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They didn't get around to moving Bones' belongings for another week. Finals were coming up and papers needed to be written, not to mention they both were grading for the professors they were TA's for. Any time they weren't being generally fabulous students was spent playing with Joanna, easing one of her temper tantrums, or taking her to the park so she saw more than the inside of their suite and her daycare. Needless to say, it was a long week and Jim knew Bones was considering putting off the move until the next weekend.

Jim had been able to talk Bones into that Sunday, though. Maggie Jay would be getting in next Friday, but apparently she didn't have an apartment yet, so she had invited herself to sleep on his couch. Not to mention Jim just wanted Bones in his suite with all of his shit officially mingling with his own. He had all but said that Bones could stay and watch Jo, but Jim was going to move him into his suite. A little desperate, maybe, but Jim had the overwhelming urge to make sure all of Bones was with him, that he didn't feel the need to leave for a very long time.

Bones didn't have many belongings. He had several padds, just as Jim did, brimming over with medical journals, and new theories being postulated by doctors around the known universe. There were a few personal effects that he must have picked up when he moved to San Francisco, a flashlight, salt and pepper shakers, an umbrella that Jim had never seen him use. Other than that it was just the left over clothing, Bones' small holoscreen, which neither of them knew what to do with, though they contemplated putting it in Jo's room.

When Jim had taken the holoscreen from the wall and rolled up the pad, he put it in one of the three boxes they had brought with them. Joanna only gave him a quick glance before continuing with her calculation of how much trouble she would be in if she started pulling things out of the box. She had taken quite a shine to Bones' flashlight, tapping it on and off. It wasn't a big deal if she played with it, normally, but halfway through the week she had picked up the habit of telling Jim 'no' every so often. He wanted to make sure she was actually heeding his word.

With the holoscreen in the box, that had taken care of the living area. Bones was in the kitchenette, doing something under one of the counters. Jim wandered over to him area, keeping an eye on Jo incase she went for that flashlight.

"What are you doing in here, Bones?" he asked curiously, leaning into the counter and looking down at Bones' ass, which was the only half showing from his place inside the cabinet.

Distorted and echoing due to the cavernous space from which he was talking, Bones' reply came, "Something spilled back here. I'm trying to clean it up for the staff." A pause and a bit of a grunt. "I'm not entirely sure that this isn't alive, though. It seems damn intent on staying where it is."

Jim grunted in acknowledgement. "Well, that wouldn't be surprising. It's probably been here since the birth of Starfleet Academy." When he glanced at Joanna she had given up on the flashlight, having obviously come to the conclusion that Jim was watching much too closely. He smiled, watching as she talked to herself and wandered around the living area.

Bones had yet to come out of the cabinet, stubborn to a fault. Jim sighed. "Why don't you leave it alone, Bones? It's probably older than you are." That earned him an unhappy growl to which he grinned. He watched the doctor, or at least what he could see of the doctor, wiggle around some more, before he reached boredom. "Hey," he said. "I'm gonna see if there's anything else that needs to be packed up from the kitchen."

He pulled open the cabinet on the far end from where Bones was, just barely registering that Bones had started to pull himself out from where he had been with a muffled demand of, "Wait."

It was too late for Bones though. Jim had already pulled open the door and found his stash. An entire mini-bar lay under the counter, bourbons and whiskeys, as well as a small bottle of vodka. He looked over to Bones, who was sitting on the floor with an abashed look washing his features. He sighed. "You weren't supposed to see that," he said, rubbing his hand on his forehead. He, then, of course, made a face because his hand was grimy from fighting with the life-form on his end of the cabinet.

Jim smirked. "Why not?" He pulled out one of the bottles of bourbon, giving it an appraising once over. It was a good brand, one of the better ones. He set it on the counter and reached for another bottle, counting them all in his head. There were seven total, in various states of fullness. He laughed, a little self-depreciatingly. "Y'know, I always kinda wondered how you made it through my varying levels of panic and distancing." He pulled the other bottles out. "I figured there had to be something."

Bones shook his head. "It wasn't that, Jim. There were just days…"

"I understand, Bones," he said clearly and firmly. Bones had nothing to explain for. It was an observation. He didn't mean it to make the doctor feel guilty.

He stared up at Jim, his eyes still ashamed for some reason. Jim sighed, setting the bottle on the counter. He checked on Joanna once again, to see what she was up to. She was rifling through her bag, looking for something to entertain her through this very boring moment in her life. Jim was pretty sure it would be fine if he left her on her own in the few minutes it would take him to talk to Bones. Setting himself on floor in front of Bones, settling to where their knees were touching.

"Don't worry about it, Bones," he soothed, reaching his hand up to card through dark brown hair, pulling him closer to rest their foreheads together. "It's nothing to freak out about. And really, even if I wanted to freak out about this, it'd be kinda hypocritical considering last time I went drinking I came out with four cracked ribs and shattered wrist. At least you were smart enough to stay in your dorm."

"It just…" Bones sighed again. "I haven't since we got together."

"Yeah, well, you probably should have," Jim said semi-seriously. "God knows I'm a pain in the ass."

Jim pressed their lips together before Bones could say anything against him. Chaste for the most part, Jim just scarcely brushed his tongue against the doctor's lips before pulling away. "I really don't know why you're so worried about this," he said. "All it says is that you were more affected by things than you let on. It's not a bad thing."

"You're way too good for me."

Jim laughed. "Fuck, if I'm way too good for you, you have low standards." At Bones' glare, Jim quieted. He watched Bones' face, took in his features.

It was still hard to believe that Jim had him again; that Bones had thought of him as much as Jim had thought of Bones. He had almost been so resigned to never having anyone until Jo was older, and at times, he had been sure he would never have anyone else the way he'd had Bones' ever again. Then Bones was there, patiently stubborn and waiting for Jim to get his head out of his ass, playing with Jo and acting like he had never been gone. Acting like he had always been there, and lamenting the fact that he really hadn't been.

Even if Bones did leave him, and Jim didn't necessarily believe that he would anymore, though he realized that the chance was still there just like with all relationships. Even if Bones did leave him, at least they had had this. At least they had tried, and hopefully if something did come to pass they would come out friends.

Jim had been waiting for Joanna's birthday to tell Bones all he had done over the past week, and all they would need to do. Looking at Bones now, though, he couldn't wait. He pulled Bones into another kiss, longer, languid, taking the time to enjoy this moment as Bones lapped his tongue against his teeth.

"I have something for you," he spoke against Bones' lips as they pulled apart.

Bones hummed. "I don't think the kitchenette is the appropriate place for it. Especially not with Joanna in the other room."

"Very funny," Jim said with a happy smile. "No, this is a non-sex-like surprise."

Jim moved his hand into his pocket, pulling his personal padd out. He had collected Joanna's documents into it, along with some of his favorite pictures she had coloured, and the picture of her, Pike, and Archer in the midst of an imaginary tea party. He tapped a few commands in to the padd, pulling up Joanna's paperwork from Sandcastles daycare center. He held it out to Bones once he had scrolled down to the section of paperwork he wanted Bones to see.

The doctor took it into his hand, reading over it with a mildly confused look. He muttered to himself as he read, taking the words in before he reached the most important part. "Joanna Kirk-Mc…" He paused before he let out a breathless laugh. "Joanna Kirk-McCoy."

He looked into Jim's eyes, his own glittering ecstatically. Jim's grin was nearly face-splitting; he pointed to the paperwork in the doctor's hand, saying, "It's not official yet. We have to go to the local notary so we can both sign to get her birth certificate changed. They'll probably want a blood test as well, but…" He shrugged. "I should have done it when we first found each other again, but it didn't even register in my mind."

"This is fucking wonderful," he said delightedly, looking at the padd again as if he couldn't quite believe his eyes. His fingers played over the name, highlighting it and highlighting it over and over again. When he looked up to Jim again, his eyes were unshed with tears. "When can we get this finalized?"

"Anytime this week. The notary is closed for the weekend, but anytime after that…"

Bones' smile never faltered. He looked at the padd one last time, before he handed it back to Jim. "Okay, let's finish this up before the end of time."

He stood up, having apparently finally given up on getting the life-form out from under the cabinet. He helped Jim up, as well, their hands staying clasped for a moment before Joanna interrupted them, asking, "Are you done yet?"

Jim rolled his eyes. "Almost, Jo-bear. We just have to finish packing the kitchen and then Popsicle's room."

"Okay," she said, putting down the small toy she had been playing with. She hopped off the couch with a determined smile that she inherited from Jim. "Let's go."

She wandered off, without any destination as far as her parents could tell and disappeared into Bones' bedroom. They listened for a moment, heard nothing. Then Joanna's face reappeared in the doorway, looking at the two of them impatiently. "Popsicle," she whined. "Hurry! We gotta pack."

Bones smiled. "Okay, I'm coming, baby," he said, already pulling away from Jim's side. Over his shoulder, he asked Jim, "Will you be okay to pack the kitchen by yourself?"

Jim waved him off. "I got it. Go help the moving girl." Jim followed behind him for a second, intent on retrieving the box from the living area, which still wasn't quite full. Then he remembered, asking Bones before he disappeared completely, "What do you want me to do with the alcohol?"

Bones hesitated by the doorway, his eyes locking with Jim's and exuding determination. "Just throw it out, Jim."

He kept a bottle of the bourbon anyway. It was a nice brand, after all.


They had unpacked everything after Bones put Joanna down for her nap. All in all it only took about thirty minutes. Bones had a whopping two and a half boxes and most of it was easy to place. Flashlight in one of the kitchen drawers, salt and pepper shakers on the table…next to Jim's set. The bedspread from Bones' suite, which actually belonged to the doctor since he had refused to sleep on white sheets, was fitted over Jim's bed, which had thankfully both been the same size. Jim put Bones' bourbon on the top shelf above the stove after explaining why he hadn't just thrown it away.

Everything was squared away, except for Bones' holoscreen, which they still weren't sure about whether to put it in Joanna's room or not. They both really enjoyed her staying in the living area with them, even if it did get taxing sometimes. In the end, they put it in their closet until a concrete decision could be reached.

When they had finished, they retired into the living area. Jim rested against the arm of the couch and Bones followed after him, resting his back to Jim's chest. Bones had picked up one of his padds, intent on studying for one of his finals, which would take place over the upcoming week. Jim's finals would be occurring at the same time, of course, but he had a firm grasp on everything that had been covered. Sometimes being a genius with awesome memory recall paid off. Instead of studying, he turned on the holoscreen watching a detective show that Archer had gotten him addicted to.

His hand reached up on its own accord, running through Bones' impeccable hair and enjoying the silent moment while they had it. Joanna would probably be up in another thirty to forty-five minutes and then Jim would be keeping her occupied and happy while Bones studied.

The soft strands of Bones' hair, a lot like Joanna's curls, slid through his fingers comfortingly, and he knew the effect was a good one for the doctor, as well. Bones slowly started to lean his head back on Jim's shoulder, and his breathing evened. It looked like a pretty sure thing that he was going to fall asleep actually. His padd slowly lowered onto his lap and the rest of his body relaxed.

Jim let the moment wash over him, let the feeling of Bones resting all of his weight against him seep in. He wrapped his arm around Bones' chest, enjoying the steady heartbeat. Counting a few deep breaths, Jim smiled, contentment filling his heart. He kissed the side of Bones head, like he often did with their daughter.

Bones grumbled, his eyes opening to glance over at Jim. "I was almost asleep."

Jim nodded agreeably. "I know."

"Then why'd you wake me up?" He readjusted slightly, tilting his head further back.

Jim shrugged best he could. "I didn't mean to. I just wanted to fondle you in your sleep." He punctuated his statement by squeezing Bones' pectoral.

"I can get on board with that."

Jim bent his head to kiss the doctor, grunting when his lower lip was nipped for his troubles. Bones laughed at his displeasure, one of his hands reaching back to grab at Jim's short hair. "I need that," he said following Bones' hand with a smile on his lips.

"Yeah," Bones agreed. "You'd look kinda silly with no hair."

Jim was about to respond, but their computer console went off, a small screen pulling up that said they had an incoming call coming from Pike's office. Bones glared at it momentarily, before he sighed deeply. He pulled himself off of Jim, waving at the console lazily. "It's for you."

He maneuvered his way around Bones, pulling himself up to his feet and towards the call. "One of these days," he called over his shoulder, "you're going to have to finish letting go of this recalcitrant anger towards Pike."

Bones frowned. "Recalcitrant? Really?"

Jim ignored him and accepted the call from Pike. The screen automatically filled with his less than pleased face and the hollering of a voice Jim would know anywhere.

"I have a right to be here!" Maggie Jay yelled. "I'm visiting Jim Kirk. He lives on campus! I'm not trying to bomb the place or anything, so fucking let me go!"

Jim's brows rose up to his hairline. Pike's grimace stayed firmly in place. "Is that yours?" he asked.

"Did you just call me a 'that'?" Maggie's voice came even louder.

Somewhere else off screen, Jim heard Archer laugh hysterically. "This gets better and better."

Jim smiled apologetically. "Yeah, she's mine."

"See?" Maggie yelled. "Can I go now?"

Pike nodded and waved his hand back at her as if to silence her. Then, with a deep sigh, he said, "If you would be so kind as to come get her and fill out the visitation forms I would be most happy."

"Yeah, be there soon, sir."

The comm ended abruptly and Jim rubbed his forehead. From behind him Bones asked for clarification. "I thought Maggie wasn't getting here till next weekend."

"Y'know, that would make two of us." He padded around the living area for his boots, which he had taken off earlier when they had put Jo down for her nap. She had said when last he talked to her on Wednesday that she would be arriving the weekend before Joanna's birthday. Joanna's birthday was the Thursday after finals week. Logically, she should have been there next weekend. However, Maggie Jay was Maggie Jay and she was not prone to following even her own rules.

His exasperation was running high, but he felt a fondness flow through him as well as excitement to see the woman who had seen him through so much in Iowa. "I'm gonna go get her."

"Want me to go with you?" Bones asked, standing up as well. He paid his padd a small glance, as if about to reconsider his offer, but he shrugged it off. He stood without waiting for Jim to answer. "I have been waiting to meet this woman in person for a while. Need to thank her personally for those pictures she sent."

A smug smile crossed Bones' features and Jim glared. The padd of pictures that Maggie Jay had sent to Bones at the beginning of the semester had been propped up against one of the night tables, a picture of Jim and two-month-old Joanna on the screen. He thought that he may actually kill her for that.

"You can see her just in time for her funeral, too," he said irritably. He shook off the irritation when he saw Bones pulling on his own boots. "If you're going, I'm gonna grab Joanna."

He nodded, and Jim went into Joanna 's room to pick her up. He didn't want to wake her up yet, figuring he would carry her to Pike's office and then let Porthos do his job. With her blanket wrapped loosely around her, he cradled her in his arm, her arms automatically circling his neck and her cheek resting against his shoulder.

"Daddy?" she asked tiredly.

He patted her back, his fingers brushing the ends of her curls. "It's okay, Jo-bear. We're gonna go see grandpa."

Too tired to really form sentences, she repeated, "Grampa?"

"Yeah," he said with a smile. "He's got Ms. McCurdy in his office."

She snuffled for a second, rubbing her face into his neck. "He's got a 'Curdy, too?" she asked.

"No, he's got our Ms. McCurdy."

"Oh…" she trailed off, not awake enough to understand what Jim had just told her. She was asleep in his arms again when Jim returned to Bones. He was already in his jacket again, the early December weather just a little chilly. It wasn't as bad as it normally was in Iowa, but it was still cool. Jim handed Jo over to him and grabbed his own jacket, shrugging it on while watching Bones pet their daughter's hair just as he had been doing earlier. Jim felt his heart beat oddly in his chest, soft and erratic and almost ticklish in the way it fluttered.

"Ready?" he asked, when he caught Jim's gaze.

He nodded, palming open their door for Bones and stepping aside so that Bones could go first. He stopped him quickly, though, his hand grabbing onto the doctor's arm.

"Hey," Jim said, hand settling on the side of Bones' neck when he stopped. He moved around Joanna to press a quick kiss to Bones lips, looking down when they pulled away. His cheeks heated, warmth flooding his neck and face. He took a deep breath, suddenly nervous, though he didn't know why. He had been meaning to say this since the first time Bones had, but hadn't wanted it to seem like he was only saying them because Bones had. Still, though, this felt…odd. He looked up at Bones from beneath his brows and quietly admitted, "I love you."

Bones watched him for a moment, his eyes shining back with the same emotion. "I love you, too."

He took a deep breath, feeling a weight lifted off of him. With a slight nod, he stepped out of Bones' path again, saying, "Okay, let's go save the grumpy, old men from the crazy lady."

Following behind Bones, Jim smiled, unable to keep it inside.

He had a feeling it could only get better from here.



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Bones was getting home late that night, later than he usually did. Summer break left few students at the Academy, but that only meant that there were even less students to pull shift at medical. Bones had graciously pulled a double after one of the other doctors had fallen down a flight of stairs and split her head open. Of course, by graciously, Jim meant he had called Jim's communicator, cussed up a storm, apologized for cursing in front of Joanna, and then said that he'd see them tomorrow morning.

Jim wasn't paying any attention to that entire 'tomorrow morning' bullshit. He didn't actually have to make an appearance to classes, thanks to the wonderful invention of self-study and personal classes over the computer. He could stay up as late as he pleased, contrary to what Bones thought. Not to mention there were a few shows he felt like catching up on, and a few essays he had wanted to read for a while.

So, okay, he had retired to his room like he had been ordered to do, and he was in bed, but he just wasn't sleeping. Two out of three wasn't bad and all of his prenatal doctors could take a flying leap if they didn't agree. Christ, he wasn't made of brittle glass.

Halfway through his second show, Joanna had hopped into his room, her hair newly cut around her shoulders, her curls tighter now that the weight didn't straighten them out. Apparently, it was too boring for her in the living room and she had crawled up on the bed with Jim, flopping and bouncing with all the grace of a four and a half year old. She had originally sat right next to Jim, her hands rubbing his stomach excitedly and talking to her sister. Then, when she had had enough sisterly bonding, she spent the next several hours flopping around the bed and getting sucked into the cop show Jim had playing.

She had passed out at ten, lying down at the foot of his bed and curled up like a little puppy dog. Now, at three o'clock, Jim was contemplating taking her to her room for the night, or at the very least getting her a blanket. It wasn't necessarily cold in their suite. Jim made sure of that. However, it was always more comfortable to sleep with a blanket that without.

Jim was interrupted, halfway out of bed, by the sound of the suite door sliding open. Bones was home. Jim looked at the chronometer again, it was only three fifteen. Jim had been sure the doctor wouldn't return until five or so. He sat up further in the bed, putting his padd down beside him as Bones walked through their bedroom door, blinking slightly at the difference in light settings.

"What are you doing up?" he asked when he saw Jim was still awake.

"Not sleeping," Jim answered easily, giving a nonchalant shrug of his shoulder.

Bones rolled his eyes. Jim momentarily thought that he would start in on him like about sleep and how he needed it. He didn't, though. He took in the state of the room, instead. The television still on, volume set low, a plate with two tomato ends on the night table, Joanna on the end of the bed…his brows knitted downward.

"Nightmare?" he asked with a nod toward their daughter. He set about taking his outer layer of his teaching uniform off, pulling the jacket off of his shoulders and setting it on the top of their small dresser. While he was there he pulled out a t-shirt and some sleeping pants.

Jim watched him, replying absently, "No, that's just where she fell asleep."

Bones looked at him curiously. His tone probably left much to be desired, but he couldn't help it. Bones was a good looking man, and completely drool-worthy when he was winding down from the day, taking layers off as he went. He knew it, too! When he caught Jim's eyes, a small smirk stole his features and he made his way back over to where Jim was sitting, giving him a smug kiss on the lips.

"I'm gonna take Jo to bed," he said quietly. "Then I'll be back to talk to you and Georgie."

He settled his hand on Jim's stomach, like Joanna had done earlier in the evening. Georgie gave a little kick in response making both Jim and Bones smile.

"Y'know, she only does that for you," Jim said. "She doesn't like talking to anyone else."

The doctor hummed. "I am the favorite," he said smugly. He leaned in to peck Jim on the lips again. "I'm gonna put Jo in bed. Be right back."

Jim nodded, glancing over at the plate. "I'm going to take this to the reclycler real quick."

"I got it."

Jim scoffed. "Yeah, you'll carry our four year old and my plate?" Bones looked like he might agree, but Jim cut him off again. "Just…get Jo. I can handle a plate. Jesus."

Just think of what would have happened if Bones had walked in to see Jim carrying their daughter to bed, like he had originally been contemplating.


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