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My rental would not do. It was small, boxy and lacked the amount of windows required to allow the sunlight in and bathe the space with the glorious rays of the sun that I so loved. Having just arrived in town and being considerably wealthy, I decided to find a realtor and buy a damn house. Of my own. With. Windows. For fuck sake, I needed to do it yesterday.

Driving towards the grocery store one afternoon, I started scanning the signs planted in yards and kept seeing the same image across many of them. The signs were always red and white and always read "Sookie Stackhouse Sells 4 You".

Later that night I pulled up the most frequented website on my browser. No, not porn. Google, bitches. You can truly find anything on Google, but tonight I was looking for one thing; Sookie Stackhouse.

As her website pulled up from the search results, I took a sip of my coffee but nearly spit it out when the blonde haired and blue eyed bombshell graced the screen. Holy fuck, Stackhouse was a hottie.

"Yep, she's the one."

I know what you're thinking: You'd pick a realtor based on appearance instead of professional merit?

You're damn straight I would. I'm Eric Fucking Northman. If she turned out to be an airhead, I'd fire her. Plain and simple. However, she had a fuckton of listings in this town so she couldn't be all that incompetent.

I hit the "Contact Me" button, sent an email off and headed in to bed.


I woke at 6am, started the coffee maker and headed to my desk.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Ms. Hottie Homeseller had already replied to my inquiry.

Mr. Northman,

I would be pleased to meet with you and show you any homes you are interested in.
I will be in my office today from 1pm-6pm if that time frame would work for you.
Please feel free to call or email me and let me know when you would like to meet.

Sookie Stackhouse

I smiled as I thought of her working late in her office. I'd make the appointment as late as possible in hopes of inviting her to dinner after our meeting. Perhaps I could talk her into dessert as well.

Ms. Stackhouse,

The later the better tonight, if your schedule allows it. There are a few homes I am interested in viewing; I have attached a list of addresses. Please let me know if we will be able to see them tonight.

Eric Northman


Walking into her office at nearly 5:00 that evening, I put on my cool and confident exterior. While the primary target tonight was whittling down a list of properties to take a look at, the secondary objective was definitely to make an impression on the hot professional woman who would be assisting in my home search.

I was sitting in the conference room waiting for her when she strode in and parked it across the table after shaking my hand. We exchanged pleasantries and soon we were going over what kind of home I was looking for. She had an effortless way of extracting the characteristics I required from my mind. Soon, she had printed out a list of eight possible homes. Six of them were vacant and could be shown anytime, the other two would require appointments.

"So, would you like to see any of these tonight, Mr. Northman?"

"Please, call me Eric. And yes, I'd like to try if you have time before you head home for your evening plans."

"Oh, no evening plans. Let me just go grab my keys and we can start out at this property here." She indicated the location on a printout and quickly left the room.

So, no evening plans, eh? Well, perhaps that was about to change...


Ten minutes later, I pulled my Corvette up behind her little SUV. We had arrived at the first house. It was immense! 607 Cypress Avenue was listed at $525,000 and boasted four bedrooms and three baths. It was new construction and never lived in.

I followed her up the walk and we made small talk about the home as she opened the electronic lock box with something resembling a pager.

"Are you ready to take a look?" Her eyes twinkled and her mouth turned up in a smile. She truly was beautiful. I was more than ready to take a look at the rest of her seemingly perfect body.

I motioned with my arm for her to lead the way and we walked into the house.


Ten minutes later, Sookie was pinned against the marble island in the kitchen, her hands frantically pulling at my jacket while her lips attacked my neck and jaw.

Honestly, I don't know how it happened. I had been prepared to wander through several houses before making any real attempt at seducing her. She seemed almost wholesome; not the kind to fuck on the first date, if you follow me. We had started upstairs, wandering through the bedrooms and baths, taking in the views of the foothills to the South. On the balcony off the master bedroom while looking down at the lighted pool in the evening's dusk, her breasts had grazed my arm as it hung on the railing. Unexpected, but oh so welcomed.

I followed her back down the stairs, watching her hips swing just a bit more than necessary as she gracefully descended.

A few cheeky comments about the expansive shower and just how many people could fit in it were thrown out by both of us in the pool house. It was at this point I began to rethink my initial assessment of Ms. Hottie Homeseller. She was, in fact, a saucy bitch.

While skirting around the beautifully carved pool, my hand instinctively found it's way to the small of Sookie's back, guiding her past the body of water and back to the main house. I could have sworn the temperature of her skin had spiked by the time we reached the kitchen. Midway through her sentence about the custom cabinets, she stopped and looked into my lust filled gaze. I watched as she took it in and made some sort of internal decision. Then she stunned me by licking that perfect pink tongue over her gorgeous lips and pulling me down, crashing her lips to my own.

I may have been stunned by her sudden brazenness, but only for a millisecond. I wrapped my arms around her tiny frame and pulled her in closer to me, feeling every inch of her soft and voluptuous curves against my own hard flesh. And I do mean hard. Instantly hard. Achingly hard. It seemed as if even the scent of her hair was driving my desire as I buried my face in the crook of her neck and began licking and sucking the soft and tender flesh there.

That was how she came to be shedding me of my jacket. I heard it land on the beautifully tiled floor as I put my hands to her waist and lifted her on to the island. My hands were kneading the flesh of her hips as our mouths met again in an urgent flurry of tongues and lips.

"God, Sookie ...." I uttered out as she wrapped her legs around me and raked her nails down my shirt-clad back. I felt like I was on fire for this woman!

"I'm sorry," she gasped as she began unbuttoning my shirt. "I've never done this," she peeled the shirt back from my shoulders, her hands flat against my skin. "You're just... god, so damn sexy."

She was full on gaping at my naked chest as my dress shirt fell to the floor at my feet. She licked her lips again as her eyes drank all of me in. Never in my life had I felt more wanted than when she looked at me like that.

I smirked at her reaction to my flesh and slipped my hands under her thin sweater. Once I had pulled it over her head and tossed it to the floor with my other garments, I got a better view of her achingly supple breasts. The cavern of cleavage between them held tight to a silver charm on a long chain. I reached my hand out, tracing the line of the silver links all the way down to the charm's resting place and felt Sookie shiver as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation. Soon, I followed the path of my fingers with my mouth. The wet open-mouthed kisses I placed along her collarbone and chest left a trail of moisture behind, so I let out a breath against them and caused her to shiver again.

Smiling, I dove my face in between her glorious breasts as my hands gripped her back and side, pulling her towards my waiting mouth.

A small gasp escaped her as she realized I had unclasped her lilac colored lace bra.

I ached to see her nipples; surely they would be delicious. Reluctantly, I pulled my face from her and drew the straps down her tanned arms. My eyes were trained on her perfect blue orbs as the lace fell to the floor. Finally I allowed myself to gaze down at her naked torso. Dear sweet mother... they were beyond perfect. She was beyond perfect. I let out a stifled groan and gingerly kissed my way down her left breast, then her right before taking the hard pink nipple into my mouth and sucking gently. When her hands found their way into my hair and dug into my scalp, I nibbled a bit and caused more moans of pleasure to come out of Sookie.

Her legs fell from my waist as her hands came to rest on my shoulders and push me back gently after a few minutes of her erotic as all hell moaning.

"Eric, I..." she started. She didn't get far since I had snaked a hand under her skirt and brushed my fingers against her dampened panties. I smirked at her as she closed her eyes and laid back on the island. I watched, still lightly skimming the fabric between her legs as she hurriedly reached to the side and unzipped her skirt. Yes...

She raised her hips and pulled frantically at the fabric. Instantly, I removed my hands and helped to pry the skirt off her body and tossed it aside.

"Du är bortom perfektion, min ängel." (You are beyond perfection, my angel.)

Her face snapped to mine for the briefest of moments before her arms reached out to me, beckoning me to come to her.

Now, this house was first class and no expense had been spared in the kitchen. That island was immense. I shucked my shoes and slacks off, revealing myself fully to the lusty lady sprawled out on the marble before me. I was as hard as that counter was and there was no doubt her eyes were taking me in as her legs gently shook in anticipation. She wanted me on top of her, that much was clear, but I had other plans.

I placed my hands at her hips, gently pulling her panties off as I licked my lips. When I pulled her legs up and put her feet flat on the counter, I placed my body between them and looked at the delectable feast before me. The smooth skin of her stomach rose and fell slightly as her breathing deepened with thoughts of what was to come, I was sure. My hands skimmed along her calves, then her knees and finally down her thighs towards that hot and wet prize that my mouth would soon be tasting.

I felt the sudden urge to rub myself all over her, much like a cat. I grazed my cheek along her smooth leg, making my way to her thigh. The light stubble of my beard must have tickled her because she flinched and gasped. I pressed harder, rubbing my face all over the soft flesh of her. Finally, my face was mere inches from my goal. I let a breath fall on her glistening slit before placing feather light kisses all over her smooth lips as her body began to shudder under my touch. When I was satisfied that every inch of the softest skin I'd ever touched had been kissed, I pressed my tongue to her and licked in long hard strokes.

"Oh godddddddd, Eric ...." She was pawing at my head and I hadn't even broken out the good china yet.

"Mmmm, Sookie." I hummed against her, eliciting a low keening sound from her writhing body. I raised my head up and said, "You taste like marshmallows; so sweet and sticky."

"Well then have s'more."

Her hands flew to my head and pulled me in as she ground her hips up to give us even more lip to lip contact. God, she was a vixen. I overlooked the ridiculously cheesy line and unleashed holy hell on her dripping wet folds with my tongue and lips and teeth. I nibbled, I sucked, I licked and kissed. My mouth explored her most sacred of spaces as I slipped two fingers into her glorious light tight hidey hole.

Instantly, she clamped around my digits as my tongue flicked her blossomed bud furiously. I began to hum against her and that sent her right over the edge.

"Oh my ... god ... Eric! Maaahhhh...."

I didn't let go until the shuddering subsided. I withdrew my fingers and slowly raised them to my mouth, not wanting to waste one drop of her delicious nectar.

"No, let me." She grabbed my hand and drew my digits between her pouty red lips, sucking them as I would have liked her to suck my now harder-than-granite viking sword.

I couldn't wait anymore; she was driving me crazy. I withdrew from her mouth and pulled her forcefully to the edge of the counter. The wetness between her legs pressed against my stomach as she wrapped her legs around me. My hands found her plump and pliant ass as I swung her off the counter and walked toward the closet bare wall, pressing her back against it roughly as my mouth met hers. Tasting her again was like heaven but it only fueled my fire for her even more.

"I have to have you, now..." I started. All she did was nod her head briefly as her hand made its way between us, guiding my throbbing cock into her silky sleeve. We both groaned as I pushed my way inside her tight walls. Slowly, her muscles relaxed and she took me to the hilt.

"Gud, du är som en dröm. En rosa fuzzy dröm." (God, you're like a dream. A pink fuzzy dream.) My voice was barely above a whisper with my face buried in her hair.

Once I got over the incredi-fuck-able feeling of being buried inside her, I began to thrust and pull while keeping my hands on her ass. God, she was like heaven. Never in all my years of fucking on this planet had I felt my partner had been truly made to feed the fire within my body. Sookie had. Every noise, every touch, every taste—it was all meant to spur me on and drive me wild.

Her moans and ragged breaths egged me on even further and I began to quicken my pace inside of her. I could feel her hot little hands on my shoulders, then one moving lower to pinch my nipple. The hand still on my shoulder moved around back to my hair, roughly pulling my head back from it's place in the crook of her neck.

"Fuck me harder, Eric."

Her lips crashed to mine as I began to literally nail her to the wall. She pulled my hair again and fuck, how I loved it. My head snapped back and her mouth latched onto my neck, sucking and nibbling. Surely, she was marking her territory and I was absolutely unwilling to stop her.

In and out, in and out. I never wanted it to end, but all too soon I felt that familiar tingle deep in my groin. I pulled one hand from her hot little ass and snaked it down to her clit, rubbing and pinching it lightly. She seemed to like it a little rough and I was all too happy to give it to her that way.

I knew I was on the right track when her legs clamped around me just a bit tighter and her mouth moved to my shoulder, biting me in the most fucking erotic way. I wouldn't even have cared if she had drawn blood at that point, every touch she gave me set me on fire.

When she cried out my name again, that was it. I was almost there.

"Fuck Sookie, I'm going to cum..." I barely had the words out when she released her legs around me and dropped her feet to the floor, pushing me back slightly.

I was stunned ... but only for a moment as I realized what she wanted.

Sookie, the fucking hottest woman I'd ever had the pleasure of being inside, dropped to her knees in front of me and took all I had for her right in her mouth.

"Fuck!" I yelled out as my orgasm ripped through me at the mere sight of my cock in her glorious mouth. Her perfect lips wrapped around me as her hand made its way back to my ass to pull me farther into her.

My hands made it to the wall behind her to help support my weight as the crushing orgasm nearly knocked me on my knees. Sookie looked up at me as she swallowed the last of what she had worked out of me. Her sweet smile as she released my cock was an image I'll never forget, it was a cross between school girl and playmate; she was the perfect mix. I knew it immediately. I had to have this woman again and again.

She rose to her feet and leaned against the wall between my hands as she pulled me in close and kissed me. Don't get me started again, honey...

"Sookie, that was..."

"Det var fantastiskt. Nu vad tycker du om huset?" (It was fantastic. Now what do you think about the house?)

What the? Did she just speak in my native tongue to me??

My shock must have been written all across my face. Sookie giggled and rubbed her hand up and down my sweat-covered chest and said "You didn't tell me you were from Sweden, Eric. I spent two years there after college."

Well well, wonders never cease.

"You still didn't answer me; what do you think of the house?" She had her realtor face on, even if she had nothing else on at the moment.

"I think," I started, placing a kiss on each of her cheeks, "That I now have some great memories here, but I'm not sure if it's the one for me."

Her face fell slightly and I wondered if she thought I was talking about her or the house. I quickly followed up, "Perhaps we should look at another tomorrow evening?"

That perfect smile of hers lit up as she nodded with a glint in her eye. We collected our clothing and made sure the house was intact before locking up and heading to our cars.

As she climbed into her little SUV I heard her call out to me, "Ska vi göra några fler minnen i nästa morgon?" (Shall we make some more memories in the next one tomorrow?)

I smirked at her as I answered in English, "Abso fucking lutely."

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