AN: Here is the final chapter of Identity. This point marks the end of Book IV, but also roughly the half way point in the series in terms of word count. Once you've read this, know that Book V picks up pretty much immediatly after the end of this one and I hope that I will have the prologue up within a day or two.

June 15th 1996

Tonks was engaged in one of her secret pleasures, eating a Muggle pizza. She just loved settling down on one of the few evenings that she had to herself and gorging. Tonks wasn't quite sure what appealed to her so much about pizza, but she suspected it was a combination of the taste, the large amount of cheese, and the fact that very few witches or wizards ate it.

Tonight, much to her irritation, she only managed to eat her third slice before the Floo activated.


Tonks recognised the voice easily, it was Albus Dumbledore.

"What can I do for you, Headmaster?" She asked, getting up from the sofa and walking over to the fireplace.

"Tonks! Do you know where Sirius is?" Albus asked, looking more harried than she had ever seen him.

"No idea. Is he not at Grimmauld Place?" Tonks replied, feeling slightly puzzled by Albus' question.

"No," Albus answered rapidly. "Meet me at the Ministry of Magic immediately. I fear he has done something incredibly stupid!"

"Right now?" Tonks asked. She didn't want to leave her pizza.

"Yes! Right now. Please, Tonks!" Albus replied and then severed the connection.

Tonks quickly collected her work things and took the Floo to the Ministry of Magic Atrium. When she arrived she ran forward towards the security desk. Surprisingly, there was no one at the desk. It was supposed to be staffed around the clock.

As she walked past the deserted security desk, she spotted Albus pacing by the lifts.

"Thank you for coming, Nymphadora," Albus said and he rapidly ushered Tonks into the lift.

Tonks watched as he ordered the lift to the Ninth level. Department of Mysteries or the court room, she mused silently.

"What's going on, Albus?" Tonks asked as the lift descended.

"Someone has entered the Hall of Prophecy," Albus stated. "I believe they are after the Prophecy about Harry Potter."

Tonks paused. Albus obviously thought Sirius was at the bottom of this and, with a start, Tonks suddenly realised that this was why he'd been asking about Prophecies!

"But what would Sirius achieve by coming here? He can't remove the Prophecy. The only people that could remove it are dead."

"Harry Potter is alive," Albus said bluntly as the lift doors opened, "and I believe he is with Sirius. Now follow me!"

Tonks' mind was spinning. Harry Potter, alive?! He'd died years ago when Voldemort fell. How could he possibly be alive after all this time?

"How?" Tonks questioned, as she charged after him down the corridor.

"Nymphadora, there will be time for questions later. For now, please, just do as I say," Albus replied.

Tonks didn't dare argue with the Headmaster right now, so she followed him as he charged through the door into the Department of Mysteries.

When they reached the circular entrance foyer to the department, Albus loudly announced. "Time."

The room spun, until there was a door directly in front of them. Albus dashed forward and the door promptly flew open. Tonks had to sprint to follow the surprisingly quick old wizard.

Once they entered the room, Tonks saw that it was full of clocks. She vaguely remembered that she had heard of a room in the Department of Mysteries that was filled with clocks. Well, she thought. This must be it.

As they approached the end of the long room, they could see light flashing through an open doorway. Tonks held out her hand and gestured for Albus to stop. She then cautiously approached the door, flattened herself against the doorway and slowly peered through. She wanted to see what was going on before they stepped inside.

What she saw was confusing. Alastor Moody was duelling with Sirius in amongst rows of shelves, all of which contained small glass orbs. Meanwhile, there seemed to be a second person, hidden from sight, firing stunners at Moody from behind one of the shelves. Tonks tried vainly to see who the second person was, but they were too well hidden and she couldn't get a clear look at them.

"Alastor and Sirius are fighting," Tonks told Albus in a low whisper.

Albus seemed to hesitate for a moment. Then, without warning, he stepped past Tonks and out into the room.

Swearing to herself, Tonks quickly followed.

"Alastor, Sirius. Put down your wands!" Albus roared, his voice echoing throughout the room.

Tonks watched as Sirius hesitated and slightly lowered his wand but Alastor, unbelievably, didn't lower his. He shot a Stunning Spell towards Sirius, which caught him woefully unprepared. It hit Sirius directly in the chest and sent him flying into a nearby shelf.

"Alastor! Lower your wand! Now!" Albus called to the man, his voice echoing with authority.

In a single smooth movement, Alastor spun around to face Albus, firing off a spell as he turned. Albus, somehow sensing the threat, retaliated and, with a single wand movement, he conjured a shield and sent a Stunner back towards Alastor.

Then the spells started to fly and Tonks leapt into action. She fired off two Disarming Spells at Moody, both of which were deflected. Tonks didn't know what was wrong with Moody, but she needed to stop him. He must be unwell or perhaps maybe under the Imperius curse. The Alastor Moody she knew would never knowingly attack Albus Dumbledore.

As the battle continued, Moody was barely able to fend off Tonks' spells, while keeping pace with Albus' rapid spell casting. As Tonks fired several more spells towards her old teacher, she smiled grimly. His only advantage now was that she and Albus were trying to avoid injuring him or damaging the surrounding Prophecies.

"Surrender, Moody!" Tonks cried, as Moody grew more and more desperate. "I don't know what's going on, but you can't beat both of us!"

Moody never got chance to reply, a Stunner hit him from behind, sending him crumpling to the floor.

Tonks stared in open-mouthed amazement; she had completely forgotten about the combatant who was hiding behind the shelves. Apparently in Alastor's haste to attack Dumbledore, he had also forgotten about him.

Tonks cautiously approached the unconscious form of Alastor, glass from broken globes crunching under her feet as she walked. Reaching him, she stared down at his unconscious form.

"Albus, what was this all about?" She asked, turning to the Professor.

"I don't know. I've never known Alastor to behave like this. Even at his most paranoid," he responded, and then fell silent.

Tonks started searching Moody, hoping that she would find some indication of what was wrong with him but, as she was searching his pockets, she heard a sharp intake of breath from Albus. She turned to stare to at him and then back at Moody.

What she saw shocked her to the very core. Moody's face was changing right before her eyes. It almost seemed to be melting as his features changed, re-arranging and shifting themselves into the face of a completely different person. Another person that wasn't as dead as everyone seemed to think.

Tonks looked back up at Albus, finding an equally shocked expression on his face and, for the first time in her experience, it seemed that Albus Dumbledore didn't know what to do.

June 15th 1995

Ginny stared blankly at the spot where Adam had been standing only a few seconds before. What had happened? Where had he gone?

"Sirius," she said in a small voice, fighting the panic that was beginning to build up inside her.

She turned to face him. Sirius was also staring blankly at the spot.

"I-I don't know," he stammered and, much to Ginny's horror, he was looking scared.

"Where is he?" Ginny pleaded with Sirius.

"That was a Portkey," Sirius said with a distraught expression on his face. "There should be no way...."

"H-How do we get him back?" Ginny questioned. She was really scared now. What had happened to Adam?

"You don't," a voice from behind them announced.

Ginny spun around and, transferring the Prophecy she was holding into her left hand, she grabbed her wand from her pocket.

"What?!" She demanded of the newcomer, her previous panic turning into anger.

"He's gone," the voice said. It was closer now.

"Moody!" Sirius shouted suddenly. "What have you done with him?"

"He's with us now," he gloated and Ginny felt his eyes on her, making her feel extremely uncomfortable. "All I need to do now is tie up a few loose ends. Pass me the Prophecy, girl."

"You tricked us!" Ginny screamed at him.

"Stupefy!" she roared, sending a bolt of red light towards Moody. He raised his wand and easily deflected her Stunner.

In the same movement, Moody began throwing curses towards her and Sirius. Before she could even raise a shield, Ginny suddenly found herself flying through the air. She landed with a soft thud between two of the shelves. Sirius had pushed her out of the way!

"Stay out of sight!" Sirius shouted at her, as he hurriedly deflected Moody's onslaught. "Keep the Prophecy safe!"

To hell with that, Ginny thought. She had to come up with a plan to help Sirius.

While she tried to think of a plan, Ginny crept as close to the edge of the shelves as possible and from time to time fired Stunners at Moody. She didn't want to get in Sirius' way, but it gave Moody something else to think about.



Once she had fired the first couple of spells, Moody located her and starting firing spells in her direction. A wave of energy washed over her causing her to fall, and slide backwards several feet across the floor.

Clambering back to her feet, Ginny saw the shattered remains of several globes in front of her and felt blood trickle down her face where several splinters of glass had cut her.

Moody's firing spells at me! I nee
d to move to another row!

Finally having a plan, Ginny sprinted down the length of the shelves. If she could find an aisle she could move closer to Moody and hopefully sneak up to him.

Ginny skidded to a halt as she reached an aisle. From here she could only vaguely hear the sound of spellfire echoing through the room. She turned and dashed up several rows before pelting back towards the battle.

"Alastor, Sirius. Put down your wands!" The commanding voice echoing through the room stopped her in her tracks.

Shaking herself, Ginny sped up, quickly sprinting back towards the fight. With a bit of luck she should be able to sneak up on Moody, she would be two rows closer to him and he wouldn't expect her to attack from there.

"Alastor! Lower your wand!" the voice called again but this time it was louder.

By the time Ginny reached the battle, everything had changed. Sirius was nowhere to be seen and Moody was now duelling with Professor Dumbledore and Tonks. More importantly, the changes meant that Moody now had his back to Ginny. He must have forgotten that I'm here! Ginny thought with delight.

Reacting instinctively, Ginny raised her wand and sent a Stunner towards him. It struck him between his shoulder blades and he crumpled to the floor.

Ginny decided to keep herself hidden, she didn't know why Professor Dumbledore or Tonks were here and she didn't know what they had done with Sirius.

She saw Tonks and Professor Dumbledore holding a conversation as they stared down at the unconscious Moody. Suddenly she heard Professor Dumbledore do something very uncharacteristic. He gasped!

"Polyjuice!" Tonks exclaimed loudly.

"So it seems," Professor Dumbledore replied and he began moving his wand around the room in a large circle. Ginny felt her stomach sink when he paused with his wand pointing in her direction. "Come on out!" Professor Dumbledore shouted.

Ginny slowly and reluctantly walked out towards the doorway where Tonks and Professor Dumbledore were standing. She could now see Sirius. He was slumped, presumably unconscious, against one of the shelves. As she walked, Ginny shook herself, feeling small shards of glass falling from her clothes.

"Ginny!" Tonks exclaimed. "What in Merlin's name are you doing here?"

"Miss Weasley, where is..." Professor Dumbledore paused. "Where is Harry?"

"P-Portkey," Ginny stammered. Now that fight was over, she suddenly felt incredibly tired. She choked back a sob when she thought about Adam. "The Prophecy was a Portkey."

Professor Dumbledore exhaled a long and slow breath, his head lowered briefly and his shoulders sank. Then quickly he straightened himself.

"Nymphadora, take Crouch into custody. I will return with Severus and some Veritaserum, we will need to question him. Ginny, you and Sirius need to come back to Hogwarts with me immediately."

Ginny watched as Tonks immediately wrapped the fake Moody in ropes and withdrew a small item from her pocket. She placed it on his chest and suddenly he vanished.

"I've sent him to the cells for now," Tonks said.

"Thank you," Albus sighed. "Keep watch on him. Do not let anyone question him until I arrive."

"Ginny," Professor Dumbledore questioned once Tonks had left. "The Prophecy, what happened to it?"

"I have one," Ginny replied, shakily. "Do you know what's happened to Adam?"

"There was more than one?"

"The second one took him away!" Ginny said. She began to feel the onset of tears. She wanted Adam back! "What's happened to him!"

"Can you give the Prophecy to me, Ginny?" Professor Dumbledore asked.

Ginny slowly withdrew the glass globe and handed it to the Professor. Taking it from her, he strode over to the shelf where the two Prophecies had rested and waved his wand around the area.

"Come, Ginny, let us get you and Sirius back to Hogwarts," he said softly as he put his arm around her shoulders.

"No!" Ginny exclaimed. Why was no-one telling her anything! "I want to know what's happened to Adam."

"Ginny..." Professor Dumbledore said gently, lowering himself so their eyes were level. "He's been kidnapped. I need to get you back to Hogwarts where it is safe. It seems that the Alastor Moody that has been teaching all year at school was an impostor. I don't know who else was working with him, but I promise that I will not rest until Adam has been rescued."

Professor Dumbledore led her across to where Sirius was currently slumped, there were several broken prophecies scattered on the floor around him. He waved his wand over Sirius' body and his eyes immediately flew open.

"Albus?" he exclaimed.

"Sirius," Professor Dumbledore replied. "Take hold of this Portkey, you too, Ginny."

"P-Portkey?" Ginny asked.

"This will take you back to Hogwarts," Professor Dumbledore replied.

Professor Dumbledore withdrew a quill from his robes, he waved his wand over it and it glowed a blue colour for a second. Ginny and Sirius both grabbed hold of the quill. Ginny felt a jerking sensation and then she crashed to the floor in Professor Dumbledore's office.

As she sat there on the floor of the Headmaster's office, it all became too much and Ginny felt tears welling up in her eyes. Quickly, as if sensing her distress, Sirius cross the room, pulled her to her feet and wrapped her in a hug.

"He..." Ginny choked out. "He's gone."

"I know, Ginny," Sirius replied. "But we'll get him back. We will."

"Ginny," Professor Dumbledore added, in a tone that seemed to somehow sooth her. "Adam has been kidnapped. The second Prophecy was a Portkey. I am going back to the Ministry shortly to question the impostor. Once I've done that we should have some idea where he's been taken. We will then mount a rescue mission but, for now, I think you should head to bed. I will come and find you in the morning. Try to get some rest," Professor Dumbledore looked her right in the eyes. "I promise you I will do everything in my power to get him back."

Before she could object that she wanted to be involved, Professor Dumbledore ushered Ginny out of the office and closed the door behind her.

She stood numbly at the top of the staircase, feeling completely lost. What would she do without Adam? Then she felt a surge of anger at Professor Dumbledore and Sirius. Surely she had a right to know what was happening to Adam? Surely she should be involved in the rescue?

Ginny lent up against the wall and slowly sank to the floor as she felt her strength leaving her. She could vaguely hear raised voices from inside the Headmaster's office, but it didn't seem important. Nothing seemed important other than the fact that Adam was gone. Fed up of holding it all in she gave in completely to her emotions and let herself cry.

June 16th 1996

Ginny awoke late the next morning. Thankfully, her room mates had already left. She sat up, feeling despair well up inside her as she remembered the events of last night.

"Oh, Adam," she sniffled. She wondered where he was now. Was he hurt?

A few minutes later, Ginny frantically dried her tears with a tissue from the box that she kept at her bedside. She needed to collect herself if she was to face the school. She was strong! She could do this.

Once Ginny had achieved some measure of composure, she walked gingerly down into the common room. To her relief the room was largely empty. She couldn't deal with questions right now. Feeling nothing but a terrible aching numbness inside, she left the common room and made her way to Professor Dumbledore's office. Ginny didn't want any food. She needed to know if Professor Dumbledore had found Adam.

When she reached the stone Gargoyle that guarded the entrance to Professor Dumbledore's office, she simply stared at it. She had no idea what the password was. As it turned out, she didn't need the password. A few seconds later the Gargoyle slid aside, so she walked up the stairs and entered the office.

"Come in, Ginny," Professor Dumbledore said. He sounded very tired.

"Have you found him?" Ginny asked desperately.

"I am afraid not," Professor Dumbledore replied sadly. "The Portkey took him out of the Ministry. Where it took him we don't know."

"What about Moody?" Ginny spat. "He'll know."

Professor Dumbledore sighed. "The Ministry... they had him Kissed. He won't be able to tell us anything," Professor Dumbledore began to pace. "Our one useful lead!" he said, sounding furious.

Ginny let out a strangled sob.

"Ginny," Professor Dumbledore said softly, turning back to face her. "We will find him. I have called a meeting of an organisation that I run for circumstances like this. There will be many people looking for him."

Ginny just stared at Dumbledore, desperately trying to stop herself from wallowing in despair. She had to keep trying to look on the bright side. With lots of people looking, he would be found soon.

Professor Dumbledore paused. "I wanted to ask you a question, Ginny. We have to decide what we will tell everyone. When I send people out searching, I will have to tell them about Harry Potter, but it may be possible to cover up Adam's disappearance. Do you think he would want that?"

"That's what he would want," Ginny replied confidently, feeling slightly strengthened now there was a plan. A search, she could help. She would search night and day until Adam was found.

"Take a seat," Professor Dumbledore said kindly. "I'll have a house-elf bring us up some breakfast and we can work on a cover story."

June 17th 1996

The next morning when Ginny awoke, she went immediately to Professor Dumbledore's office to see if there was any news.
However, this morning his office was locked. The Headmaster wasn't there.

Grateful that he appeared to be out searching, but feeling annoyed that he wasn't here to tell her if there was any news, Ginny trudged to the Great Hall where she sat down on her own to eat breakfast.

She wasn't alone for long and had to hide a groan when Hermione sat down next to her. She really didn't want to talk to anyone.

"Hi, Ginny," Hermione said brightly.

"Hi," Ginny mumbled back and carried on eating her breakfast.

"Ginny," Hermione began. "Where's Adam? No one's seen him for over a day."

"Professor Dumbledore has taken him out of school," Ginny answered in a dull tone. Giving the cover story that Professor Dumbledore had developed.


"They think they've found some relatives of his," Ginny continued numbly. She wasn't going to cry. Not here, not in front of Hermione.

Hermione smiled brightly at this news. "That's wonderful news! When will he be back?"

Ginny sighed. "Don't know. Professor Dumbledore said he may stay there for a while."

"Why didn't he tell anyone?" Hermione asked.

"You know how he is about his past," Ginny replied, repeating the rehearsed lie. "And Professor Dumbledore kind of sprung it on him."

"You miss him, don't you?" Hermione asked.

"Of course I do!" Ginny snapped back angrily. Didn't Hermione realise that she was worried sick and missing him more than anything?

"Is everything alright, Ginny?" Hermione asked. Ginny could see Hermione was watching her intently.

"I'm fine, Hermione," Ginny lied. "Actually, I need to go."

Ginny grabbed her school bag and, leaving her half-finished breakfast, she dashed out of the Great Hall.

Once she was out of the Great Hall, she slumped up against the wall and took deep breaths, trying to collect herself. Everywhere she went, she went without Adam. All her classes she would have to sit on her own, without Adam. She would have to spend her free time, without Adam.

Come on Ginny. You can do this. You're strong.

Ginny stood up slightly straighter and began walking towards his first class of the day.

June 18th 1996


I'm just writing to tell you that Adam won't be coming home with us from school. Professor Dumbledore has found a lead on some distant family of his in Ireland and he will be spending some time there. Professor Dumbledore says he should be back during the summer though. Remus Lupin has gone with him to look after him and make sure he is safe. So you don't need to worry about him.


Ginny threw her quill down. She knew that Mum would want to hear about Adam's 'trip' from her. Professor Dumbledore had told her that she needed to write a letter to her mother, but she just hadn't been able to face doing it until now. Somehow putting down on paper that Adam wouldn't be coming home with her made it seem more real.

Stop it!

She had tried desperately to stop feeling sick with worry. It hadn't worked. Scarcely a minute went by when she didn't think about Adam. Her boyfriend, her best friend. She couldn't manage without him.

Stop it! You'll make yourself ill. You can't help Adam if you make yourself sick!

She had to be strong. She needed to keep his secret for him and once she got out of school for the summer, she was going to do everything in her power to find him, even if she had to sneak away from home. She had his cloak. Professor Dumbledore had taken all of Adam's things to add to the illusion that he had gone away, but she still had the cloak.

Ginny sighed and stood up from the small table in her room. The letter was written, she would post it tomorrow. Ginny couldn't face the common room right now so she put on her pyjamas and began getting ready for bed. If she was lucky she would be able to get a decent night's sleep.

June 22nd 1996

The trip home on the Hogwarts express was excruciating for Ginny. Hermione had smiled kindly at her and insisted she ride in the compartment with her, Ron and Neville. However, by the time they were an hour out of Hogsmeade, the conversation had dried up. That never happened with Adam. Ginny thought bitterly.

So Ginny just sat there, her face pressed against the window as she watched the countryside pass in a blur of colour.

It had been exactly a week since Adam had been kidnapped.

During the week, she had been to see Professor Dumbledore at least twice every day. Sometimes he was there, sometimes not. The last time she had seen him had been yesterday. He still had no news about Adam.

His organisation had been searching, but they had not found anything yet. Ginny didn't know where they had been searching and when she had questioned Dumbledore, he had said that they were searching the homes of people that would want to harm Harry if they knew about him.

She knew he wasn't telling her the full story and it made her incredibly angry. Even Sirius hadn't been in contact with her and Ginny now felt as if everyone had abandoned her.

Ginny had decided that once she got back to The Burrow, she would get in contact with either Sirius or Dumbledore and find out one way or another what was happening. If she didn't like what they told her, she would go out looking for Adam herself.

"We're nearly there," Ron announced some time later, disturbing her from her thoughts.

Ginny examined the blurred scenery more closely. It was now buildings rather than countryside. Yes, they were nearly there.

Ron, Hermione and Neville had hardly spoken to her on the journey home, which Ginny was secretly glad about. She didn't want to talk to them. Ron had tried to get her to play chess several hours ago but Ginny had refused. She didn't want to play chess with Ron.

"Ron's asked me to come and visit during the summer," Hermione said, as they packed up their things ready to leave the train. "So I guess I'll see you then?"

"Sure," replied Ginny without enthusiasm.

"I wonder what chores Mum's got lined up for us," Ron said lightly.

"I've no idea," Ginny replied shortly.

The train was now pulling into the station, slowing as it came to a stop at the platform. Once it had stopped, she got off and set about retrieving her trunk. Ron and Hermione followed her off the train and Ron made a show of helping Hermione with her trunk.

Ginny stared around the platform as Hermione hugged her good-bye. Then Hermione left, with Ron carrying her trunk, walking through the barrier towards where Mr and Mrs Granger were waiting. Presumably Ron wanted to ask about her coming to visit.

Neville soon left to go and meet his Gran. He waved goodbye and Ginny listlessly waved back.

Ginny looked around the station again. She could feel the crowds of Hogwarts students moving around her as she stood still on the platform. She easily picked out her mother standing near the barrier that lead back to Muggle Kings Cross.

Sighing, Ginny picked up her trunk and made her way over to her mum. Despite everything, she did feel happy to be home and to be able see her parents.

"Ginny!" Her mum exclaimed when she saw her, wrapping her in a hug, and Ginny enjoyed, for a minute, just being hugged. "How are you doing?"

"I..." Ginny began, in a strained tone. "I-I'm fine, Mum."

Her mum smiled knowingly at her and continued in a softer voice. "I received your letter, Ginny," she began. "And I understand that you're missing him."

"I..." Ginny began, desperately trying to keep emotion from her voice.

"I was very angry that Albus didn't even consult us about it," Mum continued. "I know that technically Adam isn't one us..."

"He is!" Ginny snapped back.

"Ginny!" Mum scolded her. "What I was going to say is even though Adam technically isn't one of us, I do consider him one of the family and I think that Albus should have asked us before just taking Adam out of school."

Ginny could only nod in response.

"Anyway," Mum replied. "I do think we're going to have plenty to keep you occupied over the summer until Adam gets back."

"What?" Ginny asked. There was no way she could concentrate on anything else until Adam was found.

"Well," Mum replied, lowering her voice. "Professor Dumbledore has asked me and your father to help out by joining an organisation of his and we're going to be staying in their Headquarters for a few weeks."

At this news, Ginny felt a smile forming on her face. If they were at the Headquarters then she could really do something to help Adam!

"Oh, I'm glad you're not upset that we're not going back to The Burrow," Mum continued, picking up on Ginny's smile. "I wasn't sure how you were all going to take it."

"It's fine, Mum," Ginny replied. "I don't think the twins will like it though."

"Well," Mum responded. "They don't have any choice. Anyway, we need to get moving. Let's go and collect your brothers."

Ginny walked towards the barrier with her mother, but, even though she was now with her family, she still felt alone without Adam.

We'll get him back! Ginny thought determinedly, as she dragged her trunk through the barrier. No matter what I have to do, or how long it takes.