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The overpowering stench of stale sweat, cigarettes and alcohol forced me to turn my head away.

"Why do you always have to make things so difficult Es…All I want is what's mine, my right as your husband…"Charles slurred as he leant down, licking the length of my neck. I didn'tknow how much longer I would be able to control the bile rising in my throat. But I couldn't stop myself from hissing

"Your what"?

"My, legal right, to make love to MY wife."

I began to squirm in his surprisingly vice like grip once more.

"Make love! Any animal, can fuck something the way you do. It takes a real man to know how to make love to woman."I spat. And despite the danger I knew I was in, I couldn't stop my mind from wandering back to the night that Carlisle had made love to me for the first time. I never knew that being with a man could be so loving, sweet and as I felt Charles vibrating with anger above me, his fingers digging into my wrists, which were pinned above my head and his considerable weight, pressing down on me. I knew that I would never experience that beautiful sensation again, with the man, that had healed more than my battered body. And that didn't make me sad. It was making me angry. I had spent too long cowering in fear. I had suffered enough. I had earned my happiness, with Carlisle. The man I loved. But I was going to have to fight for it.

"Bitch."! Charles hissed, flecks of spittle spraying across the side of my face. "Look at me you Bitch"! I turned my head back towards him. His flabby face was beet red, his eyes bulging. ,determined not to give him the satisfaction of showing any fear.

His grip, even with only hand, the other was ripping at my shirt, was too strong for me. My recent stomach flu had left me weakened. But that didn't stop me from clawing at every part of him I could reach. I know I shouldn't have, I knew it was just adding to his enjoyment and sense of control, but I couldn't just lay there. And then he moved backward, allowing me to free one of my legs far enough to bring it up into his groin. He screamed and toppled sideways off the bed.

I sat up, my head was spinning, but I knew there was no time to lose. I jumped to my feet and had almost made it to the door, when I felt a hard tug on my ankle. I cried out in frustration rather than fear as I felt myself falling. My head hit the corner of the ottoman.

I didn't know if it was wishful thinking. But in those last few seconds before the darkness claimed me, I swore I heard the back door swing open downstairs. And the sound of Carlisle calling my name.

"I'm sorry my darling…I love you…" I whispered. Then it all went black.

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