The ventur twins just arrived in affrica. They were herer to start collecting clues for dads case. he was 40 miles away solving another case. Thease two were a bit nervious. Not only were they far from home but they were meeting fulton for the first time. Jane ventura was scared. she hoped he'd like her and her brother ace jr. They were also meeting spencer dads arch enemy. This was all part of there biggest fear, being away from mom and dad for 4 nights. Being ten you dont get much practice. It was hard to leave there nice warm house with mom and sister ceclie by the fire. The night bcefor they left mom was rocking in her chair while the twins along with 8 year old cecily were playing with baby danial. jane closed her eyes, it was a nice memory. "come on jane were here" ace said grabbing his bag. As soon as they got of the plane they saw fulton. They also saw a nice big grassy area that both longed to run in. being on a plne for 14 hors at ten years old was not fun. "so your fulton" jane said when they walked up to him. "who are you" an older man said. "you must be spencer" ace said. He looked very clean to the twins. From there exspernce clean grownups could never be bad only boring and mean at times. "wait" fulton said with a shock "your not the ventura twins are you" jane and ace nodded there heads. In the distance was an elfant. It was the biggest thing the twins ever saw. "I cant belive how small and well clean you are" spencer said. "it is hard to get dirty on a plan" jane said. "and mom and dad would never want our first imprssipon to be bad" ace said. This made both adults smile. "my my i cant belive ace would have such.. clean well behaved kids." Spencer said. "so have you two really gone on real safari's" ace asked. "yes we have" fulton said putting there bags in the front. "wow thats cool mother and father would never let us do anything that dangrious" ace said. They were on there way to the counclet now. Fulton had fun telling them of his latest safari. No one else he knew looked this imprssed. " we never kill animals though" he finished rembering ace was agenst this. "Thats good" jane said. "i herd some poachers kill elefonts for there tusks." Ace said trying to impress fulton. it worked "thats right." he said.