Title: Through the Darkness
Author: Glitnir_Gebo
Note: Inspired by the hilarious twittering yesterday. I thought I'd have a go at writing a short fic (or two : P) about the dragons. Set post-Havemercy.

The world was dark. Where once there was fire and smoke and the sound of battle cries and rushing wind there was now silence and still.

Havemercy tried to lift her head, to examine the damage to herself, to see where Rook was, to see where the battle had gone...but was disturbed to find nothing there. Not only was there nothing around her to see – she had no head.

No head!

Havemercy flicked her tail in annoyance only to discover that she had no tail either. No tail, no claws, no wings...what the Bastion was going on here? Was this some Ke-Han trick?!

Letting out a silent scream Havemercy struggled against the darkness. Where was her body! Where were the stars, the sky, the mountains?! She wasn't made for situations like this. She was made for flying – for battle – not to try and think through something like this! She was a Jaqueline!

What was left of Havemercy – her soul? Leftover magic? – began to tingle. It seemed she wasn't alone after all. There was something else there...in the stillness...in the dark...something she could not see. Was it like her? Had those fucken Ke-Han destroyed it's body and left it trapped here too?

Havemercy tried once more to move her not-a-body; to search for the presence and to somehow eliminate it were it a threat. She could not be certain if it worked, or if the presence had moved closer to her, but the tingling intensified. What's more, it felt...familiar?

Could it be Rook? No...it felt bigger then that. Another dragon? Anastasia? Vachir perhaps?

Maybe they would know what was going on. Havemercy used all her might to try to inch even closer.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light somewhere to the left and she swung her not-a-head around to look at it. There it was again! To her right this time! The more she tried to move, the more frequent the flashes became. What was it? It looked sort of like...sky?

Havemercy felt another presence moving closer. There were others? Were they drawn to the flashes of sky? She picked a direction - any direction, it didn't much matter – and used all the strength she had to move. Faster and faster she went, faster then she had ever flown, as more and more of the patches of sky appeared – the only sign that she was actually moving at all.

She could feel the others moving with her; seemingly having figured out the same thing. Together they tore through the darkness until they burst once more into the world. Their bodies may have been lost forever...but they were still dragons...

And there was still some magic left in them afterall.