The Lost

Disclaimer: I do not own White Collar. I will get back to Hidden but the finale was so amazing I had to write this too. Major spoilers ahead for the finale. I hope you enjoy!

Kate was gone.

That was the only coherent thought ... motion... sense that Neal knew deep in his bones. No matter how much he cried or pleaded with Peter to let him go, he knew it was too late. It was probably too late the moment she got on the plane. The plane he was meant to be on. Neal swallowed the bile back in his throat over the images rising in his head. He felt utterly alone even though he sensed that he wasn't. Peter's soothing words and tight grip kept him grounded in that simple fact but it didn't change anything. Not a damn thing. Even though Peter was there, Neal was still lost.

When it seemed as if hours had passed and Peter let up a bit, Neal dropped to his knees with tear streaked cheeks. He rested, staring at the blazing fire, feeling its heat... its raw power. Fire had so many uses. It would save a life from the cold or snuff it out in the wind. Neal would never look at fire the same way again.

Even though he was wrapped in cashmere, dressed to the nines in his attempt to please Kate, always to please her, he felt a bitter chill reach down to his core. He began to shiver almost violently until he had wrapped his arms like a cocoon around his chest, sliding to the ground completely and then wrapping his arms tightly around his knees. He began to rock back and forth saying nothing but praying to God that this pain would go away. He prayed it would go away or it would be the death of him.

Warm hands ...strong hands could be felt cascading down his back and around his shoulders. Not Kate's hands...must be Peter's. Peter.... Neal sunk lower to the ground covering his head, burrowing into himself as far as he could go. Peter remained in silence. His friend had stayed. The only one he trusted stayed with him. While Peter wasn't the type to deal with his feelings well, it was in his strength that Neal felt...the strength he no longer had.


Neal said nothing. Peter sighed lowering his head and trying to look his friend in the eyes only to see two empty beautiful pools of blue... drowning

"Neal? I have to make some phone calls OK? Will you be alright for a minute?"

Peter winced at the word alright. When would anything be alright for Neal? A long and arduous road ahead they had....

Neal sat eerily still. Peter watched at a distance as he made phone calls to the Bureau to get a team , preferably his team out there to investigate. He couldn't be involved in this He was a citizen now. Peter looked around him searching to find his way, any way. Right now, he too was like Neal . He was lost as well.

After the call ended, Peter went back and sat down beside Neal on the cold concrete watching the flames flicker. Silence was their only mutual companion in this journey while they waited for the sirens to approach .

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