A/N: Italics are Ruby's P.O.V./confessions. Bold Italics are character thoughts, flashbacks, and dreams. Bold is just alternate time lines. I can't believe this story is over! I'm stunned, but I have a soft spot for this verse so there will most definitely be a sequel. Well, um, enjoy the epilogue.

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Chapter Nineteen:

One month after Sam's death

It wasn't supposed to happen like this. Sam Winchester saved the world and no one will ever know except for the ones he loved the most. Dean isn't the same anymore. Hell, none of us are the same. Stephanie is a complete and total wreck. Ellen, fortunately or maybe unfortunately, has been helping her along as she knows what it is like to be widowed as a result of the supernatural. Bobby is taking it hard as well. Castiel, well, he is up in Heaven straightening crap out while his lovely girlfriend is down here knocked up with his kid. Oh yeah, I didn't mention that did I? Jo is two months pregnant and a hormonal damn mess. I've been helping her out since I've been there before. Dean, however, seems to only be himself in front of Jamie. He covered the Impala with a damn tarp and got himself a truck, for crying out loud. I told him that Sam would of wanted him to keep driving the Impala, but Dean insisted that he was saving it for Jamie instead. As for me, well, I miss Sam like crazy. He was really all I had after Dean went to Hell and now..I don't know. I guess I'm just in denial.

Six months after Sam's death

Well it has now been six months and a lot has changed. For instance, Jo just popped a little while ago. She threw every curse word in the book at Castiel and then some. I was quite proud of her. They had a boy. He weighed eight pounds and seven ounces. Little Matthew Caden Harvelle. They went with Jo's last name since Cas doesn't really have one. Ellen is a proud grandmother. Jo made Stephanie and Sam the godparents even though..yeah. I'm standing outside of the nursery window now with Jamie and Dean. He's pointing out the baby to Jamie. I can't believe our son is already over a year old. It's crazy. Matthew, on the other hand, is adorable though. His father's piercing blue eyes and dark hair. Everything else about him is pure Jo though.

A year after Sam's death

So I got thrown into a wall today. Hurt like a bitch. We should of known that Dean could stay away from hunting for only so long. Our son was taken so I ended up becoming a temporary replacement for Sam despite Dean's protests. We tracked the demonic sons of bitches to a dingy motel room. Dean drove top speed to get there. When we arrived, the door to their room was already wide open and they were dead. I was pissed when I saw that they were already good and dead. I was even more pissed when I saw Sam standing there looking way too alive while holding my son. I didn't hesitate in grabbing Jamie from him and checking my baby over for any injuries. Thankfully he was fine so I carried him out of the room blocking his view of the dead bodies while Dean talked to Sam. We returned home after reluctantly parting ways with Sam where I gave Jamie a bath. Neither of us believed what we had seen. We couldn't believe that Sam could of been alive all this time and not seek us out. Of course that didn't stop Dean from searching for Sam. Turns out, though, that Dean didn't have to go very far to find his brother after all. Sam made Bobby lock him in the room in Bobby's basement. His way of ensuring there was nothing evil in him I guess. It wasn't long until we were all reunited with him though I was still pissed that he waited a year to tell us that he was okay and alive.

Three years after Sam's "death"

It has been awhile and so much has changed. My baby is four years old. I still can't believe it. Jamie is in preschool now and Matthew is an adorable toddler. Oh did I mention that Dean knocked me up again? Yeah he did. Samantha Mary Ellen Winchester weighed seven pounds and five ounces. Yes, that's right, I named her ass Samantha. Figured after I broke Sam's hand during the labor, I might as well be nice and name the kid after him. I think Dean got a kick out of it because now Jamie has his own Sammy. Speaking of Jamie, he was a bit disappointed because he wanted a brother, but he seems to of gotten over it. She has my hair and Dean's eyes. Stephanie and Jo referred to her as a mini Ruby. That sound you just heard? Yeah I think that was Dean and Sam getting the shotguns ready for when Samantha is a teenager. Only a few hours old and they are already extremely overprotective of her. Go figure. Oh, there is one more thing. I'm officially a Winchester now. That's right. I made an honest man out of Dean Winchester. Cas performed the ceremony while Sam was best man and Stephanie was maid of honor. Matthew and Jamie shared the honor of being ring bearer. Of course that was when I had just found out that I was pregnant with the flower girl. Now here I am with Jamie snuggled into my side watching Dean hold little Samantha. His silver wedding band sparkling while my silver wedding ring, which was his ring, was currently on a chain around my neck. What? It grew to be too tight, but I'll put it back on my finger once I lose the baby weight. Anyway, my band is inscribed with the words WHEN I PICTURE MYSELF AS BEING HAPPY, IT'S WITH YOU..AND THE KIDS. Oh I put a little inscription in his band too. Want to know what it says? It says I LOVE YOU, SHORTBUS. What? You didn't think I'd stop calling him that just because I finally married his ass, did you?