Bobbi. His ex-friend. Ex-bandmate.


"You always were a slob!" he had screamed. "I've always hated living here! I've never been able to stand the mess, but I put up with it because I wanted to be with you!"

And he'd stormed out.

Sherman just sat there and took it, didn't defend himself, didn't even try to stop him, because he knew he deserved everything he said.

What he didn't know was how big of a hole he'd leave when he was gone.

Love Handel reuniting? He never thought he'd see the day, even if it was just for one night. But those two charming boys had persuaded them into it, and as he sat in his car outside the library... he wasn't sure he could. He hadn't seen Bobbi Fabulous in 7 years now, hadn't even spoken to him.

And now he would have to get up on stage with him and perform as if nothing had ever happened. As if he hadn't royally screwed up his life with one stupid night.

He wasn't at all sure how those two boys - had they even mentioned their names? Sherman couldn't remember - had conned the three of them into it. Surely Danny hadn't been hard to convince. He'd been heartbroken when Love Handel broke up, and his whole life was devoted to music even now. But Bobbi and himself... they hadn't done it through trickery and force, but rather through their charm and purity and how sincerely they cared for how their parents' anniversary turned out. But now that the rush was done and over with, he wasn't sure he could do it. And he could help but wonder if Bobbi felt the same.

For a second he honestly considered not showing up, but dismissed the thought when he recalled the boys' excited faces. He squeezed his eyes shut and massaged his emples. No, he had to do it, no matter how awkward - or painful - it would be.

"Bobbi," Sherman greeted shortly, fighting to keep his many emotions - need, love, pain, guilt, excitement, fear, regret - from showing on his face or seeping into his voice.

"Swampy," Bobbi replied coldly.

A wave of cold washed over Sherman. This was not a good idea.

"Sherman," he replied automatically. Bobbi looked at him sharply; clearly he had not expected a response. "It's Sherman. I don't go by Swampy anymore." Bobbi nodded and walked away without saying another word.

This was going to be the worst night of his life.

...Well, maybe the second.