Murata had slowed his horse to simply walking when half way back he ran into Wolfram.

"Where the hell have you been?!"

Murata saw no reason to lie so he said, "I went to Erwiston villiage to do what needed to be done in secret. You would have gone in like a bull and let everyone know you were there."

"What? Do you realize how dangerous that was? What if you'd been caught?"

Murata almost opened his mouth to tell him the truth when he realized this would truly be his chance to see if Wolfram cared enough to get jealous like he did with Yuri. "Actually I did get caught."


"That's right a very pretty young lady and her male friend were on patrol and caught me."

"So what you gave away more of those strange coins of yours and they just let you go?"

'Not jealous of that yet huh? I know for a fact that with Shibuya by now he'd be screaming his head off with crying cheater. By not doing it, it makes me think he really doesn't care.'

"Answer me dammit!"

Murata sighed and said, "Well I was debating on whether to tell you that I met up with them and talked my way out of it or to tell you that I did talk to them but was forced to have a threesome in order to buy their silence. I remembered you didn't want me to give away anymore coins and they said I could keep them that they were more interested in my body." 'Now without telling him which is truth and which is false let's see his reaction.'

Wolfram's face was red, "What the hell do you mean you paid them with your body! You should have forced them to take the coins! Did you forget you are married to me now!"

Murata shrugged, "Well you haven't seemed too interested and besides isn't that what we're doing now? Collecting crystals so you can get out of this marriage. What do you care what I do or who I do it with?"

Wolfram was shocked by his blunt response then turned red with anger, "Well until this marriage has been dissolved you are not to engage in any type of that activity!"

One of the guards had heard Wolfram's loud yelling and showed up in time to hear Murata's lie about having a three way with a couple of people.

"Now, now Lord Wolfram calm yourself, if you get too angry you'll want to throw fireballs. This place is very dry and it might catch on fire if you were to do something like that. Also someone might you hear you and learn who we are and that wouldn't be good. B-besides I don't think Geika was being serious."

"What you lied to me?!"

"No what I said was I was debating on which version of the story you wanted to hear. The truth or the lie. You simply assumed that the lie was the truth without ever asking."

Murata could see the rage boiling.

"I thought you were only going to tell the truth on this trip?"

Murata shrugged, "You don't seem to interested in the truth so what difference does it make if I lie or not?"

At that Wolfram turned and said, "Fine let's get going. The sooner we leave, the sooner we get to Mount Watlese and get the last crystals before we can go home and get out of this marriage!"

Murata sighed, 'Well I guess this confirms it. He hates me and is unwilling to give us a chance. Up till now I never lied to him but he never believed me anyway so why should I have bothered with the truth.'

With that they all headed towards Mount Watlese and the last of the crystals.


The next evening Waltorana arrived of Tohma von Radford's place.

"Waltorana, how good of you to visit. You should have sent word that you were coming."

"I'm sorry, but it was a last minute decision and there were things I wanted to discuss with you, in private. Taka see to the horses and take our luggage and let the help show you where to put it then assist them in preparing dinner."

"No need for that. I'm sure the young man is tired from such a long journey."

"No, he's young he can handle it, right Taka?"

"Yes, sir it's fine I'll see to it." With that he bowed and left. Taka sighed he knew this was punishment to fill in for what Levi had started. 'How was I supposed to know some witch of a maid would not only spot me listening in but report back to one of my superiors, and of the three older assistants she had to chose Levi. I hate him, he's stuck up and he thinks he's superior to everyone and special because he's Lord Waltorana's favorite.'

Tohma ushered Waltorana in and gestured to an empty seat. "Can I get you a drink?"

"Scotch on the rocks."

As he was fixing the drinks Tohma asked, "So what brings you here?"

"I want to talk to you about Sayuka."

Tohma nearly spilled the drinks, but recovered and walked over and handed Waltorana a drink. "I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know anyone by that name."

"Levi told me all about her and that she lives in the Maoh's world."

"Oh I see. He shouldn't have. I wasn't aware Sayuka had disobeyed me and told someone. I will have to speak to her other world guardian to be certain she didn't tell anyone in that world about this one."

"Tohma, you should have told me about this girl and your plans! So who is this girl?"

"Her name is Sayuka von Raina but you know that already. Lord Reynaldo von Raina was a close friend of my family's till an unknown illness claimed him and his wife Misty when Sayuka was but two. After they died the doctors examined Sayuka and deemed she was in perfect health. When I arrived I thought it seemed strange for villagers to be demanding entrance to the doctors and I had to fight my way in and prove who I was to be let in. After I got in I was told the reason the villagers were out there was that they wanted to kill her and burn her body. They feared she was either a witch or possessed by the devil."

"God, how I hate it when you run across a village of superstitious idiots! I lost one of my best servants to a town like that. My servant was in the wrong place at the wrong time was accused of murder. My servant had really tanned skin and sun bleach hair and those bastards said he was the devil. So the superstitious idiots in that town too stupid to listen to reasoning strung him up as a scapegoat. My other servant forced me to flee for my own safety, in case they blamed me next. I returned home and sent my troops to destroy the town. Don't know don't care who the real culprit was. The town soon learned that the real devil had escape."

At the both men laughed.

"A man after my own heart. Though I always have an entourage of guards so the one time it happened to me I was able to extract immediate revenge."

Then they heard a knock on the door. "Ah that must be dinner."

The men made their way to the dinning room where Waltorana greeted the family and apologized for the late intrusion. Then they all sat down for a meal and small talk.


"I believe we shall have desert in the study." Tohma said. And led Waltorana back to the study as they got there Taka and a couple of maids were waiting with desert.

"Looks wonderful. Ladies did you know that Taka can make killer deserts?"

They looked at Taka and asked, "Is that true?"

"Well I'm not slouch I don't know about killer."

"You must show us!" At that they drug him away.

"Is there a problem?"

"Yes, he's become nosey as of late and been trying to listen in on private conversations. I brought him because I wanted to personally make sure he was still receiving punishment. Now enough about Taka, tell me about the girl."

"Very well, you see Reynaldo sent for me but unfortunately he had passed on by the time I arrived he named me Sayuka's guardian in his will and as he had no other family I was asked to settle his estate. I didn't believe in the idiotic nonsense about curses and possession she just got lucky and didn't catch the same illness. I also realized it might help my wife Sakari be happy again."

"How does taking this child in make her happy again? Was she in that deep a depression?

"Unfortunately yes. You see Sakari was betrothed to me at birth but had always resented being in an arranged marriage. I soon learned that she had been secretly seeing some commoner. After learning I had set a date for our wedding she ran away. It took no time at all to find her."

"So did you take care of the problem?"

"Of course, I went to that town and found his small and home. Thankfully she wasn't there. I had a couple of guards find her and take her back to her parent's house. After explaining to him who I was he had the nerve to say he didn't care that he loved her. That he didn't care that she was of noble blood and was betrothed to another. That he didn't care about the money as long as he had her."

"That would change quickly when the money got tight, he'd want her to run home and make up with her family to get money."

"Of course, I couldn't believe he had the nerve to say he wouldn't care if they lived in the poor house."

"Yeah, the bank threatens to take their house and he'd be there begging her family for help. I've seen it happen with other rich families whose children think they can handle the big scary poor world. Now tell me you kill him?"

"No I didn't want to dirty my hands on a commoner. I simply offered him a million dollars and leave never to look back. He tried to refuse but I had had lot of information on him and his family. I told him if he really wanted Sakari that badly I would gladly give her to him. In exchange I would take his house that the bank was more than willing to sell to me since he was so far behind on the rent but also his parent's house."

Waltorana laughed, "So let me guess the poor house didn't look so sweet when his parents would be joining him huh?"

"Of course not, Not to mention he had three younger siblings."

"So did he take the money and run?"

Waltorana sighed and took a drink of his wine before answering, "No, not at first. He didn't believe me till I dragged him down to the bank and the bank manager there telling him if he didn't receive a full back mortgage payments by the end of the day he would gladly me the property. He begged for more time but the bank manager told him he was behind six months. So he reluctantly took me up on my offer. Of course when the bank manager's daughter heard all this she started yelling at me and calling me names while comforting him."

"So much for he loved Sakari. If he dropped her that quickly for another."

"Oh yeah and Sakari was devastated to learn that he had been seeing her too for quite some time. She was even pregnant with his child. Thankfully Sakari told me they never went that far. She was raised to believe things like that should only be done after marriage."

"Did she try to protest his marriage?"

"Thankfully no. she realized he had cheated on her and wasn't worth her time. So she turned to me and agreed to marry me. Two years into our marriage she got pregnant. When Kyohei was small she started dressing him in really frilly clothes. She'd had a couple of miscarriages and I guess was depressed over the fact she could get pregnant and hope to have a girl. I forced her to stop dressing him in such frilly stuff after I was in town with him and someone called him a girl.

Seeing her so depressed and knowing of Reynaldo's lineage I told Sakari of his family and how this girl had no one and what would happen if I returned her to that village. She took to the girl right away then two years after that she was even happier when she had Aurora."

"What makes this girl so special? What was special about Reynaldo von Raina's lineage? Why did you send her away thinking she'd be perfect for the mate for the Maoh?"

"Reynaldo von Raina, was the grandson of late Twenty-Fourth Maoh, His Majesty Beltran von Radford."

"The Lion King, I believe the people called him. That's an impressive background. "

"Exactly the great granddaughter of a former Maoh would be the perfect mate for the new Maoh."

"Yes, the two combined could make for some powerful children."

"My thought exactly. When I learned the Maoh's soul was being sent to another world I hired a woman named Persaya Nizam who was able to recreate the portal that the Genshi Miko used to send Sir Weller with the soul. I hired a man named Daylan Turner who has perfect recall, knows many languages and has a photographic memory to be her guardian in the other world. I sent Sayuka over Sakari's objecting to this other world when she was 4 to learn the language and adjust to the other world. This way I felt she would learn the ways of that world but at the same time Turner would home school her in this worlds language as well as its customs. All of which we believed the future Maoh would be taught as well."

"Yes, when I learned of the Maoh's soul being sent away I didn't approve but was forced to accept it. But I had expected that when the soul returned to this world that it would return as both a man and an educated one at that. Not a child with no education of this world at all! Whoever raised that brat knowing of his destiny to be the great Maoh did this country a disservice by not educating him about this world."

"Exactly why Turner was there to make sure Sayuka gained the knowledge of both worlds."

"Tell me why you didn't introduce this girl right away?"

"I had planned on it! When I learned of Cecilie von Spitzweg's retirement as Maoh, and that the soul sent to that other world would be returning I sent for the witch to bring Turner and Sayuka back. Then I couldn't very well barge in with this girl demanding an audience before the official announcement of the new Maoh's arrival."

"No, I suppose they wouldn't have allowed it would they?"

"Exactly what I feared! That's why I waited and hoped that when the announcement went out that the Maoh had arrived that a banquet would be held shortly thereafter for nobles and the elite. Then we would have been one of the first ones to arrive. Then all I would have to do was introduce Sayuka to the Maoh. Then after introduction and they started dancing and talking the Maoh would learn she too lived in his world, he would be surprised and happy. He would no longer feel alone in this new world he'd have friends in both worlds. Someone besides his protector would know about that world. Not to mention a very pretty girl at that. I had hoped that from there they would eventually hit it off and someday marry."

"But then the brat screwed up and accidently got engaged to Wolfram soon after arriving and now has ended up breaking his heart."

"Yes, after the time, money and effort I went into raising that girl to be the perfect partner and that happened. But with his engagement to Wolfram I didn't wish to challenge it or you seeing as you never objected."

"I see. Exactly why you should have told me all this years ago! Then I'd have forced Wolfram once I realized that the Maoh wasn't getting closer but getting further from him to end their engagement and given Sayuka a chance. But it could still work."

"Wait, What? What could? What do you mean he broke Wolfram's heart?"

"The Maoh tricked Wolfram into a switching ceremony and ended up getting him married to Geika."

"I haven't heard this."

"Yes apparently the Maoh and his new whore want to keep it a secret."

"He's already got someone new? Then how does Sayuka fit into this?"

"Where is the girl now?"

"Sayuka insisted on continuing to live in both worlds, just like the Maoh. Why?"

"I believe now is the time to strike. Now that the engagement has been broken and his new relationship is with his own protector Sir Weller!"

"What? He not only dumps Wolfram for his half-breed brother, but tricks him into marrying someone else to prevent him from interfering with his new choice."

"Yes, though before we continue you should know that unfortunately the Maoh is not a blushing virgin anymore."


"I'm afraid it's true. After learning that barely 24 hours after dumping Wolfram he goes out and flaunts his new found freedom by going on a very public date with Sir Weller."

"The nerve of that kid!"

"Yes, and after learning of this I go to confront him only to learn he and his new pet kept themselves busy all day secluded somewhere!"

"Well despite that he needs something better than that whore of a half breed. I've heard he's slept with lots of different men and women over the years."

"Yes I've heard that too. But are you confident in wanting to expose such a pure girl to this?"

"Yes, I do. And the Maoh will fall right into our trap. The young Maoh has never had a girl so much as look at him much less talk to him before. Now a beautiful girl that actually lives in both worlds the same as him starts talking to him. Now finally he has someone who knows the same things as him."

"Just what I want, this just might cause a big rift in the relationship between the Maoh and his pet."

"Yes, and despite Geika also from that world Sakuya has told me that he even goes to a different school!"

"Perfect! Then this girl can relate to him even more than Geika can. She's pretty, goes to the same school as him and lives in his world. It should cause a nice big rift in his relationship with his protector."

At that both men laughed and continued to talk and scheme.


The next morning Waltorana was at the breakfast table with Tohma, his wife and children and also noticed that the girl in the picture Levi had showed him was there.

"Morning how did you sleep?" Sakari asked.

"Very well thank you."

"Waltorana, I'd like you to meet my other daughter Sayuka."

Sayuka stood and bowed, "It's nice to meet you Lord Waltorana."

"Yes, it's a pleasure."

Before more could be said breakfast was served. Everyone ate in relative silence. After the breakfast dishes were cleared away Tohma spoke, "Sayuka, as you know until now you were forbidden to talk to the Maoh. Now you will finally be going on a real date with him. Lord Waltorana is here to help us arrange a meeting between you and the Maoh."

Sakuya blinked in surprise, "Really father, but why now? Turner said nothing of meeting the Maoh this trip, I thought he was engaged?"

"Maybe if you'd stay in this world instead of traipsing off to that other world you know that he broke that engagement in favor of fucking his protector." Kyohei said.

"Kyohei I raised you better than that! I don't want to hear such foul language from your mouth again, do you understand?" Sakari asked.

Kyohei sighed, "Yes, mother."

"However Kyohei is right mother." Aurora said calmly and softly. "The Maoh broke the engagement he had with Wolfram and is now very clearly dating his protector."

"Dating! Yeah right! I doubt their just dating, their probably doing it like rabbits every chance they get! Now you want Sayuka to laughingly try to seduce him. Ow…" He whined as his mother hit him in the head for his language.

Sayuka glared at him, "What you mean try?!"

"Well you've been in the same world, same school, same class same everything as the Maoh all these years and yet haven't even talked to him once." Kyohei said.

"Father told me not to! So what you think I should have disobeyed father and talked to Yuri-Heika?"

"Yes, you should have talked to him to at least be friends with him." Aurora said.

"It doesn't work like that in either world and you both know it! We could never just remain friends. What if he started to develop feelings for me? Or me for him? What about Lord Wolfram?"

"Enough!" Tohma yelled, "Sayuka, was acting on my orders if she had disobeyed them she'd have been in trouble."

"Are you sure you are ready for me to meet him father?"

"Yes, now is the perfect time."

Sayuka suddenly had an idea. "Father if the purpose of my visit is to break Yuri-Heika and his protector up then may I be allowed to invite him to go to an amusement park back in the other world?"

"What is an amuse park?" Kyohei asked.

"Don't be so out of touch with reality Kyohei." Aurora said. "Sayuka obviously has been in that world way too long and said amuse mart whatever that is instead of the festival of rides."

"Oh yeah I love the pirate ship. It's so big and is like a giant swing. I also love the turtle races."

"Next I suppose you love jousting as well?"

"Well yeah, if I could I'd learn to do it!"

"No you would not! That sport is way too dangerous." Sakari said.

'Yeah with a kill joy of a mother I'll never get to do anything fun or exciting. She'll probably forbid me from taking sword practice stating that I don't need to know how, that's what body guards are for.'

"Personally I don't care for the place. The butterfly exhibit is the only thing I find fascinating. The pirate ship and the other rides are all boring. The food stands sell stale food as are their so called entertainment where the jokes just as stale as the food." Aurora said.

"What the mud pit is anything but stale! Their routine is never the same twice!"

"Yes but then again anyplace that condones throwing mud and water filled balls at each other and the audience and enjoys causing pain and humiliation to one another isn't what I'd deem entertainment."

Seeing as Kyohei was about to continue the argument Sayuka spoke up and said, "Uh no, in the other world an amusement park well it has rides that are controlled by a thing called a machine. It operates things called Roller Coasters and they go way high in the air and go really really fast their so much fun! Sorry Kyohei they don't have any mud pits or joke bars or arena's and no jousting."

"NO Jousting! Your lying, a machine whatever you call it! No way something like that exist!"

"But it does and I can prove it! I brought my laptop with me and I can show you! I've been there!"

"Enough!" Tohma yelled. "Sayuka, you should not lie. If the lap top object is that flat metal object you returned with I had a maid take it to the experiment room to discover its secrets."

"What? Father! Why? Why would you steal my stuff! It'll be expensive to buy a new one!" 'Although I am happy I remembered to run the back up before I came just in case something happened but that's not the point!'

"It was something we had never seen before and one of the maids noticed you playing with it and told me and so I had it taken and we're running experiments on it. We may learn from it and I do not care for how much. I will send money with you to give to Turner for a new one if you wish."

Seeing as there was no point in arguing, Sayuka sighed depressed and said, "Yes father."

'Yeah that's pointless. This country's money might as well be monopoly money in my world.'

"Now then, I know nothing about this amusement park place you speak of but I have heard of a renaissance festival of rides traveling nearby. I will send a scout to bring them here and we will have it set up here and you will bring him here."

"But father if I'm going to seduce Yuri-Heika as Kyohei so eloquently put it, then wouldn't it be better to do so in our…I-I mean his world?"

"Perhaps, but first I want to control your first date."

"Yes father I understand."

Aurora calmly sipping her tea said, "If that is the case father, the having Sayuka wear anything she owns would be pointless. After all if any of the clothes she has from this world still fit I would be surprised and I'm almost certain she has nothing fancy enough for a date."

"What that's not true! I bought a very nice dress just before I came here!"

"Yes, but you can't possibly expect to grab the attention of the Maoh with the ugly clothes of that world."

"UGLY! Their…"

"Quiet! Sayuka, Aurora has a valid point! You cannot expect the Maoh to take you seriously unless you dress the part. Aurora will you see to it that Sayuka has the best and finest dress for her meeting with the Maoh and her date?"

"Of course father you can count on me. Let us be off Sayuka." They both got up bowed and left for the front door.

'These guys are all stupid!' Sayuka thought. 'They want me to tell the Maoh I've live in his world but yet they expect me to dress and act like I'm from this one. If they were setting me up with Lord Wolfram or some other noble, I'd fully understand. But they are forgetting that the Maoh isn't from this world! By the time Aurora is finished she'll have my whole date planned out and what I should say and do. So in other words everyone wants me to be her.' Then she got an idea, since everyone is refusing to allow her to be herself then why go? She quickly caught up to Aurora as she was putting on her wrap.

"Say Aurora, we both know I'm never going to pull off being the perfect woman for the Maoh. So why don't we both buy a dress and when we get back we talk to father and convince him to allow you to go?"

"Father would never go for it."

"Then we'll buy you a wig or bonnet and you can go in my place. I doubt father would even notice. But if he did you can blame it all on me and say I forced you or even you agreed with me that you'd be a much better choice. That I'd have just screwed the date up."

"I thought you wanted to meet the Maoh?"

Sayuka sighed and said, "Yes, but there's no point in my meeting him if I'm being forced to be you! Basically father wants me to be you on this date. There is no way I can pull that off!"

"Yes, I see your point. Even if I went with your plan Kyohei would undoubtedly find out and tell father instantly."

"Then we'll just have to convince father to allow you to go on this date!"

"I do not think he will go for that but very well we shall try."