As Sebastian drove to the front of his apartment in an otherwise abandoned building, he was reflecting on his life. He smiled lightly to himself. Sebastian loved his life. He was the lone occupant in building others ignored. He walked the streets unbothered by others not noticing him. He remained in Los Angeles because of his medical condition while others fled to off-world colonies. In fact, J.F. Sebastian secretly loved that fact that Methuselah's Syndrome prevented him from leaving Earth. He had all he wanted here. His medical condition allowed him to live with his friends. It mattered not to Sebastian that he created his friends. In fact they were perfect in his eyes. His friends didn't judge him like real people. They relished his nightly arrivals home. Sebastian also loved his chess matches with Dr. Tyrell. It pleased him to have a formidable opponent. Where people saw isolation and despair, Sebastian saw opportunity to live in his own terms. Sebastian was thinking about all this fondly when he arrived to his apartment. He spied a female figure scampering away from the trash next to his doorway out of the corner of his eye. Somewhere deep in the recesses of Sebastian's mind, he knew his life was about to changeā€¦