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Spyro: Origins_Chapter 1

A few hours after the defeat of the Darkmaster.

One would think that the landscape was peaceful and beautiful; with the leaves of the trees swinging freely and almost in a lazy way due to the calmness of the wind. The clouds overhead forming strange and exotic figures. The river running below, with its crystal clear color and with its sound of moving water forming the music of nature; made the place seem pure. The place seems to be a peaceful sight, with nothing to interrupt its calmness.

That is, until a black blur quickly passed by followed quickly by a purple blur.

"Come on, Sypro. Am I to fast for you?" teased Cynder with a laugh.

"You just wait until I catch you" he shot back, pushing himself a little more to catch her.

Spyro was chasing Cynder across the land. They have been playing this game of tag for hours. Since they had gotten out of the depth of the world after their defeat of Malefor, or mostly known as the Darkmaster, the evil dragon, they have been enjoying the life that they had.

Just when he was about to catch Cynder, her feminine body would just slip away. Her fluid and graceful moves made her more agile in the air. Compared to Spyro who was stronger and robust, she had elegance unmatched. While he could fly longer, she could move faster. But at least he was gaining on her, and just when he had her in his grasp, she moved away with a fluid move. Spyro lost control in his flight when he applied to much momentum to when he tried to grab her, and now he was getting to the ground fast. With nothing he could do at the moment, he just prepared for the impact, which came fairly quickly.

Rolling on the ground, crushing small bushes and hitting small rocks along the way, Spyro finally stopped when he splashed into a small river that was in his way, making him plunge. His head was dizzy with many loops and hits on the head, plus he was underwater.

Somehow, he resurfaced and went to the riverside and collapsed on himself when he did.

"Spyro! Are you ok?" came Cynder voice. Spyro turned to look at her, but he saw two Cynders flapping their wings at the same time to keep them afloat. Damn, I must have hit myself hared that I thought. Now I am seeing double. The feeling quickly passed away and he stood himself again.

Cynder came to land next to him, and immediately proceeded to inspect his body for any injury he might have sustained during his fall. "Are you ok, Spyro?" she asked again.

"Yeah" he answered still a little bit shacked by his fall.

Spyro went to the river so he could take a small drink and refresh himself and while he did so, he watched his body reflected in the water. Spyro was a purple scaled dragon with a golden underbelly. Two golden leathery wings tainted with a little bit of red that carried him across the sky. Two golden horns sprouted at the back of his head which came quite handy while charging at his enemies or hitting with them. Fins, also of the same color, sprouted from the top of his head passing through all of his back to the tail, which ended with a spade like weapon which he used to whip or stab.

But Spyro was not you normal dragon that was found every day; he was 'the purple dragon', born every ten generations and could harness all elemental powers. That's what med him special. He was destined to leave his mark in his time. He was the most powerful dragon in his time.

But it seemed he was not capable of everything, like catching Cynder for instance.

Just at that moment, Cynder came for a drink and Spyro could see her reflection on the water. Her dark scale body was like the night, her underbelly and wings seemed that they had stolen the rainbow color. Her ivory horn sprouted from her head and sword like tail, making her have an evil look. But she wasn't evil; at least, not since the Darkmaster influence on her was broken. Corrupted while she was still in her egg to do the Darkmaster's bidding and latter freed by Spyro when he beat her to prevent the soul of the Darkmaster to run free.

The gorgeous green eyes looked back at him from the reflection on the water and he quickly diverted his gaze.

Meanwhile, Cynder had just glimpsed the amethyst purple eyes of Spyro watching her trough the reflection. She giggled to herself and proceeded to inspect his body.

"What happened that made you lost control like that?" asked Cynder, trying to make a little conversation.

"I lost control when I tried that last maneuver to catch you. I had you in my paws and you just slipped away and my momentum carried me down. How do you do that, slip away I mean?"

"Hehe. I guess I just can" she replied in a teasing way.

Spyro looked at her with a smiled that conveyed mischief. "Well ..."he began "I guess that… you are it!" he said as he touched Cynder whit his paw. "Tag" he said and flew away from a very perplex Cynder, not understanding what had happened.

"Why you…" she said trying to follow Spyro.

They continued their game of tag for hours, one chasing the other and then the other way around. But all good times must come to an end and they were getting tired from flying too much. They decided to land on a small clearing by the top of a cliff, watching to world beneath them.

"It's finally over" Cynder said, referring to the evil that poised the land in the form of the Darkmaster .

"Yes it is; but I think we should get back, Cynder." Spyro said "The others might begin to worry about us and I want to see the too."

"Me too; but do you know where we are?" Cynder asked in a low voice.

After their victory in their fight against the Darkmaster in the center of the world, the world itself was breaking apart. Spyro used all his power to prevent that from happening, and reunited the world. After that, they had come out to the surface in an unknown area; but they didn't care at that moment: the Darkmaster was gone, peace was in the realms and they were playing tag. Spyro looked around himself, trying to identify a landmark which he could use to guide himself. Nothing.

"No, everything looks different with the world breaking and the reunited" confessed Spyro "But I guess we should go in one direction and hope to see anything that might help us in finding our way".

"Seeing that we could be anywhere in the world at this moment, if we should pick one direction, the best would be south; I think "Cynder responded."If we are anywhere near the place we used to be, we should come across the sea. Then, we could follow the coast toward Warfang".

"I think you are right. We should got going now, no sense in wasting time"

And so, both dragons lifted themselves of the earth and made their way south. While flying, they could see how cracked the earth was, and how much destruction the breaking of the world had caused. "If only I had stopped Malefor earlier" Spyro thought "I could have prevented this from happening".

They flew silently for a while each in their own thoughts. Spyro thinking of how this had come to happen. HE had released Malefor from his prison in the Wells of Souls when he tried to rescue Cynder form Gaul clutches .After that, things have spriialed outo of his control, and it ended in this destruction. He, with the help of Cynder, stopped the Darkmaster, the purple dragon previous to Spyro; but at what cost? Countless dead and one above all weighted on him "Ignitus…" Spyro thought of the old Fire Guardian.

Ignitus was the first dragon Spyro met. He was the one who told him of his origins at the temple, he was the one who provided guidance; he was like a fatherly figure to him. And now, this loss was the one that hurt him the most. Ignitus had sacrificed himself in order to give Cynder and Spyro the chance to confront and defeat the Darkmaster. He never gave hope that Spyro would defeat the evil that poised this land.

Cynder, on the other hand, was thinking about her captivity while she was the slave of the Darkmaster. The countless innocents she had murdered in her quest to resurrect her master. "How can they accept me after all I have done?"She thought in a low mood. Only Spyro and the guardians have really accepted her after she was free of the evil influence.

Before they knew it, night caught them and they were forced to land again and finally. It seemed it was ages ago since they last slept; so much had happened this day, and the one before that. They watched the moons rise above the hills as they gently passed above the world, as if they were ignorant of what had happened.

Next morning passed without interest while they continued the way south. They paused to rest for a bit in a small clearing amidst the trees to recover their strength. They spent that time talking mostly about Spyro past, although Cyndre's came to.

However, Cynder had a thing that she could not take her mind off. She had to know.

"Spyro…?"She asked in timid voice, not knowing what the answer might be; or worse, his reaction it.

"Hhmm? What is it Cynder?" He asked, confused a little by the way her voice just sounded right now.

"Do… do you remember when we defeated Malefor?"

"Yes… what about it?"

"Do you remember afterwards? It all seemed like a blur?"

Spyro sighted "Yes. The world breaking apart and you wanted to leave, but I told you that I was destined to prevent the world from being destroyed. When I told you that, you decided to stay. After that, I used my powers to stop the breaking of the world"

"Do you remember anything while you were doing it?"

"No. Why do you ask?"

"I… I heard a voice then?" she promptly lied. She had been that voice at that final moment.

"A voice? Was it Malefor's? Or those sprits we saw? What did it say?" Spyro asked with a tone of immediate interest and alarm in his voice. If it was Malefor, then he was not dead and could again come back to the real of the living and break havoc once more. But if it was the spirits, then they could have said something important.

"I… I don't exactly remember. Dou you remember anything of the sort?" she asked with some kind of hope.

"No, I don't. I was so focused in healing the world that I didn't notice many things. As you said… a blur. Are you sure you head something?"

"I don't know. Probably it was just my mind. Don't worry yourself to much Spyro, everything is fine now" she tried to calm him. Spyro, always worried about others.

"Yeah. You are right. Malefor is gone now."

But in Cynder's mind, there was a turmoil going on "HE DIDN'T HEAR ME. I worked so much courage that moment to I could say it, and HE DIDN'T HEAR ME. He didn't hear me say 'I love you. 'He did NOT hear me say that I love him" Cynder felt very depressed. She had worked her courage that moment because she thought that they were going to die at that place. She thought that she had to express her feeling for him before she died, to tell him how grateful she was of having known him. To let HIM know how she felt about HIM. That she loved him.

And now, she just had learned that those three words fell on deaf ears. She didn't think she could work up her courage again and face him and say it again.

"Cynder, are you all right?"Spyro question shook her out of herself.

"Yeah. Don't worry. I'm fine" she lied.

"We should get going"

They flew until night cached the again. This time, there was no talk and both of them slept soundly. Next morning came, and the continued their journey.

They flew silently for another couple of hours. Spyro was getting a little bit anxious, as if something was supposed to happen, as if he had to do something about it; but he didn't know what he was supposed to do. Was he did felt, was a as if a little string, a link of some kind, was trying to pull him in one direction. Southwest from here there was something calling him.

Unconsciously, Spyro began to change his course of direction, slightly heading where he was being pulled to.

"Spyro, were you going?" Cynder said when she noticed that they were not heading straight south.

"I don't know" he replied truthfully"But I feel that we should go this way" Cynder just wondered what had gotten into Spyro to make him go this way.

They flew for a while and Spyro began to feel that whatever was calling to him was near. Suddenly, Cynder spoke again "Spyro, what is that?" Spyro looked down to see what she was referring to and found what she meant quickly. In the face of a cliff that had been created by the breaking of the world, there stood like what to be the entrance to a building that was underground. "I don't know" Spyro responded "But I think we should see it".

Both dragons went down and landed in front of it. Images and statues of dragons were carved out of the rock. Openings in the middle of the decoration lead inside to the building. Spyro felt the distinct unease that something was trying to pull his mind into the building. Whatever it was, it did not felt evil. It felt more like if it was coming from himself, the need to be there.

Spyro asked to himself out loud, "Why do I feel that I must enter?"

"What? "Asked Cynder.

"I feel like… that I need to enter, like if something is calling me"

"Calling you? Like what?"

"I don't know. We should enter and find out"

Both dragons entered to ruins of the building. The sun light was dimmed in the interior, due to the fact that there were no openings for light to enter. They soon arrived at a wide space, covered in darkness. However, when they entered into the room a little more, light was suddenly made that made both dragons close their eyes due to the intensity. When they opened them again.

They were in a huge circular room that was illuminated by several crystal that had ignited suddenly. Debris covered the ground with broken parts of the ceiling or walls, or statues. Several dragon statues were present on some pedestal that made the place more majestic. Spyro took noticed that there were several pedestals that hold no statues.

"What is this place?"Cynder asked.

"It… it looks like a dragon temple of old"

Parts of the floor in this room had holes that dropped into darkness. When Spyro went to look into one, he felt a shiver. It appeared that this room was build atop the opening of a gigantic hole in the ground, and when parts of the floor broke, they reveled this huge pit. Spyro couldn't resist the temptation, he picked a rock nearby and dropped it. The sound of the rock hitting the end of this pit never was heard. "Just how deep it this hole?"

"Spyro" Cynder gasped, which caused to see what that caused Cynder to sound so amazed.

There were paintings that covered the walls. Most of them had already been destroyed due to time and accidents; but there were a few remaining. They showed dragons, of all colors, fighting against what appeared to be a dark army of monsters. Horrible they were, these monsters, very much like the grublings and orcs that had attacked Warfang. Several golems also stood out amidst the battle.

But there were more pictures. In another one, there was a beautiful huge city in a green valley. It showed tall towers and great hall, dragons flying overhead and interacting with other species Spyro had encountered in his travels.

However, one particular painting confused Spyro. There were several dragons and one of them had taken several steps forward. It seemed to be talking with someone; but the other part of the painting was destroyed. Claw mark could be easily identified in the rock that the painting had been made. Several other painting had similar claw destruction.

"Why were these paintings destroyed?" Spyro asked.

"You mean that someone destroyed them? Who could have done such a thing?"

"I do not know… but these slashes are made of dragon claws" and to prove it, he compared the markings with a slash he made to the rocks.

"You are right. These are dragon's claws "Cynder gasped when he saw the similarities of Spyros mark and all the ones that destroyed these beautiful paintings. "But why would a dragon want to destroy these?"Cynder asked while she pointed with her tail at the paintings.

"I don't know; but there were more than one dragon" Spyro informed while he looked at a different slash. "By the looks of it, it looks like dragons destroyed these paintings on purpose"

They continued to explore the room for a while, watching the statues and paintings that remained. Finally, they continued through the only doorways that had not collapsed. What came up next, confused them.

There was a small room with only a real size dragon statue in a pedestal at the end of it. Both dragons, confused at why this corridor ended here, decided to inspect the statue to find something as to why.

In the dragon's paw, in a thigh grip near the dragon's statue chest, there was a pure transparent crystal. The crystal was larger than the paw of the statue, because both end of the crystal could be seen, in the upper and lower part of the paw that it was being held. Spyro looked at it with fascination.

"Cynder, look" he said, pointed at the crystal.

"Wow, looks like you got a talent for treasure hunting, Spyro" she said while reached for the crystal. "I have never seen this type of crystal before"

"Nor I" responded Spyro.

"Well, I think we should take it. Perhaps give it to Volteer to find out what exactly is it. He will spend quite a while having fun trying to do so"

"I don't know… it's like if we are desecrating this place"

"Come on, what could happen? Besides, you told me that something was drwing you to this place" she said as she tried to remove it from the statues grip, but it didn't move. "Won't… budge"

Spyro laughed to himself. He finally made his mind about the crystal. "Ok, move Cynder" she did so "Watch and learn" he said. Spyro got nearer to the statue that held the crystal, but the something happened. The statue began to move, or at least, the paw that held the crystal moved. It extended toward Spyro and turned upwards followed by opening its claw to reveal the crystal.

"Wow!" Cynder exclaimed. The whole move appeared as if the statue was offering the crystal to Spyro. Carefully, as if Spyro was expecting a trap to be sprung at any moment, he took the Crystal from that statues paw. Fortunately, nothing happened.

"That was weird" Cynder commented while she came closer to Spyro. Both of them looked more closely at this strange crystal that he had now in his possession.

"We should get going" Spyro finally said, while he disappear the crystal for later use. They continued to explore what little they could before both dragons left the temple.

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