Title: Going Away

Rating: K

Summary: Hermione Granger leaves England during the soul hunt and eleven years later her son arrives at Hogwarts. What will Hermione do when she finds out that the world has moved on without her and so has her boyfriend. Will she find love in the least expected place and what will happen when Anubis is cursed and has to go away with Teddy and Laura in tow?

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Harry Potter characters; I just like to play with them.

Chapter 11

The next morning Hermione sat down at the Gryffindor table and noticed, at once, that Teddy and Laura weren't there. She looked around and then tapped the shoulder of a First Year.

"Where are Mr. Lupin and Miss Malfoy at?" Hermione asked.

"Don't know," she said, "Miss Malfoy wasn't even in bed and her bed looks like it hasn't even been slept in."

Hermione at once got up and ran to the Headmaster's office.

However she didn't have to go to his office. He was busy talking to Professor McGonagall and turned when Hermione approached. "Yes, Miss Granger."

"Where are Miss Malfoy and Mr. Lupin at?" Hermione asked him.

"I'm afraid that they've returned to their own time," Dumbledore said, "I sensed them leaving early this morning."

"And Anubis," Hermione said.

"Gone, as well," Dumbledore said. "They were all only here until Mr. Snape got better."

Hermione felt her heart break. She was no longer going to see him again.

"Are you alright, Miss Granger?" Professor McGonagall asked.

Hermione sighed, "I'm fine," she said and then headed up to Gryffindor tower.

Dumbledore allowed himself a small smile and then returned to his conversation with McGonagall.

Hermione pulled the letter out, the only proof that it hadn't been a huge dream, and opened it.

Hello, Mum,

If your reading this then we're all back to where we need to be, don't be sad. The reason for this letter is to tell you that during your sixth year my dad will be forced to kill Dumbledore. He put on a curse ring and that gave him only a year to live, after dad had given him a potion that contained the curse. You must make sure that nothing keeps that from happening but I don't want you to hate him.

I want you to know the truth because you kept me from going to Hogwarts because you believed that my dad was still alive and thought that he would kill me. Also I don't know the whole thing that caused me to be born but don't hate dad. I'm sure that he had no choice in what he did.

Love you,


Hermione cried.

When Anubis woke up he was still in the hospital wing but he felt different. He got up just as Madam Pomfrey came out.

"Well it seems that your back, Mr. Snape," she said, "Your father will be most pleased that you finally recovered from the curse."

"My dad," Anubis said.

"Yes, Headmaster Snape," Madam Pomfrey said. "I'll let your mum know that you're fine as well."

"Thanks," Anubis said and she left.

A few minutes later his mother came rushing in and hugged him, tears going down her face.

"Oh I'm so happy that you're fine," she said.

"Mrs. Lupin, you need to let the child rest," Madam Pomfrey said.

However her words fell on deft ears as Teddy and Laura came rushing in.

"Your okay," Laura said.

"I'm surprised that we all got back," Teddy said.

"Everyone out, out, out, out, before I hex all of you," she hissed.

She pushed them all out and then closed the door.

The next morning Anubis was finally able to leave but he was called to the Headmaster's office. His father, slightly older, smiled at him when he entered.

"Sit down," he ordered and Anubis sat down, "I must say that I'm proud of you that you managed to keep people from hating me."

"Thanks, sir," Anubis said.

He got up and came over to him. "Can I have a hug," he asked and Anubis hugged him with everything that he had.

"I love you, son," Snape told him.

"I love you too, dad," Anubis said, tears welling up.

Meanwhile in the quarters Hermione was smiling as her husband entered.

"Remus, I've got news," she told him.

"What?" Remus asked her.

"How do you feel about having a little girl," Hermione asked him.

Remus stared at her, "You're expecting?" And Hermione nodded and they hugged, kissed and laughed.

Of course Hermione wondered how Anubis would take the fact that a little girl would be soon invading their home. Hermione figured that she would figure that out when the time came.


A/N: I hope that all of you enjoyed this story. I don't know if I'll post a sequel but if I do then you'll read it.