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Dance with the Devil

Chapter 1

Haunting Dreams

~We all die. It is the inevitable fate of the human race, but what about the immortals? They have to walk the long lonely road of life. Some embrace it, walking in life and the powers of good through the angels of heaven, but others tend to find themselves enveloped in darkness allowing the evil ways of the dark masters of hell to consume them.~

By me

She was alone, or at least that's what she though, and that's just how he wanted it. She has been here before. She knew exactly where she was, the walls were far too familiar for her liking. She couldn't control her legs as she started walking. So she just went along with her body which was filled with anticipation… and fear.

Soon enough she found herself in the dining room. She knew exactly where she was going, she felt along the walls to find what she was looking for. What he wanted her to look for.

She found it… the secret passage way that leads to her worst fear. She pushed the door open and it slowly creaked open, fueling her fear worse than before.

She grabbed the lighted torch off of the wall, and started to walk down the hall. Her footsteps sounded louder than usual. She found her way to a door. She put her hand on the handle afraid to find what's inside.

The door creaked open.

Slowly stepping inside She was cautious, ready for if someone was to attack her, she could defend herself. One thing that caught her eye was the chair in the middle of the room. Taking her eyes off of the chair she turned her head to look at the rest of the room. Next thing she heard was sobbing from the middle of the room. She slowly turned her head back to the chair and saw what she couldn't believe. A figure tied to the once empty chair, blindfolded. Tears began to form in her eyes as she realized who it was.

"Ashley." She said her voice quivering with sadness and fear as she spoke.

"Mom?" Ashley questioned trembling with fear.

"Yes." She replied to her daughter.

"Mom, what's going on? Where are we?" Ashley said sobbing.

She started too walked over to Ashley before stopping abruptly when a tall male figure suddenly appeared next to her daughter.

"Hello Helen, lovely to see you again." He greeted in a brawling voice that sent violent shivers down her spine.

Helen knew exactly who this man was. He was the evil of all evils. One of her worst nightmares come true. Unlike John he always knew how to find her. He was always having her watched. Saying John Druitt was evil was an understatement compared to this man. If you can even call him a man, he was a demon. Nephelim. He was a fallen angel from heaven. Cast out for falling in love with human women. Though he was disguised as an attractive man she knew what was inside him. She knew what his true form looked like. She knew what he was, and she wouldn't let her guard down in fear of what he might do.

"Azazeal…sorry I can't say the same to you but you aren't the type of company I like to have around." Helen said standing her ground trying not to let him see the fear that was rising up inside her. Even though she knew he could see right through her soul. Azazeal chuckled darkly sending shivers down her spine once more. "Oh, Helen I've always loved that demeanor of yours. You always did know how to put on a brave face when it was needed." He chuckled again for his own amusement.

"What do you want Azazeal? Why am I here? What do you want with my daughter?" Helen questioned him.

"So many questions so little time." He said "I'll just give you the short version. See I'm getting weaker as we speak and we all know in order to get my powers back to their full strength I need a sacrifice. But as you know it has to be willing. Which is often hard to find now a days." He turned to Ashley and pulled off her blindfold. As Ashley's eyes began to adjust to the dim light of the room Azazeal crouched down to her level. Ashley looked at him and tried to back away as much as she could in the chair but he only got closer. He stroked her cheek with his index finger and continued speaking. "and your daughter here is going to be my sacrifice." He said wickedly.

Helen and Ashley looked at each other with wide eyes full of fear. "Mom" Ashley said in a frightened voice. "Just stay calm Ashley."

Azazeal pulled out his dagger from its cloth wrapping, and stared at it with envy. "You know, I know what you're planning on doing. Sacrificing yourself for your daughter. Not that I can blame you I would do the same for my child… if I had one. But you know if I remember correctly this wouldn't be the first time you have you've given yourself for someone you love."

Tears where now making their way down Helen's face "please… don't… I'm begging you. She's all I have, she's my life." She begged him for mercy even though she knew he would not give it to her. Her defenses where down and he had the perfect chance o take he by surprise. But, he didn't.

Azazeal gave her a sympathetic look. "The loving, doting mother willing to give her own life for her child. A tale as old as time, don't you think Helen? But you have to remember something. Love is a sacrifice to." That was the last thing he said before the plunged the dagger in to Ashley's chest.

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