Amphitrite, still known as Sally by her own husband and occasionally her eldest son, was watching her youngest son in pride as she stood beside her husband in Olympia.

The past five years hadn't been the happiest.

Although they managed to keep Percy with them for most of the year they still had to relinquish him to the Camp every summer and worse of all a dangerous quest. If it wasn't Medusa, the Lotus hotel, Ares' bad temper, and escaping the Underworld it was the Golden Fleece, Circe, Ares' bad tempered daughter, and a boat filled with dangerous monsters. And if it wasn't that it was the argumentative nature of her own son and Zeus' recently rescued daughter Thalia putting the whole questing party in danger and don't get her started on the Labyrinth. She hates that pile of magical bricks with all her being.

In between these dangerous holidays of questing all over America, Percy would come back to the Sea Palace and learn his lessons from Triton with Tyson as a companion. It was very awkward at first, it seemed Triton and Percy was both competing for Poseidon's and her affections. A little talk with her thousands of years old son about how he should be the mature one and show Percy how to behave (and then reassurance that she doesn't love Percy more she loves them just the same) had ended that drama.

They had good days were they were very happy and then they have bad days when they all lose their tempers with one another. Overall they were a very normal family, well normal compared to the likes of Zeus' family.

Their happiness and peace couldn't last long. Already as Percy first entered the Olympian world there had been stirrings from her father in law Kronos and slowly throughout the years he was making a comeback.

She hated the fact that she had to stay underwater while her youngest son was out fighting the monsters, the Titians, and the Demi-God army with just a handful allies. She had barely helped her son persuade Poseidon to go join his brother while she held off the attacking force at their home.

Tyson and Triton fought bravely either side of her and she will always be proud of them both for their courage and battle skill but it was Percy, who sacrificed a lot and led the whole Camp into battle against the Titians, who deserved the reward.

Since the aftermath of his first quest Percy had sworn he would work hard with his every being to become a God and be with his parents forever and today was that day.

She glanced briefly over to the Campers who were staring at her son in awe. Thalia, now a huntress was grinning wildly, Nico, the son of Hades, was also grinning; she smiled down at them and gave them a wink that they both returned. Out of all of Percy's friends from camp she liked these two the best, maybe it was because they understood Percy better as they were also possible heroes for the prophecy or maybe it was because they were both lost little children who enjoyed being taken care of. The Stroll Twins had their mouths wide open looking comical, Clarisse just dropped her weapon while Annabeth looked a little heartbroken and so did Rachel Dare. She didn't know these two girls well but she knew from Aphrodite they both held romantic feelings for her son. They would never get a chance with her son now, or at least a chance of something permanent like marriage.

It was a shame but probably for the best really. She wasn't sure how long it would have been before Athena and Poseidon snap over the first relationship and ruin it for the two young people involved, and as for Rachel she could see the looks Apollo was shooting her. He would have fought Percy for her hand or he would have wanted to make her a Virginal Oracle, neither would be productive for a good relationship.

She turned back to her son just in time to see Zeus and the others grant him his godly powers.

It was a magical sight.

His warm tanned skin glow with power and his deep-sea green eyes that he had inherited from both parents raged like a sea storm. He seemed to be taller, stronger, and just more of everything. She knew exactly what he was feeling at this moment, the strange electrical current of power running through his veins, the sudden burst of life, the extra beat in his heart, and how everything around him seems more. Brighter, clearer, in great detail, just more.

"I give you Perseas, the God of Tidal Waves, and all things Blue," Zeus boomed and everyone cheered loudly for Percy.

Poseidon was only out-shouted by his son Tyson who was also shouting for peanut butter much to everyone's amusement. Especially Percy's whose booming laughter filled the room.

There was a new God in the old Greek Mythology and within his story was a tale about a mother who did more for her child than Demeter, who stood for being a family more than Hera, who loved and was loved more than Aphrodite, and had a clearer view on the world than Athena.

It would be millions of years before that legend dies and no one would forget that Poseidon the Great Sea God had a wife.

A wife called Amphitrite.

Or better yet a wife called Sally Jackson.

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