Title: Strawberry Obsession

Rating: MA

Pairing: Grimmjow/Ichigo

Genre: Romance/Drama

Summary: Obsession can lead to drastic measures with strange consequences. Grimmjow Jaegarjaquez knows all about obsession and it just so happens that his obsession is in the form of Kurosaki Ichigo.

Warnings: Yaoi: Male/Male Relationships, Underage Sex(16?), Strong sexual content, Alternate Universe (after the winter war), Drama, Mild Violence, Language.

Warning: Somnophilia(Sex while partner is asleep).

Strawberry Obsession

oOo Volume 01 oOo

Obsession could bring out the best in a man or the worst. Whichever it was, an obsession could not be healthy.

It was a cold dark evening, the skies reminded him of blotted ink the way it stretched over, splashing in awkward layers. Barely a star could be seen, but Grimmjow Jaegarjaquez had no interest in the stars or the skies.

He stood on top of the human world as the Garganta to the Hollow world sealed itself shut. One hand was thrust into his pants pocket and the other was rushing through his bright blue messy hair. For the hundredth time, he had asked himself why he was here. The mundane taste of human souls lingered in the air around him, but he had no taste for them. The answer he received every time he did became the same, 'obsession.'

Ever since the day he had laid eyes upon him, a growing hunger burned deep inside. A growing need reared its ugly head, thrashing and demanding. He hated the feeling but he loved the euphoria he got when he was able to fight with every ounce of his being and yet still be perfectly matched with the sensational strawberry shinigami.

He was delicious and infuriating. Grimmjow had never met another like him and it was because of this, because of their fighting, and because of that hunger that his interest had rose into a maniacal obsession.

Instantly, he zipped across the air, heading toward the destination of the most wild and all consuming reiatsu Grimmjow had ever known. His hunger swirled within him when he stopped in front of a large house and clinic.

'Kurosaki Clinic.'

Every single night, Grimmjow would crouch in front of the square window, watching hungrily as the teen slept curled under sheets. He was a delicacy, something that Grimmjow was not allowed to touch. He could look but to take a bite was a no, no.

His hunger seemed stronger than ever on that night and just watching the rising and falling of the boy's chest from his safe spot at the window was not enough. He pressed his hand to the plate glass and to his surprise and delight it slid aside.

Reiatsu smacked him full on in the face and Grimmjow bowed his head, knees on the sill and his bright blue eyes dilated.

Ichigo was his obsession. Ichigo was his hunger. Ichigo was the cause for everything and it pissed Grimmjow off to hell and back. He always prided himself on being a loner, never mixing or mingling with others. He hated people with every fiber of his being, except for one person.


As sneakily as a cat, Grimmjow silently stepped into the room. He stepped closer, his shadow engulfing the still bed that lay his object of desire. He paused briefly, fearing the teen would wake but he didn't and when Grimmjow glanced at his bedside, he saw a bottle of liquid.

Instantly, he picked it up and saw that it was a nighttime tranquilizer. It alleviated colds, sneezing, and headaches. The substance had a sleeping agent in it and when Grimmjow smelled it, he wrinkled his nose in disgust. It was horrendously foul.

Was his strawberry sick? Grimmjow wondered placing the item back on the table. He took his hand out of his pocket and very discreetly, he reached out and curled his fingers around the fabric of the covers and pulled it back, his eyes drinking in the ethereal sight before him.

Ichigo's face was relaxed, soft, and nothing like the cross expression he wore every day. He looked for all the world like a beautiful and peaceful teenage boy.

His hair was in a disarray all over his head and Grimmjow traced his features, absorbing them all from so close up. The last time they had been this close, they were trying to kill each other.

Fighting was the only way he was able to appease his obsession, if only temporarily, to have that fiery body so close, those eyes piercing into him. He could feel the heat coming off Ichigo in waves and the spiritual energy curled around him making his still heart want to beat.

Grimmjow hated the feeling but he loved it at the same time. It was one of those contradictory things. Mildly surprise that Ichigo hadn't awoke, Grimmjow took the chance and sat on the edge of the bed and continued to move the covers down until they were at Ichigo's ankles and he licked his lips when he found the teen in nothing but boxer shorts.

Every inch of his tanned flesh was toned with wiry and tight muscles. His stomach was flat showing his hipbone and in that moment, Grimmjow could have drooled by simply gazing at him.

Oh, how close he was, dare he reach out in touch? He longed to dip his head down and lick Ichigo's belly button and taste the skin around it. He wanted to run his teeth along the hipbone and dip further.

He growled lowly and clenched his reacting arousal through his pants and before Grimmjow could stop himself, his hand moved on its own accord. He brushed the back of his knuckles across Ichigo's cheek. It was soft and warm, he waited with bated breath to see if Ichigo woke but he didn't even move.

His obsession was laying there so innocently, so still, and perfect. Grimmjow couldn't help himself. He ran his hand down the boy's neck and across his built chest, sliding down the center.

Damn! Grimmjow thought, he felt better than he looked and he wasn't sure if that had been possible and he just knew now that Ichigo would taste heavenly in his mouth.

Once again, Grimmjow became daring and he leaned over, pressing one hand on the other side of bed until he was face to face with Ichigo and dipped down, running his nose along the groove in his neck. He shivered at the scent and then he flicked out his tongue and brushed it across the sweet skin. Unbelievable! The teen didn't move a muscle, his chest rising and falling gently against Grimmjow's chest.

Grimmjow tested it some more, he cupped Ichigo's right cheek and nibbled down on the left side of his neck before dragging it up to his ear. "Ichigo," he purred darkly. "You're mine, Ichigo."


Nothing. If the teen wasn't breathing or warm, Grimmjow would have thought he was dead. His gaze flickered once to the bottle of tranquilizer on the table. That had to be why, no one slept this soundly. He thought feeling excitement and desire rise through him.

Oh, he shouldn't, Grimmjow breathed deep and raised up, staring at the peacefully sleeping human turned Vizard. But it wasn't like Ichigo would ever accept him anyway, Grimmjow sneered at the thought. It wasn't like Ichigo would give him the time of day unless it was for a fight and his obsession wasn't getting any better, in fact, it was becoming worse. More hectic and beginning to spiral out of control and now that he was this close… Grimmjow didn't think he had the restraint to going back.

Before Grimmjow knew it, his hands were running down Ichigo's bare sides, absorbing the lovely sensation of his skin under on his. So perfect, so beautiful.

Just once, Grimmjow thought running his tongue down and kissing along the skin. The teen stirred causing Grimmjow to pause. He kissed again and nibbled along his hip, goose bumps formed across Ichigo's body and he shivered in his sleep.

Ichigo may be asleep, but his body was alive and Grimmjow decided that he would devour it while he could, consequences be damned.

He slid his hand down across the boy's dark red boxers and he smirked when he felt Ichigo's cock reacting to his touch. "That's right, Ichigo. I'll make you enjoy even if you won't remember," he hissed moving down his thigh and back up again.

He placed kisses in various places before he began to massage Ichigo's hardening groin. He almost chuckled when Ichigo let out a whimper, still pinned down with sleep. His confidence grew and he made swift work in yanking them off and tossing them across the room, unaware of them landing on a stuffed lion that had been sleeping face down.

Ichigo was naked for all of him to see, and Grimmjow flicked his tongue across his perfectly trimmed crotch. The hair was dark red, which signaled that he really was a natural red-head. He grinned and swiped his tongue across the erecting cock and then took it into his mouth and groaning at the sensation of the hot member growing in his mouth.

Nothing bad could be said about Ichigo's taste or his cock, it was proportioned well. He ravaged the sleeping teen and in return the boy was squirming and his head thrashed lazily. "Nnn…"

Deftly, Grimmjow spread Ichigo's legs apart until they hung over the sides of the bed and he coated his fingers with saliva before teasing the boy by sliding his fingers down toward his entrance.

Ichigo's breathing rose sharply and he gasped under his sleep. Grimmjow looked up, watching him closely as he slowly inserted his first finger into the tight blistering hot entrance. He was clean and perfect, Grimmjow thought, so tight. Could it be, that he was a virgin?

Grimmjow's eyes narrowed, well then, Ichigo's virginity would belong to him. He began to suck the boy's cock again while taunting and stretching his ass until he heard quiet sleepy type moans.

He gathered more saliva with his fingers and slipped a second in while at the same time, rising up and shifting until he was sequestered between Ichigo's slim legs. He was in awe of the sight before him, it was perfect, so beautiful.

Grimmjow had never felt so hungry before, he was rock hard and it was painful in his pants, but whether he was taking advantage of Ichigo or not, he would not hurt him by taking him unprepared. Not to mention, if the Vizard actually did wake, Grimmjow wasn't likely to stop and he wanted it to be a pleasurable enough experience where Ichigo wouldn't throw him off.

Ichigo squirmed and attempted to turn on his side but Grimmjow's hand flew out and gripped his waist. "I don't think so," he growled. "Turn back over, Ichigo, relax, and enjoy it," he demanded knowing very well that he wouldn't be heard.

Once his third finger was in, he leaned over while fingering Ichigo and brushed a kiss across his soft lips and dragged his mouth over the cheek and to his ear. "Do you like that?" Grimmjow hissed quietly into his ear. "I'm going to take you Ichigo."

"Nn, eh?"

"It's a dream, let's dream together," Grimmjow purred. "Just lay there and keep dreaming." He nipped Ichigo on the ear before drawing back and releasing himself out of the restricted pants and he hissed when his cock bounced against Ichigo's leg.

He coated his cock with as much saliva as he could before slipping his hand under Ichigo's right calf, he used his other to direct his cock and he hissed, when he slowly breeched the pulsing stretched entrance.

Heavenly obsession, so delicious, and so very perfect. He groaned softly and pushed deeper causing the teen on the bed to moan in distress.

"It'll stop hurting in a minute, Ichigo," Grimmjow managed to say as he rocked back and forth. Ichigo's body was trying to deny him entrance but Grimmjow was not going to be detoured, he devoured the strawberry with his eyes and cock, taking him more and more, thrusting forward and clenching his hips while bringing his mouth down to the boy's neck and kissing up to his ear.

"Huh?" Ichigo gasped and he moaned out as his eyes cracked open but then fell close again.

Such a beautiful sight, Grimmjow growled releasing Ichigo's calf and taking him by the neck and bringing him up while pushing his hips in. Ichigo's legs locked around him and Grimmjow gripped him by the hair grinding until they were sweating and Ichigo's beautiful form became responsive. He slipped his hand between them and began to rub the weeping half hard cock and circled his tongue around Ichigo's ear, whenever he felt the need to groan out loud.

Grimmjow's need rose, the heat flared, and as Ichigo's cock began coming all across their chests, his body couldn't take it and he thrust in sharply causing Ichigo to release a strangled cry.

Grimmjow hissed and squeezed Ichigo tight, the boy lay limply in his arms, whimpering and shivering under the film of sweat. He was perfect, so wanton looking that Grimmjow could easily take him again.

When his mind came back to a more coherent state, he was not only stunned at how far he had taken it but he felt a little pathetic, taking a sleeping teen who had no ability to fight. All to appease his starving obsession.

Having Ichigo in that moment filled up the starving need, however it left Grimmjow feeling a bit empty. What he wouldn't have given to see Ichigo's eyes open, staring at him with a fire, and his lips calling out Grimmjow's name. To be responsive, rather than heavily medicated.

With a gentleness that was beyond him, Grimmjow laid Ichigo back onto the bed. The boy whimpered and turned on his side and Grimmjow licked his lips when he saw his come soaking the bed. He longed to run his tongue between his tan ass cheeks, but he resisted. He had to pull himself together, lest he find himself fucking the teen into the bed again.

Grimmjow ran a hand over his face, brushing along part of his Hollow mask that was glued to the side of his cheek and he shook his head, before setting to work in cleaning and putting Ichigo back together again.

When Grimmjow finally tugged the covers over the boy, he brushed his hand across the teen's forehead. "Good night Ichigo," he whispered before standing straight, adjusting his vest and then turning and disappearing out the window.

It was around that time when a well known modified soul in the form of a plushie sat up, eyes wide in horror at what had just occurred.


Sleep aids really did make a person have some far out dreams, Kurosaki Ichigo thought as he awoke to the light of the day. He managed to peel his half asleep eyes open to the ceiling. What on earth did they put in that shit? He thought horrified and a little red in the cheeks at what he had dreamed. His stomach was rumbling fiercely, causing a bit of a nauseating spell to overtake him.

It wasn't that the dream had been bad or anything but the fact was, he wasn't prone to having sex dreams, especially a sex dream with a well known, blue-haired Sexta Espada Arrancar.

It was Monday and a school morning. He could hear movement from down the hall and when he sat up, Ichigo gasped as a zigzag of pain flew right up his ass and into his spine. He yelped and fell back to the bed, his heart raced, and his eyes were wide.

"What – the – fuck?" Ichigo hissed in horror. When he shifted, he almost went up into tears at the pain. He reached a hand around and he choked when he felt wet down there and swollen. He gripped the side of the bed. "Kon?"

"I- Ichigo?" Kon crawled across the floor on his plushie hands, his eyes too were wide. "I- I'm sorry Ichigo."

"It was real?" Ichigo got out in a strangle.

Kon bowed his head. "Uh huh."

Ichigo laid back down onto the bed, feeling horrified, shocked, and a little vulnerable. What the hell had he been thinking? He growled in his mind. Grimmjow was in his room last night.

Not only that, but Grimmjow also... no that couldn't be right. Grimmjow was a lot of things, Ichigo thought. He was a callous, sarcastic blood thirsty bastard, but he was not a rapist!

Ichigo's hand went to his stomach as he attempted to sit up again. "Ulgh, I feel sick," he muttered.

"I'm sorry, Ichigo. I should have said something, I should have tried to wake you…"

"I couldn't wake," Ichigo whispered. "I was so heavily drugged that not even he could wake me. Fucking hell!"

It took a bit for Ichigo to get his strength, he braced himself for the pain as he rolled over wincing and hissing at every turn. His feet buckled when he tried to stand and he reached out to grab the night stand.

Kon crawled up onto the bed and watched him morosely. Ichigo staggered to the drawer and managed to grab a shirt and some sweatpants and threw them on, before taking a deep breath and moving to the door.

When he opened, he saw his little sister in the hallway, Yuzu.

"Onii-chan! Why aren't you dressed? You're going to be late!"

Ichigo stared at her, sheet white, he staggered, limping across the hall.

"Onii-chan? What's wrong? What happened to you?" she asked moving to his side.

Ichigo shook his head and moved passed her and gripped the edge of the wall nearest the bathroom.


He was in a total daze, trying to get his bearings on everything that had happened. He was trying to think clearly but the thoughts were murky and he had been so drugged. But what he did know was that Grimmjow had been all over him.

He gasped and unconsciously, slid down against the wall. He doubled over in pain, bringing his knees to his chest. "Shit!"

"Dad! Dad!" Yuzu shrieked but Ichigo paid no attention to her. He couldn't, not when he knew, not when he recalled.

"Yuzu, what's-?" Isshin's eyes widened when he saw his son clinging to the wall with his legs to his chest in horror. "Ichigo!" he rushed to his son's side. "What happened Ichigo?"

Once again the teen shook his head, eyes wide. "I'm going to be sick."

Yuzu had come back in with a trash can and Ichigo threw his head in it, throwing up all he could.

When Karin came up to see what was going on, she blinked when she saw her Ichi-nii on the floor throwing up. "Ichi-nii?"

"Ichigo, what's wrong?" Isshin coaxed. "Tell me son, please." Ichigo gripped the trash can, unable to speak as he continued to throw up.

Ichigo couldn't tell them, he had to come up with something fast before Isshin got Kon into the mix. He raised his head and wiped his mouth. "Uh, I think I'm allergic to cough syrup," he lied smoothly. "I woke up feeling sick."

"How much did you take?" Isshin demanded.

"A bit," Ichigo confessed. "I was so tired."

"How much was a bit?"

"Half a bottle?"

Isshin growled and sat back. "You idiot son!" he whacked the boy in the head causing the teen to wince. "Do you know what could have happened to you? Do you have any idea how dangerous cough syrup is? You don't take any more than two tablespoons at a time."

"I know, I'm sorry," he said when Karin grabbed a wash cloth from the bathroom. "Thanks," he wiped his mouth and breathed deep. "I won't do it again. I'm sorry, I'm up and getting ready."

"I should check you for an overdose!" Isshin insisted.

"No, no!" Ichigo insisted batting his hands away. "I'm fine, really. Just a little delirious. I'll be good in a bit. Don't worry, I'm not skipping school."

He managed to slip into the shower and he sighed when the hot water ran over his body. He stretched his legs out in front of him and began to wash his body. His mind coming back into coherency after everything that had happened.

Okay, Grimmjow came into his room last night and literally had sex with him. What he could recall from last night was gentle touches, a mouth going all over him, and soft whispers in his ear. He remembered feeling pain and then sublime pleasure.

He shivered under the hot water and he buried his face into his hands. Grimmjow didn't really rape him, Ichigo decided and while it wasn't consensual it wasn't like Grimmjow made him bleed, so what the hell was going on?

Why did he do that?

Ichigo washed his body thoroughly and while his stomach had been unsettled, he wasn't sickened at the idea of sleeping with another man and it wasn't like Grimmjow was hard to look at, but the fact was, that it happened. That's what freaked him out. It was bizarre and to be honest a little scary.

It took a while to get his mind under control and when he did, he stepped out of the shower and wrapped the towel securely around his waist. He would have to remind Kon to keep his mouth shut about this incident. He didn't want it to get out.

"You feeling better Onii-chan?" Yuzu asked in concern. She had been waiting outside and Karin was with her, her eyes narrowed on him.

"I'm fine, sorry guys," he insisted.

"Are you well enough to eat?"

"I think so."

Karin glared. "You better not do that again, Ichi-nii!"

"I won't, I swear," Ichigo promised before disappearing into his room. "Kon?"

"Eh?" Kon looked up from his lying position on the bed.

"Don't you dare tell anyone about what happened!" Ichigo said sharply. "If dad asks, I took too much cough syrup."

Kon sighed and nodded. "I wouldn't tell Ichigo."


Once his body was completely settled and under his control, he slapped on his uniform and grabbed his bag. He tried not to think about what had occurred last night but that was like not noticing a Menos Grande in front of you. Ichigo's backside burned and his spine left him wincing fractionally.

Ichigo took some toast, ignoring the concerned looks from his family. He nodded to them before getting out of the house as fast as possible.

It was warm, unbelievably so and the sun shining made Ichigo feel a little better. He kept the limping down to a minimum as he began the six block walk to the school. He was unusually tired halfway through, Ichigo was in perfect shape, but the exhaustion crept through him from the events of last night.

He knew he was late for class, he retrieved a late slip from the office, and he refused to look at anyone as he entered the room.

"Kurosaki-kun, you're late!"

"Sorry, sensei," Ichigo said placing the slip on the desk and going for his seat in the back.

He could feel his friend's eyes on him, but he refused to meet them. Not yet, and not now. When he sat, he hissed low and grasped a hold of the desk. He willed the tears that formed in his eyes from the sting of pain down and he hunched forward, feeling nauseated once more.

"Ichigo?" Tatsuki hissed out from behind.

He sighed and glanced over his shoulder. "Yeh?"

"What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing, I'm fine," he dismissed turning away only to catch the narrowed gaze of Ishida.

He spaced out through the rest of class and when the bell rang for lunch, Ichigo couldn't even think about having lunch. His friends were suddenly there, gathering around him.

Keigo was acting like his idiot self but Ichigo was feeling too awful to deal with him.

"Kurosaki-kun, are you okay? Why were you late?" Inoue asked in concern.

"No reason," he said dragging his aching body up.

Chad gave a hm. "You seem under the weather, Ichigo."

"Aye, a little," he confessed.

They all headed outside toward their usual spot. Ichigo saw the pavement and grimaced before deciding to stay standing as everyone else plopped down cheerfully.

He brushed off their questions and instead, took to staring off in the distance. Ichigo couldn't really believe that he slept through getting fucked. He did remember it feeling good, but he had been so unprepared for such an encounter that it was no wonder he was unsettled.

Damn that Grimmjow! Why didn't the bastard just face him like a man? What was he trying to get at? What did he want?

"Kurosaki-san," Ishida was suddenly standing next to him and he could feel the calculating gaze.

"Yeh?" Ichigo asked.

"Tell me what's going on, your reiatsu has spiked and it's tainted."

"There's nothing to say," he scowled crossing his arms and turning away.

"Kurosaki-san, you tell me what's going on now, or I will involve Urahara-san," Ishida said sharply. "Something happened last night, obviously, and since I didn't detect any Hollows in the area…"

Ichigo could imagine what would happen if Urahara-san got involved, that meant his dad would become involved and it would be a mess.

He growled at Ishida. "Let's go somewhere private then," he snapped coldly. He walked away, making everyone look up.

"Where's Kurosaki-kun going?" Inoue was the first to question.

"I need to talk to him," Ishida said before taking his bag and following the Vizard until they were well out of hearing range.

Ichigo shoved his hands into his pockets. "I was so tired last night, I took some cough syrup that had a sleep aid in it," he began glancing around swiftly to make sure no one was watching. "I wake up the next morning and I thought I had been dreaming, but then I sat up…"


"Grimmjow last night came into my room," Ichigo murmured.

"How could you fight under a sleep aid?"

"We didn't fight," he whispered. "I was out of it, Ishida." He turned and faced the Quincy. "He had sex with me."

Ishida had been prepared for many things but that was not one of them. "He raped you."

Ichigo sagged his shoulders forward. "Rape, sex, whatever. Kon saw it all. I only remember vague things about last night. I was so under the medicine that I didn't wake at all."

Ishida was wide eyed and shocked. "Ichigo…" he changed his usage of the Ichigo's name. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have pried but I was concerned."

"Yah, well, keep your mouth shut," Ichigo demanded. "I don't need this getting out."

"What are you going to do about it?" Ishida asked calmly.

Ichigo shrugged. "What the hell am I supposed to do?" he asked horrified. "The only thing I want to do, is question why the fuck he would do that! I mean, I pictured Grimmjow a lot of things, a blood thirsty bastard, I also had a strange grudging respect for him after our fight in Hueco Mundo so I have no unearthly idea why he would do that."

"Did he hurt you?" Ishida asked. "Are you bleeding or anything?"

Ichigo scowled and kicked a rock with his foot. "That's just it, Ishida. He didn't hurt me. Not the way a rapist or a sadist would have. So, I don't understand a damn thing, what he was trying to get at by doing that to me when there was no way I could have woken."

"Hm," Ishida began to pace. "Ichigo, how often did Grimmjow seek out you before Hueco Mundo?"

"Two or three times, I don't know, why?"

"He sought no one else out but you, right?"

"I don't think so. He defied Aizen's orders just to get a fight with me."

"Could it be, Grimmjow is obsessed with you?" Ishida suggested.

Ichigo stared at his friend, and for a moment he wasn't sure if Ishida's words registered. "Obsessed? Why? He hated my guts, he was always trying to pick a fight with me."

"You match him rather equally. I'm sure you caught his attention the first time but he kept coming back, wanting to fight you."

Ichigo recalled his fight in Hueco Mundo with Grimmjow. "Before I fought him last time, he made Inoue heal me back to full health. I did think that was strange, but I figured he wanted a fair fight and that was why I respected him. He may have moral issues being an Arrancar but he didn't mess with anyone weaker than him. He didn't pray on them like that string bean Nnoitra."

"What if you see him again? What are you going to say to him?"

Ichigo shrugged. "I hadn't really thought about that."

"If he did this once, he would probably try it a second time."

"I most certainly won't be taking anything to put me asleep again."

The bell rang, signaling the end of lunch.

Strangely enough, Ichigo felt a little better after having talked to Ishida about it. "Thanks, Ishida."

"No problem, I'm glad you told me about this."