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unlikely hero


She awoke in her lover's arms.

his long hair, pulled back into a braid, wrapped about her like a third arm, as if to hold her tight, and keep her safe.

She brushed the bangs out of his eyes, only for him to burrow his face deeper into her chest, causing her to smile.

she called him her lover, in her mind, but he had yet to even kiss her. Yes they slept in the same bed, but it was where she felt the safest, and he could finally sleep through the night.

she ran her finger over the scar on his shoulder, the same scar he got rescuing her from a bad situation, in a time when Ranma was out chasing down Akane, with the rest of the 'hitters' of the NWC on his heels. She allowed her mind to drift back to that fateful night...


Akane had been grabbed two nights before. Ranma, at the urging of the Fathers, had grabbed his pack and followed after, with Ukyo and Shampoo on his heels, with Mouse and Ryoga charging after them. Elder Cologne ridding on her heirs shoulder.

Hoppsai was up north, for the some fashion show, the Fathers were off at the nearest water, drinking to the success of Ranma...

She was finishing some distasteful business, when a few Yukuza Solders decided to try to move in to the area. As the prime mover/shaker, they were going to have a 'little fun' and remove the opposition.

not an issue if Ranma was in town, but with him gone, they were moving quickly to fortify their position. they jumped her near the closed 'Ukyo's'.

Her screams brought a 'Shadow' to her side. Thinking that a simple show of force was all that was needed, a kunai across the back of the hand that held her, was his opening move.

releasing her, the leader, barked, "Shoot 'em!"

he got clipped carrying her to safety, then he returned to 'finish' the confrontation.

Checking in on her, that night, they found comfort in the other.


While he would still work for Ukyo, he now belonged to Nabiki. Where Ranma was the fist in the Light, he was her dagger in the night.