Penname: The Little Romantic

Binding Blurb (Prompt): Rock star

Rating: T

Genre: Love

Creative Original or Derivative (Fan fiction): Derivative

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The crowd screamed as I strung that last chord. The feeling was invigorating and I couldn't wait until my next gig. I said a few last words to the roaring crowd, and rushed off the stage. I smiled to all of the backstage crew as they gave me congratulations, and quickly headed to my dressing room.

As soon as I had stepped through the doorway of my room I closed the door behind me and switched the lock. A glance around the room told me that it was exactly the same as I left it. Mirror with photos on it, clothing rack, and a long leather couch with Edward Cullen sitting on it. Wait a second...EDWARD CULLEN???

What the hell was Edward Cullen; my high school crush doing in my dressing room, sitting on my couch and watching me with a crooked smile on his face? I was speechless and frozen in place, my mouth hanging open. He chuckled at my dumbfounded expression and lifted himself from the couch.

"Hello Bella," he greeted. His musical voice mixed with his dazzling emerald eyes turned my mind to mush.

"What are you doing here Edward?" I asked.

"I came to see you, obviously," he said. I knew that there was more, and when he saw the look of suspicion on my face, he decided to expand. "I went to see your concert and then got permission from Alice to surprise you."

"Alice let you in? She doesn't even know you, why would she do that?" I babbled. Alice was my personal assistant/stylist/manager. She had never met Edward, but had heard a lot about him from me.

"Well I was surprised too, because I had never met her. Apparently you've told her all about me," he explained chuckling. I blushed profusely, why did Alice have to play matchmaker?

"Bella, don't be embarrassed. I'm honoured...I've got a confession to make," he said softly, stepping closer. His cheeks were slightly flushed and he actually seemed embarrassed. Edward Cullen never got embarrassed, so this must be something really big.

"Back at Forks High School, I really liked you," he confessed. I was shocked, speechless and frozen once again. "Since you've been gone it's grown stronger, and....Bella, I love you," he blurted the last part out. We stood there in silence as I tried to process his sudden emotions.

"Sorry Bella, umm I'll just go now," Edward said, breaking the silence. My head shot up, and my eyes went wide; he couldn't leave, I've always loved him and I had to tell him that.

"Edward, wait!" I almost screamed. I quickly ran towards him, but then realised I wouldn't be able to stop in time. He turned around after hearing my outburst and I crashed into his chest. I couldn't find the words to tell him, so I used actions. I kissed him. It was amazing; the best kiss I had ever had. I stepped back, still enclosed in his arms and looked up at him.


AN: Hi everybody. This is called a witfit (sounds weird, right?). I'm not going to waste time talking about what that is, just find the link for it on my profile. This one's a binding blurb so it has no be about the topic (rock star) and it can't be over 500 words. Also sorry for not updating "The Life I Live Now", I'll try to soon. Hope you like this