous when he picks up another woman. She can never bring herself to love his bastard children but part of her cared for each and every one of them that staggered into the palace to fight by their side in dark times.

"Triton, be a good warrior and help protect your Father's seas. Also take good care of whatever sibling you have, the path of a hero has never been pleasant and they could use some guidance from a brother"

"I'll try Mother" Triton promised and she knew it was best she could get. Like her, Triton could not help but feel jealous because there was always a small chance that the next child will be more favourable in Poseidon's eyes. "I love you"

"I love you too" she said taking her necklace off. It was a single largish green-blue pearl that glittered in the sun. "When you find my reincarnation, give her this and she'll have my powers of the sea once more"

She dropped the chain and Poseidon barely caught it in time before she faded completely.

The Queen of the seas was no more.

The Greek Gods stood around in a semi-circle in sympathy as Poseidon laid there on the floor in a drunken haze. His head on Hera's lap as she stroked his hair gently. It was very easy for Gods to get drunk as Dionysus has proven regularly. However for Poseidon it was usually a rare and hilarious moment.

This time it was just plain sad.

"There, there dear" Hera cooed as she patted him.

Demeter sniffed. "We should sober him up, not pat him like a dog! Get something healthy down his throat at once!"

"My wife....." Poseidon moaned.

"I know, I know but think about it Poseidon. Amy was never a sociable women, she rarely ever joined in on the solstice, so let's find a nice immortal girl with a perky personality"

"NO!" Poseidon had immediately sobered up, his eyes burning with rage as below them a storm that had never been seen before began. "Amphitrite was my wife! No girl you choose Hera will ever replace her! No one can be as kind and yet ruthless as her! There can be many beautiful women but none of them will be a queen like her! As long as there is a chance of her coming back I shall never marry again!"

Hera took a step back yet kept a stern mask on. "Oi! Oi! You sea-bastard!" Ares yelled stepping in between his mother and uncle. His face bright red with fury and his hands clenched into fists like a child on a tantrum. "Quit the storm now! You're ruining the Armada I made for Phillip! My son the Spanish king had promised me a war and you're destroying it!"

"Doesn't matter" Athena said smugly. "My granddaughter Elizabeth would have beaten him anyway"

"Why you-"

Amphitrite forgotten, the Greek Gods intervened, all either holding Ares back physically or trying to distract Athena who began to sing her beautiful Elizabeth's praises loudly to anger her brother even more.