"R-Roy?" Ed called out surprised by the attack. Roy pinned Ed onto the bed and started kissing and sucking on Ed's neck. Ed tried to push him off though.

"Roy I don't have time for this, I'm sorry!" Ed sat up but Roy pushed him back down, but this time he didn't try to seduce him or anything he just starred into his big gold eyes.

"I've taken care of things Ed, you're not being deported." Roy said kindly. Eds eyes widened.

"Are you serious?" Roy nodded with a kool-aid smile on his face.

"How'd you manage that?"

"Just pulled a few strings" Roy smiled more.

"I don't even know what to say!"

"Nothing." Roy whispered in his deep seductive voice. Ed smile widened as he pulled Roy down for more kisses. Ed kissed him many times but after each kiss he would tell Roy he loved him. Roy stopped him for a couple of moments to just sit there and hug him.

"I love you so much Ed." Roy stated very seriously. Ed smiled and nuzzled his head closer to Roy's chest.

"I love you to bastard" Roy smiled...that was the first time Ed called him a bastard since they started dating. Ed sat up and got on top of Roy and started unbuckling his pants.

"Now I'm sure you didn't call me here just to kiss and hug." Ed said with a smirk.

"Got that right." Roy said getting up on his elbows. He pulled the rubber band out of Ed's hair and started to run his hand through his hair while Ed started to suck him off. "Ah f-fuck Ed" Roy panted.
Ed stopped for a second to say, "I'm getting good huh?" but Roy shoved Eds head right back down, which made Ed laugh. Roy started bucking his hips in and out of Eds mouth.

"I'm gonna cum! F-fuck!" Roy moaned...very loudly. Roy released in Ed mouth. Ed was getting more experienced so he learned to swallow it and love the taste of his lovers cum.
Ed wiped his mouth and licked his way up Roy's mouth.

Ed moaned in between kisses, "You taste so good." Roy places his hand on top of Ed's still clothed cock and started rubbing and groping it. Roy loved how he could feel Ed getting hard in his palm. Ed laid beside Roy and started to undress himself with there mouths still connected. Roy did the honor of taking of Eds boxers though.

"God, you feel soooooo good" Roy panted. Both of them were now completely naked. Roy slid down the bed so his mouth could reach Ed's desperate cock. Roy teased him by barley licking the tip of Ed's dick. Then all of a sudden he took Ed in his mouth.

Ed gasped in pleasure and moaned, "Deep throat me Roy."

"Don't have to tell me twice" Roy said with a smile before he took Ed's whole length in his mouth.

"A-Ah! nnn yea!" Ed came in Roy's mouth. Roy didn't swallow though. He held Ed's cum in his mouth and decided to...'share' it with Ed.
Roy slid back up and mixed his tongue with Ed's. Both of them now making out with Eds cum going back and forth in there mouths. Finally Roy and Ed swallowed the juice in there mouth and collapsed on the bed panting. After a minute of catching their breathe Ed finally asked, "Ready for more?" Roy smiled and climbed back on top of Ed, placing his hands on both sides of Eds checks. More kissing...

"Ready?" Roy asked teasing Ed's entrance with his cock. Ed nodded. Roy slowly pushed himself into Ed.

"C-come on Roy, move already" Ed complained. Roy started bucking his hips, pulling himself in and out of the blond.

"Harder dammit!" Ed growled while throwing his head back in intense pleasure.

"Someone is a little desperate." Roy teased while thrusting himself into Ed as hard as he could. Roy could feel Ed getting tighter and wetter inside, he knew he was so close. Roy was one to talk...Ed got the impression Roy was close too considering he was getting bigger and bigger by the minute.

"A-ah ah fuck yea!" Both men screamed while they came for the second time. Roy hovered over Ed with his arms holding him up on either side of Ed. Roy smiled.
"That was good." Ed took a deep breathe and nodded.

"I love you Edward." Roy stated very firmly as he stared into Eds golden eyes.
"I love you to Roy" Ed said back.


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