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Bella POV

Name: Isabella Marie Swan

Occupation: Student

Aim: To become Mrs. Edward Cullen

I truly hate myself. I Isabella Marie Swan, truly fucking hate myself for what I am very much hoping to succeed in pulling off this weekend. If my parents were alive today (god bless their hearts) they would be so disappointed in me, well my mother surely would.

My father on the other hand is a different story all together, he would be filled with a mixture of emotions. Shame, guilt, fear and yet still feel a sense of disappointment in me. One might ask why my father would shoulder some of the guilt and shame, and I would have to say that it is because he is 100% to blame for my predicament.

You see my father was the Police Commissioner of Chicago, and that certainly sounds like a real stand up career to have. The only problem with that would be that he had let himself fall into business with the wrong people, and by the wrong people I mean members of the mafia family known as The Chicago Outfit.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that my father was in anyone's pocket because that was not the case. My father's problem is mainly gambling, but he also has an issue with drinking which causes further problems with his gambling addiction. The more he drinks, the stupider his decisions become and it just continued to escalate until my parents death.

It wasn't until just over a month ago when I received a visit from John DiFronzo himself, and if you even have to ask who that is then you are very obviously not at all familiar with The Mafia and are most definitely not from the Chicago area. He is 'The Boss' himself of The Chicago Outfit. Needless to say, I was scared to death when he showed up at my door with two of his henchmen.

It turns out that he and my father grew up together, although my grandparents removed my dad from the 'area' just shortly after his 12th birthday when he started getting into trouble with all the neighbourhood boys. Somehow they had gotten back in touch and since they were best friends as kids Mr. DiFronzo had taken to fronting my dad large sums of money to cover his addiction and usually he was able to cover it after a while.

My parents just passed away two months ago in a plane crash returning from a Vegas Vacation and it turns out my father had borrowed another million on top of the half a million he owed Mr. DiFronzo previously. It also turns out that Mr DiFronzo does not consider my father's debt nil and void even after his death.

I was given three options as his sole surviving relative 1) I can come up with the 1.5 million he is owed or 2) He will make me work to cover the funds owed and it was made clear in no uncertain terms that this work would involve being rented out to his associates. Yeah, I completely understood. Prostitution, and it was also made clear that not all his associates knew how to treat a lady. Number 3) Was I could feel free to refuse him and I would 'disappear' again I understood the picture being painted. I refuse, I die.

I tried to be strong, to be appear calm and level headed while I bargained for my own life. It paid off a little, he said he had to respect a young woman of 22 years that would step up and be willing to try and pay my father's debt. It bought me six months, although the look on their faces as they left my apartment told me that they firmly believe I will not come up with the money and they fully expect to be whoring me out or putting a bullet in my skull.

I spent the first week being so angry, scared and frustrated that I never left my bed. I slept, I cried then slept and cried. I had hated my father for putting me in this position, especially since he had made a promise to my mom that those days were over.

At the start of the second week my best friend Rose had come over to drag my ass out of bed and begged me to tell her what was wrong once she seen how truly frightened I actually was, I finally caved and explained it all to her. We're more like sisters and the only family we each have left, so we spent the three days racking our brains trying to come up with something that didn't include selling my body or dying.

She said it would kill her to know that I might be forced to do something I have never done before, have sex. Yes, I am a 22 year old virgin. I have intended to wait until I am married to give up my V-card. I've had a few boyfriends of course, but they were always told the same thing 'I am waiting'.

On day four Rose came to me with what she said has to at least be 75% better than my alternatives. You see, Rose is a JR Secretary for Edward Cullen of Cullen Enterprises and she has first hand knowledge of all things Edward, aka sex-on-legs-cullen.

Mr. Cullen is filthy rich with a net worth in excess of billions of dollars. He is six years my senior at 28 years old, he has a weakness for attractive young women, a fondness for consuming large amounts of alcohol when on one of the very few vacations that he does take, and making fairly stupid decisions while under said influence. Plus he's fucking hot!

This weekend happens to be when he is taking one of his rare vacations as his brother is getting married and they are having a weekend long bachelor party in none other than Las Vegas. No, I have not missed the irony in my situation as I am returning to the scene of the crime so to speak. The same city that got me into this mess considering if my parents were never going to Vegas, my dad would not have borrowed more money and they would still be alive today.

I must say that as much as I am still scared to death over the whole situation, I think it might just work and Rose was right it is a much better reality than my alternatives. Let's just say that I was very surprised when Rose showed up and filled me in on the plan.

"Bella, honey! I've got it I really think I've fucking got it!"

"Jesus, Rose. You've got what? Calm the hell the down so I can actually fucking understand you."

"A plan, Bella. The answer to your fucking prayers! It's my boss, Edward fucking Cullen!"

We both suffer from frequent potty mouth but Rose definitely has me beat, she's in rare form if she manages a sentence without a curse word of some sort. I have no idea how she manages at work.

"What? How can your boss help me? And why the hell would he?"

"Bella, I've told you all the stories about him. He's a bit of a ladies man, never settles down and gets around but he's very respectable about it. He can't have the wrong shit going around about him, so he tries to keep things private where his personal life is concerned but we always hear shit around the office."

She was beaming as she spoke, like she just found the cure to cancer or some shit. I guess in my case if whatever it is works then technically she has saved my life, though not from cancer or anything.

"Ok, I still don't get it. Go on." I urged her.

"He's such a hard ass, ruthless business man at work, but when he takes his very rare holidays he loves his booze and gets shit faced enough that he ends up in the tabloids because he hopped into bed with this one or that one. Anyway Jasper, his brother is getting married next month and in a couple of weeks they are heading to Vegas for a guys weekend, just the brothers." She was so excited I thought she would hyperventilate if she didn't soon get this out.

"You need to go to Vegas Bella, you need make sure you both get shit faced and get him to marry you! You can do it, I fucking know you can!"

I just happened to be taking a drink of my diet coke and let's just say that Rose is now wearing it. It exploded from my mouth and burned the shit out of my nose as some flew out that way too!

"What the fuck Rose? Marry him? What would that accomplish and how the hell would I accomplish such a feat? Come on Rose, we need some real ideas here!" Rose held up her hands asking me to hear out.

"Just think about it Bella, it's your answer and maybe your only hope. He has a ton of money that you will have access to after your married, your sexy as hell we'll be sure to have you all done up. If this works and he marries you he'll want to keep it under wraps, especially since they'll obviously be no pre-nup." I was in shock, I know for a fact that I was wide eyed and my mouth was hanging open.

"You'll just have to be up to and willing to play hard ball with him. Refuse a divorce, threaten to go public, act like your all in love you know like love at first fucking sight and you'll take him to the cleaners for all he's got because he broke your heart. I mean shit Bells, it's got be better to think about sex with one insanely hot man than dozens or even hundreds of others, or even death!" She released a nervous laugh at that, probably remembering how I'm such a shitty liar.

"I don't know Rose, I'm such a shitty liar. You know that and it just…god it's just so wrong."

" I know, but I'd be willing to put money on the fact that you could lie to save your own life. Plus it'll be easy, his brother Emmett is a super friendly guy. Make friends with him first but be sure to be making eyes at Edward, so it's clear who your into because he doesn't play games so if he thinks your after Emmett at first then you won't stand a chance.

And that was that, another couple hours of planning, a few of new outfits lingerie included, two plane tickets, one over priced suite at the Bellagio and here we are checking into our shared room. I was shocked when Rose said she would join me and even more shocked when she came over with two boxes of black hair dye to colour that long, thick beautiful blond hair of hers.

She had said that I will need her help a little out of the room and that they wouldn't recognize her with the change of hair since they barely bother with her anyway. She works under Tanya the SR Secretary, whom has the worlds biggest crush if not infatuation over their boss and this would kill her. Rose actually seemed gleeful over the idea of Tanya being distraught, they really do not get along. Mainly because Tanya is a whiny, manipulative bitch who takes credit for everything Rose does, and it just so happens to be a lot.

We spent a couple of hours getting ready and I must admit that rose had me looking hotter than I ever remember looking. I barely even recognized myself when I looked myself over in the mirror. We went through a couple of bottles of wine as well before she did a quick once over before we left.

"He won't know what hit him Bella, I swear to god! Now remember if you manage to make this happen tonight it might be better if we lay low tomorrow don't give him a chance to sweet talk you. Wait till we get back to Chicago if you can."

"Ok, ok. I know. Fuck I am so nervous. I mean not only might I end up married this weekend but I might lose my V-card too!" I exclaimed.

"I know, I'm so fucking proud of you Bells!"

"Rose, you know I wanted to wait." I groaned.

"Yeah, for your wedding night dumbass. Well guess what, it will be your wedding night!"

"Not with someone I love though."

"He's a god Bella, you'll love him!" She said as she broke out in a loud laugh.

We spent a couple of hours at the slots before I finally noticed Edward and his brothers at a Black Jack table. Rose immediately starting shoving me towards their table telling me she'll hang around till she see's that they seem to have started talking to me. I whined that she wouldn't be with me and she just reminded me that they wouldn't know her at distance with the changes but up close you never know. So I let it go and headed over.

"Excuse me, is this seat taken?" I asked in my sweetest voice, saving the sultry for later.

"Absolutely not doll, have a seat." The one rose pointed out as Emmett had replied and lucky enough it happened to be a seat sitting between both him and Edward. I kept chanting to myself to remember that I am not supposed to know their names yet so wait to be introduced.

"So you having any luck yet?" I asked.

"No" he laughed. " My brother Jasper on the end there is doing ok, but Edward and I haven't won crap yet."

I was so happy that Rose and I had practiced a bunch of vegas card games so I could hold my own at the tables with them. I noticed that Edward had started to finally win a few rounds as soon as I sat down so I used it as an excuse to talk to him .

"I thought you weren't having any luck before I sat down Edward? Are you hiding a good luck charm from the rest of us?" I said laughing lightly.

"I wasn't, maybe you're my lucky charm." He said winking at me. OH MY GOD! Rose was so right. Edward Cullen is a god! I hadn't gotten a really good look at him up close before. Fuck I think my panties are literally soaked already!

"Well maybe I need to consider sticking to your side for the evening then" I said while winking back at him.

"Maybe you do…I'm sorry I don't think I got your name?"

"That's because I didn't give it Edward, but hi, I'm Bella" I said holding out my hand to him. There was shock and almost a tingling like sensation as he took a hold of my hand and I knew he felt it too by the way he looked from my eyes to my hand a couple of times before releasing my hand.

"Nice to meet you Bella, and I guess you haven't really been introduced so this is my brother Emmett over here, and My brother Jasper over here.

We spent the next couple of hours going from one table to the next with the boys dragging me along. I used the excuse that they were keeping me company as my girlfriend ended up sick as a dog in our room and I was on my own for the night to buy them a few shots to help keep the alcohol flowing. They all of course insisted on returning the favour as it was no problem keeping a sexy assed woman company (Emmett's words)

So yeah, the wine prior to leaving the room mixed with the 5 or 6 drinks I had through the night and then 12, yes count them 12 shots later I was in much worse shape than I had intended. It was supposed to mainly be Edward that was loaded not me as well.

Edward and I had taken to getting cozy with each other, as we went from table to table I would feel that same electric current running through me as he would place his hand on my lower back leading me around. I found we were tucking our heads in close together talking and at some point Jasper and Emmett disappeared claiming they were going to bed, but I think they were just giving Edward some privacy.

We talked a little about each other I stuck to some of the truth, like my name, age, I was a student. He shared his name, age, that he ran his company but we didn't get into what his company was all about or money. He told me Jasper was getting married and that was why they were here. So we got to touch on the marriage subject as we had another few more drinks.

He ended up asking if I wanted to get some air and I quickly agreed. As we were walking around, we talked and Edward had taken my hand and we kind of stumbled along together. He was definitely as drunk if not more than me. I couldn't believe how tall he was next to me, he had to be at least 6'2 and did I mention how gorgeous he was! Lucky for me I noticed a bench in front of one of the little wedding chapels and suggested we sit.

As we sat Edward had leaned in and placed a kiss on my lips, I was a little surprised at his very public display of affection but that just helped lead me forward. One of the happy couples stumbled out of the chapel laughing and I turned to Edward…

"See? That right there is exactly what I want. I don't want to spend forever planning a wedding, that's nothing but hassles. Spontaneity, that's my dream wedding." I sighed.

"Well I guess you're a pretty simple woman, hmm? Not hard to keep you happy." He replied while leaning back in for a kiss. This time I made sure I pushed the limits, I moaned as his tongue entered my mouth and I reached down gently rubbing my hand across what was obviously his very large erection. Which elicited a loud moan from Edward before he reached between my legs palming my very wet center.

We made out on the bench like a couple of school kids and before I knew it I had pulled his suit jacket that had been resting beside him across his leg covering his groin as I undid his pants button and zipper slipping my hand in and stroking his smooth, long, thick member. I could feel him pulsing in my hand as he moaned my name.

"Mmm oh god, Bella." He moaned into my mouth.

"Oh yes Edward" I moaned back." Fuck, I wish you could just fuck me right now!" I growled as I nipped at his bottom lip.

"My room." He hissed." I have my own room." At this point I think I would have gone no matter what but I still had to try.

"Oh god, I wish I could Edward, I really want to but I've never been…um with a ah…man." I stumbled. "I was saving that, you know? I didn't wait till I was 22 just to blow it because I'm in Vegas, unless of course you intend to take me in there and give me my dream wedding…" I trailed off giggling like it was just a joke while he was still kissing up and down my throat and what felt like only a matter of seconds away from releasing his load in my hand.

I brought his lips back to mine and we were lost in a frenzied kiss as he moaned out loud.

"Oh shit, fuck yes, Bella. Oh god yes baby, whatever you want!" I pulled back slightly to see his face.

"Fuck! Did you just say you wanted to marry me, you want to take me in there and give me my dream wedding? Cause god, don't tease me Edward!" He released into my hand as he yelled out that no, he wasn't teasing.

His body shook slightly as he came. I got up quickly rinsing my hand in the fountain as Edward fixed his pants. He got up and pulled me by the hand towards the chapel.

"Come on, let's do this! I've never taken that leap and obviously you haven't either, we're in Vegas for Christ's sakes there's no better place in the world to do it and it's your dream wedding. What could be better?"

He was rambling and I was sure that I had to be hearing things but sure enough he was dragging me through the doors of A Special Memory Wedding Chapel.

I quickly sent a text off to Rose while Edward was looking at rings, letting her know where we are, I knew she would be excited that everything seemed to be working out.

From Bella

To Rose

At A special memory wedding chapel-think its happening. I feel like a fucking asshole!

From Rose

To Bella

I know babe. I'm so proud though. Just remember I love u and this is to save ur life!

She always knew just what to say, nothing like being slammed back into my reality. I wasn't lying, I hate myself for doing this to Edward and myself but I have no choice it's this or die because I have no intention of being sold off or rented out to a bunch of a douche bags.

I felt even worse as I listened to Edward telling the woman he was purchasing the rings from that he was disappointed that he had to put such rings on our fingers. He wanted the best. So he purchased the best of what they had to offer.

I nearly died when she told him it would be over $10,000 for the matching diamond and wedding band for me and his matching wedding band. They were beautiful, and here he was of course feeling like they were not good enough.

Everything went so fast, the rings, paperwork, ID and before I knew it we were in front of the minister.

"Do you Edward Anthony Cullen take thee Isabella Marie swan to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do you part." The minister asked.

"I do" Edward stated.

"Do you Isabella Marie Swan take Edward Anthony Cullen to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do you part." The minister now asked me.

"I do" I whispered.

"Congratulations Mr and Mrs Cullen, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss your wife Mr Cullen." Edward then turned and place an innocent yet passion filled kiss on my lips.

Everything after that started to get a little fuzzy, I know we went back to the hotel and Edward had his arms around me as he proudly announced to many people in the lobby that I was his new bride and told the concierge that he wanted a bottle of their finest champagne sent to his room and off we went. I could have sworn I noticed a couple of flashes off to the side but didn't concern myself with it.

The next thing I remember is waking up naked feeling sore as hell wrapped tightly in Edwards arms….

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