So… this is my first story in awhile and I hope it doesn't suck that badly. There are very few stories in this category and I had a bunch of ideas for stories, but I forgot them all except for this one. Spoilers for "Mama Jane".


Part of being a teacher was noticing the details. When grading a student's paper, the grade easily went from a C to a B because of that one little detail. Maybe it was a job requirement that nobody realized or maybe it was something that you picked up on the job. Either way, Lindsey had the eye for detail. Sometimes, it was useful. It helped some of their cases. But lately, she thought it would be the death of her.

She was leaving. It was happening. She had to go. The job was a good job. It paid well. The school was innovated with students that actually wanted to learn. It was a nice neighborhood and she was ready for something new. However, as ready as she was for something new, she was ready to leave something old yet.

She loved The Forgotten Network. Lindsey wasn't ready to leave the team. They were friends. Really good friends. She would miss seeing them come in and out of her house. She would miss working on cases with them. They truly were indispensable people. They were talented and down-to-Earth and everything.

Walter and Tyler were her friends. They ate her food. They messed up her perfectly clean house. They didn't always see eye to eye, but it was okay.

Candace and her were practically best friends. They went shopping and got their nails done together. They talked about guys and they gossiped. They cried together. They were complete girls together.

And then Alex. Over the time, she had fallen for him. It was stupid, Lindsey knew, but it happened. She fell for the one guy who had so much else to think and worry about that he wasn't considering too many relationships, especially not with her.

If Lindsey told them that she was leaving, she would end up staying. She almost changed her mind way over twenty times during the damn case. She noticed the details. The small stuff that lay in the back burner of everyone's minds, if it even entered them at all. Candace being sure that she could get information out of the guy. Alex sending Tyler with her. Walter's attempts at slang. They were noticed, but in the very temporary way. The looks. When Alex put his arms on her shoulder. She would miss all this.

If she told them she was leaving, there would be tears. They would all try to convince her to stay. And they would. They wouldn't even understand how they did it. It wouldn't be the words. It would be the tiny actions.

Lindsey was going to leave. She wanted to as much as she didn't want. In the end, she was leaving. Whether or not she wanted to.

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