He was so beautiful. I will never tire of looking at him like this, fully satisfied after our morning of intimacy. How could this breathtaking creature want me? I was plain. Plain brown hair, plain brown eyes. Even my body was plain, I think there was a picture of me in the dictionary next to plain comma average.

Yet, he did want me, in every way.

He was my Edward. Six plus feet of gorgeous. He had a full mane of copper hair, never able to be tamed. His chiseled jaw line led to a strong neck and shoulders that could block the light when you were under them. His chest could have been sculpted from marble and it gave Michelangelo's 'David' a run for its money. I had never really had a chance to compare, being that Edward was my first lover, but I am sure that he has ruined me for the rest of the male species. No one could ever live up to his ridiculous standard.

As nice as his outer package was, (and it was VERY nice) it was his kind heart and sensitive mind that was the most arousing. Looking into his topaz eyes I could always feel the depth of his love. This love was one of the main reasons that while his eyes were butterscotch, mine were still brown. There was still blood flowing through my veins, even though I had been begging him for years to change me, make me one of them.


I had met the Cullen family in high school and after discovering what they were, I was unable to tear myself away from the eldest son, Edward. Our courtship was fret with violence and turmoil, but I always felt that it made our love that much stronger. After high school, we traveled to Alaska to go to college at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. Edward could not be in the sun, his skin refracted the sunlight and while beautiful, it was very distracting to the humans around him.

We graduated in 3 years, wanting to move onto the next phase of our lives. Edward was frozen at 17, and as much as we tried to change his appearance to make him look older, it was hard for him to pass for much older then 21. I on the other hand had stopped getting carded at the liquor store, and was adamant that Edward change me before I looked like a cougar for eternity.

I had spoken to Carlisle, Edward's father for all intents and purposes, about how to get Edward to change me. He suggested that he just change me himself, Edward could do nothing to stop the change once it had started. I was hesitant to do that because it felt like a betrayal to Edward. I wanted him to WANT to change me, to usher me into eternity at his side. Carlisle's only other suggestion was to force Edward's hand.

We were living in Hanover, New Hampshire. Edward was taking graduate classes at Dartmouth in the fall. We were finally living on our own, his family had all split up for a few years to live as couples. As much as I missed his family, I was glad we were away from the prying eyes, and ears.

Edward was on campus, making sure he had an escape route from all of the buildings in case the sun came out while he was in class. I had the house to myself and was setting my plan into action. I felt a little like a death row inmate as I fixed what I hoped would be my last human meal and called both my mom and dad. I knew it would be difficult to be around them for the first year while I got my blood lust under control, so I told them Edward and I were planning on traveling through Africa for the next few months, and then possibly head to Europe after that. They both were happy for me, they loved that Edward was exposing me to new things.

After my calls were made, I took the time to make myself beautiful. Edward's sister Alice had explained to me that however you are at the time of your change will be set forever. So I spent an extra long time making sure I shaved every stray hair on every possible body part. I was not going to spend eternity with hairy legs like poor Rosalie did.

I was now free of unwanted hair, my hair was clean and shiny and I was slathered in Edward's favorite lilac body lotion. He was due home in 30 minutes, and I was extremely nervous. I had never really initiated our lovemaking. He was from the old school (the really old school, circa. 1918) and was always the gentleman and led the way. So I was not only worried about how he would feel with me taking the reins, I also was hesitant on how he would feel when I made him change me.

I lit vanilla scented candles through the bedroom and scattered rose petals from the door to the bed. I knew this was all unnecessary. Edward would smell me as soon as he entered the door, but I wanted to do this right. I had a letter opener on my bedside table, waiting for later.

I heard the key in the front door and rushed into the bedroom, trying for a seductive pose on the bed. I had not bothered with lingerie, knowing it would not be on long anyway. Edward was making his way down the hallway, moving faster as he got closer to the bedroom.

"Bella……what are you doing?" He asked from the doorway.

"Hello Edward, welcome home." I purred patting the bed next to me. I was trying to be a sexpot, but was a bundle of nerves on the inside.

"Bella, what is going on?" He growled, moving over to the bed until he was hovering over my splayed form.

"I missed you and wanted to surprise you by showing you how much I love you." I whispered.

"Oh precious girl, I missed you as well." He said, reaching out to stroke his fingers down my bare calf. His eyes had barely made it past my neck.

I got up on my hands and knees and crawled over to him. His eyes grew wider as I got closer and I could see his adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed. This was new for us, I had never been so forward before.

"Edward, I want to undress you." I sighed, taking the lapels of his blazer in my hands.

I pushed the coat over his shoulders and had started on the buttons of his shirt before it hit the floor. His breathing was shallow as my fingers started to meet with bare flesh. I was finally finished with the shirt and pushed that off as well. I could not help myself as I leaned forward to leave wet, opened mouth kisses across his chest. His cool skin was heating the more my hands touched him. I knew the difference in our body temperatures was one of his favorite things, so I used it to my advantage.

I laid down on my belly in front of him, kissing my way down his abdomen. The button and zipper of his pants were undone in an instant, and I pushed them off of his slim hips. He kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants. I took time to appreciate how amazing he looked in just his boxer briefs. I rolled over onto my back and pulled my head over so it was hanging off the edge of the bed, my mouth just at the right height for what I had planned.

"Edward, I need you …. Please." I begged.

He made an unrecognizable sound, and closed his eyes. I took that as a yes and slowly lowered his shorts, freeing his thick cock. He had never been so hard, and I knew that he was enjoying me taking the lead. The tip was leaking and I could not contain myself as I swiped my tongue out and caught the moisture. He shuddered and I could see his hands clenched into fists. This only excited me more, and I could feel wetness coating my inner thighs.

I grabbed his hips and pulled him closer, opening my mouth and taking his length deep into my mouth. We had never tried this position, but I had done some research in my quest to drive him insane. He growled above me and I knew he was trying not to thrust into my mouth. I moved my hands further around and gripped his ass, forcing him forward. He started to pull back out of my mouth, but I dug my fingers into his cheeks as I sucked as hard as I could, trying to keep him there.

I could not see his face from where I was, but I could hear his sigh as he finally let go and started to thrust. After all our time together, I knew he could control himself and not hurt me. I gave up thinking and just enjoyed giving him pleasure. I was so absorbed in what I was doing, I jumped when I felt cool fingers ghost along my stomach. Edward chuckled above me and said something that sounded like 'payback.'

Pulling my mouth off of him, I rolled onto my back and sat up on my knees.

"No, no Edward. This is my night to do with you what I want." I said. "Now, lay down here."

He glared at me, but complied. I crawled over to him and straddled his hips, running my hands over his body.

"I love you, with everything I have." I whispered, looking into his topaz eyes.

"And I you, precious girl." He replied.

I leaned down to capture his lips with mine. He moaned as I bit at his lower lip, trying to send him over the edge. I knew if my plan was going to work I would need him crazy with desire. My tongue trailed over his lips and I forced my way into his mouth. I stayed away from his teeth, but curled it around his lips and battled with his tongue. I moved my hips up, now hovering over his cock. I slid myself over his length, coating him with my wetness. It was an amazing sensation, his cool skin meeting my hot, wet flesh.

I released his mouth so I could watch his face as I raised my hips and impaled myself on him. He was always so gentle, and I wanted to show him I was not going to break. His breath left him in a huff, and his eyes sprung wide and I could not contain my whimper as my hips met his. He hands flew up to my hips, holding us together. His eyes were blazing and I could tell this was all very unexpected.

"Relax baby, just enjoy. I wanted to show you how much I love you." I breathed. And with that I started to move.

I took his hands off my hips and placed them on my breasts, his cool fingers making my nipples even harder. He used his fingers to pinch and twist them, and it only added to my excitement. I was lifting myself all the way off, and then dropping back down. My clit would rub against his pelvic bone every time. His breath would expel in a moan with every motion and I knew if I kept this pace up we would not last much longer.

I could feel the tightening of my muscles as I started to see flashes of colors behind my closed eyes. Edward must have sensed I was close because he was tugging hard on my nipples, the sensations going straight to where we were joined. With one last thrust I came undone, shuddering and shaking while trying to keep up the rhythm. I wanted him to follow quickly.

I opened my eyes to see him throw his head back, his teeth barred. I bucked my hips down and it did him in. I could feel his cool release pulsing against me as I leaned over and grabbed the letter opener off the table. I did not wait for him to relax, just plunged it into my chest.

The pain was excruciating but I kept my eyes on him as he realized what was happening.

"No Bella, what have you done?" He breathed.

"I need to be with you forever, and I was tired of waiting." I choked out. Carlisle said it would hurt, but I had no idea it would be this bad.

He flipped me onto my back and hovered over me. I could tell by the darkening of his eyes, the scent of my blood was overwhelming him.

"You will be with me forever now, precious girl." He said as he lowered his mouth to my wrist.

I could barely feel the pain from his bite, my limbs were starting to lose sensation. I felt like I was floating, my mind starting to separate from my body. I could only think of the beautiful man next to me, finally taking me as his true mate so we could have eternity together.

"Beautiful Bella, we will have forever when you wake up." He said, as I finally succumbed to the darkness.

The burning pain was unreal, but I could hear his voice through it all. He was reliving all of our time together, starting with the first time he saw me.

The pain was lessening as he recapped our high school graduation.

Even easier as we graduated from college.

And the pain was almost gone as he described how he felt when he came home to find me naked spread out on the bed.

I opened my eyes to see the man I loved. He was even more spectacular through my vampire eyes, and I thanked God again for bringing him to me.

"I love you." I said, my voice melodic and flowing.

"And I you, precious girl. Forever." He replied.