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Fuck. I was in serious trouble and I knew it. Bella looked like sex as she walked off the plane and across the terminal to where I stood waiting. Normally this wouldn't be much of a problem at all. I'd take her in a bathroom, in my car, in the fucking lobby if they'd let me. The urgency that she stirred spilling out of me in a desperate need to consume her... but this time she had my entire family in tow. They had come to offer up their support in the final weeks of my doctorial dissertation and life in New York. The problem was that...well...no one actually knew that Bella and I had been fucking each other since high school.

Bella's mother and my mother had been best friends. Renee died seventeen years ago, leaving Bella in the hands of her means-well-but-not-so-capable father Charlie. Given Charlie's long and random hours as the Police Chief of the Podunk town we grew up in, Bella often found herself at my house as a kid. And then, as a teen, in my bed. It never stopped. We never tried to.

A slow smile spread across my face as they approached, and I couldn't stop the thoughts of me and Bella together in bed. My family mistakenly confused my huge smirk as a warm greeting, hugging me and slapping me on the back. I was incredibly glad to see them. My mother, father, little sister Alice, and big bro Emmett had all taken time out of their chaotic lives, along with Bella, to come and help me pack up and move myself back home. Honestly, they were a great family, and I knew that I was beyond fortunate to have them come to my aid. Unfortunately, it seemed that my dick was making other, less than PG, plans for the evening.

I tried to focus on the words my mother was saying, and the comedic commentary Emmett was yapping about, but my dick was twitching and my balls squeezed at the sight of Bella. She was always so fucking good at acting nonchalant around me, when it took me every morsel of my control to not ravage her on the spot.

Those fucking skin-tight, see-through lace leggings were certainly not helping my dick-twitching situation any. I knew she did that shit on purpose too, wearing things she knew would test my nearly non-existent restraint. She quirked her eyebrow as she spoke with Alice. She raked her fingers "innocently" through her long, mahogany hair, drawing my eyes to the movement and creating a burning need for those to be my fingers tangled and tugging on her locks. My eyes drifted down her entire body slowly, noticing every detail with precision and familiarity. When I got to the sliver of pale porcelain skin that peeked out from the gap between her tight, black concert tee and those damned leggings, my fingers twitched with the very real need to reach out and wrap them around her hips. To feel the smooth silk of her body pressed against mine.

And those fucking heels. God! Black with hot pink soles underneath – imported Italian Prada's, not Louboutin's like everyone always thought. I had no idea why I knew such trivial shit, and I was pretty sure I lost ten fucking points on the man-scale for knowing it. But with a sister like Alice, always yammering in my ear, it was just the kind of useless shit I picked up on. Whatever the reason, I didn't care what fucking brand they were, I wanted to use them as handlebars.

I'll take my ten points back, thank you.


The car ride back to my apartment was excruciating. With every laugh, movement or fucking breath my dick pulsed. It had been years since we had been with anyone but one another. Why the hell we didn't just properly out ourselves was beyond me. Although, if I was being honest, the secret sex game was kind of fun, in a really fucking hot sort of way.

Not ten minutes into arriving at my apartment and I had to excuse myself to my bedroom under the guise of changing for our evening out together. As I turned to walk away, I shot Bella a glance that told her under no certain terms was she to remain in the fucking living room, packing and laughing over photo albums.

My room, now!

Logically, there wasn't much we could do with my entire family two rooms away…but reasoning with a raging hard-on was vastly ineffective.

I had barely even opened the door to my ensuite before I heard her handlebar heels clicking lightly on the hardwood behind me. I spun around and found her standing in front of me, all heavy lidded and panting.

Fuck, baby, I haven't even touched you yet. I snickered with arrogance at her until my dick began to throb painfully in the increasingly tight confines of my jeans, reminding me that she had a very similar effect on me.

I knew it from the moment I first took her over ten years ago. She was heaven and hell all wrapped into one deliciously sweet package. I licked my lips just thinking about how sweet. Bella was going to be my undoing, of that I was certain.

As it was, she was standing inches from me. I could smell her – feel the familiar electricity rolling off of her and humming through me. The edge of the vanity behind me dug into my ass as I leaned back against it, staring into Bella's endless, dark eyes. With a practiced expertise, I read the lust, the longing, the need, and the urgency that swam around in them, mirroring all my own desires.

She reached up without saying a word and grabbed the back of my hair, driving me closer to her, feeling me against her. A needy moan slipped through her lips and vibrated over mine. My dick reacted. It was an iron fucking rod and I needed to find some form of release before I broke down into a pile of tears from the agony.

I spun around, grabbing her ass like I had wanted to do since I first saw her strut her shit down the airport terminal in those tight fucking pants, if you could even call them that. I squeezed the beautiful handful of flesh, and then rather unceremoniously, whipped her around and switched positions with her. Knowing we had minutes, if that, before someone wondered what we were doing, I bent her over the vanity in the bathroom and yanked down those goddamn leggings. Jamming my knee in between hers, I shoved her legs apart wide, causing her to gasp loudly. It was so fucking sexy.

I met her eyes in the reflection of the glass, widening mine in a silent reprimand despite enjoying the sound. She needed to shut the fuck up unless she thought outing us this way was a good fucking idea…which I kind of did not.

Despite the fact that my cock felt like it was going to rupture, I took a second to appreciate the woman bent over and sprawled out in front of me – so trusting, so understanding, and so needy – as I released my appreciative dick from its denim torture chamber. With one hand wrapped around myself and the other splayed out across Bella's breastbone, holding her in position, I teased her entrance a bit with the head of my cock. Fuck, she was so wet for me.

I do this to you, I narrowed my eyes at her in the reflection. She knew what I was thinking. She bit her bottom lip in response in a way that she knew drove me fucking insane with need. She lightly nodded her head and moaned a low, impatient whimper. I couldn't take the teasing anymore myself. I plunged into her without warning, holding her body firmly in place between me and the counter top.

I filled her, stretched her, felt her, and consumed her.


That initial moment of being sheathed entirely by Bella, that was a glimpse of heaven. The hell was to try and not blow my fucking load instantly. Not so easy. Bella was amazing. Being inside Bella…there were truly no words. Just sensations. Sensations with no descriptions. Fucking fantastic. Liquid warmth washed over me, delicious and addicting.

I slammed into her almost violently, pulling her toward me as she scampered her hands across the vanity, searching for something to anchor herself on. Ceramic soap dishes and toothbrush holders went scattering across the countertop and into the sink, clanking loudly. The burn inside my belly was building and swirling wildly as my balls begged to release. I leaned over her, pressing my chest against her back, wishing like hell there weren't so many goddamn barriers between us. I longed to feel the tingly fire that ignited over us when our bodies made direct contact. I groaned lowly in her ear, both from the thought and from how tight this new angle made her around me. I sucked at the sweet little spot behind her ear, needing her to come hard and quick before she walked away sorely disappointed – because whether or not she came, I was about to do.

All sorts of unintelligible mutterings left my mouth as I whispered in her ear, licking and nipping along her neck and shoulder, wishing I had access to more exposed skin – never relenting the continuous thrusting in and out of her. I was forced to slow my pace; it had been all of two minutes and I was going to come before her if I didn't. As much as I needed my own release, I loved this woman in ways that I at times struggled to acknowledge even to myself because the sheer depths of my emotions scared the shit out of me. I desperately wanted her to climax; she deserved it.

I raised the palm that was spread out on her chest and drug it across her collarbone and over her shoulder, knowing that like her touch on my skin, any contact elicited a fiery trail of intense sensation. I left my hand on her shoulder, my fingers wrapping lightly around the side of her neck, my thumb rubbing small, soft circles around the shell of her ear.

The slow pace really seemed to be working for her, but just as she was beginning to tighten around me beautifully, indicating that my own glorious release was impending... my sister's voice came from somewhere out in the main room.

"Bella? Are you okay? What was that noise? Where are you?" It was obvious Alice was poking her head in and out of all the rooms in the flat looking for Bella, her annoyance at not finding her evident in her tone. Our eyes locked in the mirror, my panting noises sounding alarmingly loud over the ensuing stillness in the room.

"Fuck," Bella muttered, shoving herself away from the countertop. My eyes grew impossibly wide in horror.

"Are you fucking kidding me right now?" I whisper-yelled at her as she stood and straightened out her top, pulling it back down over her leggings. She smiled apologetically and whispered, "Later," before winking, turning, and dragging her little fingertips across the exposed skin of my lower back and ass as she left the room.

I actually had to sit down on the edge of the bathtub because my quivering fucking needy legs almost gave out on me. I was still holding my iron hard cock in the palm of my hand with my jeans in a puddle, tangled at my ankles. I stared baffled at the bathroom door after she closed it. My entire family was on the other side of the door. It was a very small apartment. I looked down at the cock in my hands... It is a very hard cock.

Well fuck; there was no way I could walk out there like that. Slowly, I began working my palm up and down over the shaft, still slick from being inside Bella. I wished it was her. I wondered idly if anyone would notice if I just stuck my head out the door and asked if I could borrow Bella for like...twelve fucking seconds.

Stroke up, slow stroke down.

Pants around my ankles and sweat beaded across my forehead... yeah, I'm sure that would go over nicely after all these years of hiding our extracurriculars.

Stroke, swirl, stroke.

I squeezed my eyes shut and thought about how tonight, after mom and dad had gone off to the luxury hotel they love to stay in while in town, and Al and Em crashed in my empty roommate's beds, Bella would sneak into my room. I made a mental note to demand that she bring those fucking heels.

Stroke up, swirl, shudder, down...

I moved my other hand to the base of my shaft, pinching and rubbing as the I made slow, continuous, burning passages up and down its length. I was killing myself. Panting and still fantasizing about having Bella spread eagle at the edge of my bed in those heels, with her legs in the air and my fingers wrapped tightly around the thin heel. I stroked a little harder, a little faster.

Or maybe, spread wide and naked, pressed against the huge picture window in my bedroom - still wearing the "fuckme" heels of course.

Harder, faster, swirl, pinch, up, down.

Fuck, I was even lifting my hips up off the hard cold edge of the bathtub to meet my palm greedily. I picked up the pace until I felt the first wave of release pump through me. I slowed down my movements until it was almost painful, milking myself for all I had.

I came violently, shooting hot streams all over my clenched fist, the bathtub, and on the jeans that still bound my ankles together as I muttered a long string of profanities way too loudly. I shuddered and continued to ride the last bit of the orgasm out as I opened my eyes, blinked stupidly, and held onto my now gloriously semi-limp dick.

Thank Christ. I changed quickly and exited my bedroom. Bella was quick to meet my gaze, a cross between amusement and angry jealousy writhing behind her narrowed eyes.

Yeah, that's right baby, how's that wet little burn in between your legs feeling now? Because mine is much better, thank you for asking.

I smirked at her. Then I looked up. Four other pairs of incredulous eyes were glaring at me, some with humour, some with admonishment, and some with a combination of the two.

"What?" I sneered at them all.

Emmett scoffed. "Bro, we aren't as dumb as we look." He laughed and went about throwing cd's roughly into a box.

Beside him Alice snorted and shook her head at him. My father's eyes flashed with something that was obviously amusement at my expense.

Taken aback, I looked to Bella. She blushed crimson, bit her beautiful, fucking lip, and turned away to continue packing books. Everyone but me giggled a little stiffly.

So much for secret sex.


Practicing my smut for later chapters in A Chance Encounter...thoughts?