A/N: Italics are Ruby's P.O.V./confessions. Bold Italics are character thoughts and flashbacks. This story is AU as mentioned in the summary and will include the pairing of Dean/Ruby. Of course the Ruby in that pairing will be the blonde Ruby who was portrayed in Season 3 of Supernatural by Katie Cassidy. Timeline wise, this story begins somewhere between the end of season 3 and the beginning of season 4. Like I said, this is AU so there will be no brunette Ruby or Sam drinking demon blood. Also Ruby's background has been changed a little bit for this story. I thought it'd be an interesting take on the whole Ruby remembering what it was like to be human thing if Ruby was only half demon in this story. Okay so that might sound confusing, but it will be explained further in the story. Castiel will be involved because he has the all important task of dragging Dean's butt out of hell. Since this is AU, I can honestly tell you that the whole rising of Lucifer thing will not be included in this story. Lucifer will not rise because, well, it's my story and I said so. As far as baddies go, yes Lilith will be involved and so will the breaking of the seals. Now I know I just said that Lucifer won't be rising in this story and that is true because, well, I have Lilith's part all panned out. Anyway, as far as Sam goes, yes he will be getting a pairing of his own, but you'll just have to wait to find out what pairing that will be. Oh and I don't know if Lilith's eyes can turn black like the other demons do although I do know that her eyes turn white. So for the sake of this story, her eyes can't turn black since they obviously turn white.

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It wasn't supposed to happen like this. He was a hunter bound for the fiery depths of hell and I was the smartass demon that still remembered what it was like to be fully human. Sure, we've fought to the point that we've come to blows, but we were never supposed to end up in the backseat of his cherished 1967 shiny black Chevy Impala tangled in each other as the sweat glistening on our porcelain skin sparkled in the haunting moonlight. It was wrong, he had said, but his actions spoke otherwise on that long dark night. Sure, he had been with plenty of women over the years, but being this intimate with someone that he had been raised to kill with no questions asked shook him to the very depths of his tattered soul. I vanished afterward knowing that he would soon meet his unfortunate demise. With time running out ever so rapidly, his younger brother summoned me against his wishes thinking that I'd somehow be able to help prevent his destined meeting with the pits of hell. Of course he had anticipated his brother's actions beforehand and we ended up trading punches until he had me exactly where he wanted me. There I was standing below the center of a Devil's Trap and he just left me there while he went off with his younger brother to fight in what could very well be his final battle against evil. It wasn't long after that when she arrived. She being Lilith, the head Hell bitch herself. Her eyes turned to a cloudy white and the room shook as the ceiling began to crack above me. She had successfully broken the seal and I didn't even have my knife to defend myself as he had stolen it before he had left.

I tried to fight her off, but she managed to take over my body anyway. Later on, when she told his younger brother that I had been a very bad girl therefore she sent me far far away, well she lied which shouldn't be surprising since yeah that's what demons do. Truthfully, I was trapped inside my body watching helplessly as he was ripped to shreds by those wretched hell hounds that then proceeded to drag his tattered soul straight down to hell. I was forced to watch the life vanish from his moss green eyes until there was nothing left except for pain, anguish, torture, and despair. Lilith turned her attention toward his younger brother and in his own dark green eyes I could see the sheer tragic horror of what had just happened. She used her power in the form of a bright scalding white light against him to which he cowered against blocking his face from it and after a few moments I could feel the intense fear mixed with shock coming over her. I could see the shock in his eyes which turned quickly into sheer white hot rage as he grabbed my knife intent on killing Lilith right then and there. Unfortunately she saw it coming and threw my head back escaping as fast as she possibly could. My body collapsed to the floor flat out beside his mangled remains. When I finally regained consciousness, I found myself tied to a chair in the center of a Devil's Trap with his younger brother Sam and their 'Uncle' Bobby watching me like a hawk. It wasn't until I glared at Sam with my pure black eyes that he realized that I was really just Ruby and that Lilith was truly long gone from my body.

As the days passed on by slowly, Sam took to drinking and trying to find a way to bring his brother back. He even summoned the crossroads demon in an attempt to make a deal. He wanted to switch his soul with his brother's soul, but the demon wouldn't go for it. Sam let his anger overcome him and killed the demon using the Colt. I had managed to track Sam down though and had to use my knife to kill a pair of demons that were trying to kill him. He hadn't even tried to fight back and I knew deep down that his brother would be disappointed by that. It was right then and there that I had decided to grab the bull by its horns so to speak. I forced Sam to sober up and helped him get back on track. He was back to hunting demons and other evil supernatural beings in no time at all. As for me, well, I'm sitting here right now staring at this little white stick that is glaring back at me harshly. It is about the tenth one I've seen and they've all told me the same damn thing. Sam even reread the instructions for me and for the first time since his brother's demise, a slight glimmer of a smile lit up his face. Maybe it was because he saw it as a good thing or maybe it was just because a part of his brother was still alive within me now. Either way, there is only one thing I know for sure. I have a part of me and a part of his brother within me right now. Damn it, Dean Winchester, you knocked me up! I wonder if Sam would get mad if I brought Dean back to life just to kill him all over again. What? It's just a thought.