The Rough Fist

This is a response to Acepro Evolution's *Naruto Juken* challenge.


What makes a warrior strong?

Is it a special trait, passed to them as a birthright? Is it a master-crafted weapon, which can split a single human hair? Or is it determination and will?

Many bare different opinions of such things.

As for Naruto Uzumaki, (Aged 5, Citizen of West slums, Konoha, Fire Country) he bears no opinions of such things. Why you may ask? Because he simply wants to be accepted.

To do that, he'd use anything he has at his disposal.

Of course, Naruto cannot become strong in an instant. Becoming strong requires years, if not decades of hard training…

Or simply watching a group of people from behind a bush…


The whiskered blond stared, transfixed at the graceful movement of what he was watching. Most things he'd seen simply involved fast, impossible to follow movement, combined with a few blows or hurling of weapons.

But this… This was something else entirely.

The boy, Naruto, had been exploring the woods, looking for a quiet spot to train. And that's where he'd seen it.

A group of four dark haired people, each wearing white robes with long sleeves, dripping over their arms. A yin-yang mark was imprinted on the back of the robes, showing them to be members of the prestigious 'Hyuuga' clan.

They were sparring, two versus two, a male and a female on each team. Each movement they made seemed so delicate, so light; it was as if they were gliding across the ground. The blows they exchanged didn't even seem strong, but with the way the opponent doubled over if they were hit, there must've been something powerful in it!

This delicate movement was known as Juken (Gentle Fist.) Commonly used by the Hyuuga, this fighting style was created to easily and quickly destroy or cripple the opponent's chakra network. If used skilfully, it could result in certain death.

But there is a catch. Everything has a catch. The Juken is useless, literally, USELESS, without the Byakugan (All Seeing White Eye). This legendary doujutsu is held only within the Clan, granting the ability not only to see chakra, but to have vision of 359 degrees.

But, as you may have guessed, how would a five year old know all this!? The answer to that question is simple; he doesn't.

He was so transfixed in watching the movements of the pale-eyed clan members; he forgot to look for a training spot. He simply fell to his knees, and stared, his eyes glassy with wonder.

Ever since he'd left the orphanage at four, the boy had vowed to become the Hokage- the strongest ninja in the village. Everywhere he walked, people would treat him with a bad attitude, often glaring and yelling at him, for no reason at all! And if he became strong… Then maybe they'd come to accept him!

He gasped breathlessly as one member began to attack, his hands moving at blinding speed, the other clan member unable to block, taking the multiple blows right on the chest. The man who had received the blows coughed, a stream of blood flowing from his mouth, before toppling to the ground, to weak to stand.

The attacker bowed respectfully, then sat down on the earthen carpet, cross-legged, his eyes closed. He had begun to meditate.

This sight fascinated the young blond. He began to creep closer, very gently. As he did so, a new sight became visible. A blue aura was surrounding the Hyuuga's hands. As the remaining fighters continued to exchange blows, the blue aura passed into the opponent's body, then was instantly replaced with a new aura, still surrounding the hands.

This was obviously chakra. Though five, his mind had begun to calculate, the sight of this beautiful and deadly style kick-starting the cogs in his mind. The way the seemingly light blows caused so much damage, the fact that even a slight combination of attacks had completely devastated that poor man who had been beaten by the now meditating Hyuuga. The attacks seemed to forcefully push chakra into the opponent's body, not only damaging the physical element, but causing the very pipeline points to burst open.

Naruto unconsciously licked his lips. The day was getting far hotter, and he was trapped in a bush, spying on the clan, but his mind was else-where. This style, though having so much potential, was so… Flawed.

They seemed to rely on the opponent being unable to defend successfully. If they were fighting a long or mid-range specialist, their abilities are utterly useless. Also, with the restricted amount of chakra being pumped into their fists, the damage dealt on the actual body was significantly weakened.

The blond forced himself to draw his eyes away from the breathtaking spar to glance at his own fist. He stared, almost longingly at the tanned flesh. Slowly, he began to push all his power into that one hand. Nothing happened.

He let out a defeated sigh. Of course nothing had happened; he hadn't even been to the academy yet, how the hell would he know how to use chakra?

He grunted, clenching his hand, and slamming it into the earth, his disappointment hovering over him like a dark cloud. But as his fist connected, a flare of pure red chakra erupted from his fist, and instead of leaving a small indent in the ground like he would usually do, a small hole had appeared, resembling that of a rabbit-hole.

Naruto let his jaw drop. Then he smiled.

The legend of Rougufu was born on that day…


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Credit: Acepro Evolution for the Naruto Juken Challenge.