I wanted to do something cutesy, obviously... So, I hope you enjoy! This is inspired by a real-life story, k? Oh, and Seychelles is three or four in the story...

I don't own Hetalia! end /AN/

Seychelles dug angrily through the drawers of her dresser. How on earth could she already be out of underwear? She'd just gotten a bunch of clean clothes recently... Maybe she should go ask France. He was smart, and he would know where some underwear was.

She stood up, throwing open the door and walking down the hallway. Now, where had she last seen France? Was he outside, or had he been in the kitchen? The kitchen was closer, and if he was cooking she might get a taste, so she headed for there.

It was sort of chilly this morning, and Seychelles shivered. She would probably want to wear a sweater or something later. Or at least a cozy dress. If a sweater could be a dress, it would be perfect and she would wear that every chilly morning.

As she turned the corner, however, she nearly collided with Canada. "Oh, sorry!" She chirped, while he just stared at her, frozen in shock. She cocked her head to one side, looking at him questioningly. "Canada? Do you know where France is? I can't find any underwear!" Canada's mouth opened and closed, but no sound came out. His face was turning red, and Seychelles was growing impatient. The older boy had always been so strange and shy...

"If you don't know where he is, you can just say so!" She said emphatically, spreading her arms. Canada had begun to chew on his lip, looking away from her. What was wrong with him?!

However, just then, France came into the room, still wearing his apron. "Well, here you both... are... Seychelles, little one, why are you naked?"

"Well, I could not find any underwear! Do you know where mine are?!" The little girl, completely unabashed, looked up at him earnestly, while poor Canada was looking away uncomfortably. France chuckled a little. "I'm sure we can find some... I just did a load of laundry, so why don't you go back to your room, and I'll get it for you?"

Seychelles nodded, and turned, but stopped for a moment. "Will you get my pink underwear?"

France nodded. "I'll try. Now, go on..." Seychelles grinned, and ran off to her bedroom. Canada watched her go, then looked back up at France. "She's too little to know better," the elder explained, patting him on the head.

"Oh." Was all Canada said, and he turned to go do something and forget this event.

/AN/ My little sister did that all the time when she was little... She'd even go outside or do this when company was over. Kids are so uninhibited...