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This was originally titled "Still" and contains a nod to the first movie. I intended it as Splinter's first Drabble, but a chat with one of my betas inspired Seimei, and it seemed a better fit.

The Lost Drabbles: Tengu

Chapter 5 ~Understanding: Leonardo~

"Don't ya ever get tired o' meditatin', Fearless?" There's a sneer in my brother's voice as he walks past. I let his words flow over me, sliding past as if they are nothing more than the sound of the wind.

In. Out. Breathe.

"You must learn to focus your minds, my sons. Through control of the mind, control of the body follows. Now, close your eyes, Michelangelo. Breathe deeply. Focus… close your eyes, Michelangelo."

In. Out. Breathe.

The humans came closer, their lights echoing off the walls, their toolboxes rattling. Their voices were loud, amplified in the tunnel. I pressed close to Sensei, his hand wrapped around mine. My other hand was on Mikey's shoulder. Raphael and Don were back at the Lair, waiting for us to come home from scavenging. I could feel Mikey trembling with tension.

"Be very still, my sons," Splinter whispered. "We must make no sound."

We all froze, holding our positions, until the humans passed the dark tunnel we were crouching in.

Once the tunnel was silent again, Splinter let out his breath in a slow hiss.

"You have done well," he said, more to Mikey than to me, to stop the flow of tears sliding down his cheeks, but he gave me one of his rare, precious small smiles of approval.

In. Out. Breathe.

Splinter'd been missing almost a week. Raphael had recovered from his injuries, but the tension of not knowing was making us all go a bit stir crazy. I sat in the woods, breathing deeply, allowing the spiritual plane to rise up around me.

In. Out. Breathe. The exercise I'd practiced a thousand times, striving for silence, for peace in my spirit, but this time… this time…



It was in the stillness that my world, all our worlds, came right again.

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