Title: Tiger-party
Author: Hotaru
Fandom: Delicious Gakuin
Characters/Pairing(s):Rin, Nangou, Rouma, Shuugo, Matthew
Rating: K+
Warnings: Not any, realy. A bit Shonen-ai.
A/N: Requested by Tezzino as a drabble-request. If you'd like to request something from me, fo to my profile^^3

"What are you guys doing?"
Rouma spun around, a happy smile plastered over his face. "Rin! You change clothes too!"
Rin raised an eyebrow, eyeing the shorter boy. A frown grew on his face as he noticed the stripy clothes, the painted on nose and shaky whiskers. He also nothed that Matthew, Nangou-sempai and Shuugo wore similar clothes. Though Shuugo looked fairly displeased about the get-up.
Rin sighed, walking up to Rouma. He picked up a towel and wiped away the whiskers with a soft rubbing motion.
"Hey!" Rouma pouted. "Tigers always have whiskers!"
Rim raised an eyebrow. "So you're supposed to be tigers?" he asked as he picked up a eyelinerpen, painting new lines for whiskers on the boys cheeks. Then he pressed a small kiss onto the other's lips. "As far as I know, tigers don't have whiskers that go like this." He traced a finger over Rouma's cheek, following the shaky and uneven road the whisker had taken before. Rouma smiled widely. "I see!"
"Why are you dressing up as tigers, anyway?" he asked the others, seeing as Rouma was busy beaming at him.
"Okita-sensei told me that we missed the chinese New Years." Nangou-sempai said in his usual loud voice. "And we celebrate a lot of japanese holidays, so we thought we could celebrate a foreign one, too!"
"That don't really explain the dress-up-as-tigers part." Rin commented. Rouma pounced at him suddenly. Because it's the year of the tiger now!