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By StarNight888


"Come on Brother! We're going to be late!"

Alphonse Elric looked down the hall at his lingering brother, who looked quite different in the new school uniform which was a crisp blue suit. So un-Ed like.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," Edward called, and then resumed his muttering about the "stupid, uptight, damn school uniform." Al just sighed and ran up to grab his brother's arm. Warm brown meeting burning gold, the boy pulled Ed along at a much faster pace. By the time they reached the door, their mother Trisha Elric was sitting comfortably in the drivers seat and the car had been running for a good 10 minutes. She smiled gently at them before placing her hands on the steering wheel in that ready-to-break-the-speed-limit-to-get-you-there-in-time way mothers had.

"There you two are," Trisha stated as the two teens made their way into the small car. "Honestly, it's your first day at one of the best schools in the country, that your dad paid good money for you to go to, and you decide to be late and grouchy." Ed's hands clenched as the car drove out of the driveway at the mention of his father, the brilliant scientist who made their living better than the average family but never seemed to be home because of research or what-not.

"Wouldn't have had to spend a dime had that other kid not taken the scholarship from us," Edward muttered with a scowl.

"Aw, come on," Al said, punching his brother lightly on his shoulder. "At least we're going, and we'll show that guy what happens when you pick a fight against an Elric." Ed smirked and messed up Alphonse's hair as a response. Soon the 15- and 14-year-old were both rough housing in the back seats, making the car shudder. Trisha chuckled as she turned a rather sharp turn.

"Oh, what am I going to do with you two….."


Haruhi dashed out her front door, narrowly grabbing her packed lunch. Ugh….why did I have to oversleep today? she silently questioned herself as she hopped down the steps to the ground.

"Bye Haruhi!" her father called from the open front door, wearing his usual dress and scarf but having no make-up applied yet. The girl waved a blue clad arm vaguely in his direction, but was soon running toward the prestigious school of Ouran High. If Mr. Kondo catches me late again he'll fry me alive, Haruhi thought glumly as she took a bite of her toaster waffle. Then there's the Host Club after school…..

The first year groaned aloud.

It wasn't that it was pure torture or anything. No, it was the crazy events that always happened with the group of strange boys. In the beginning of the year, after breaking an $80,000 vase, she had agreed to work with the Host Club to repay her debt. They were about a fourth of the school year through, and already Haruhi starting to wonder if she should have thought of another way to pay them back.

"Shoot!" the scholar exclaimed as she heard the first warning bell ring not far off, and picked up her pace.

Alphonse stood silently in front of class 1-A as the teacher introduced him. After a quick prompt to say something himself, the boy stepped forward and put on a genuine smile.

"Hello. As Mr. Kondo said, I'm Al and I hope to have a great time at Ouran High School," Al greeted with a slight bow, chocolate eyes taking in his new classmates. It seemed like the normal bunch, except for two twins who began bothering a particularly feminine looking boy in a seat in between them as Al took his seat. Once the lesson began, the teenager absentmindedly wondered how Ed was doing.

Edward was in fact introducing himself too. Brushing his blond bangs from his face, the boy stepped forward and started to speak.

"Hey, I'm Edward Elric, 15 years old, and already getting bored of this class," he said through a lop-sided grin. Class 2-A erupted into laughter and the teacher gave him a rather cold glare as he took an empty desk. Hell, what do I care, he retorted in his mind. I could do this class in my sleep.

This probably held some truth in it considering he has made straight A's for as long as he could remember, even in grade school. Pulling out his notebook, Ed's golden gazed wandered aimlessly from student to student.

A guy with long red hair, a blond in that frou frou yellow school uniform for girls, a brunette in a similar dress, a taller blond boy, another guy with black hair and glasses…..

Edward's mind trailed off after this, deciding he might as well figure out where in the curriculum his new class was and turning toward the now lecturing teacher.

How dull.

At the end of the day the bells finally gonged, mercifully releasing Ed from the prison known to most as school. The teen walked quickly from the confines of the classroom, golden braid picking up in the air because of his speed. He walked down the crowded hallway toward his locker, dodging kids, books, and the occasional sports ball smoothly.

Opening his locker, he was surprised to see an envelope fall onto the ground. Ed snatched it up before it could be trampled and examined it. It was a cream colored and his name was scrawled in small, but neat handwriting on the front. It was sealed with a red circle of wax on the back with the school symbol.

Really! A wax seal at this time and age? Edward thought as he tore the seal and read the letter inside. It said:

Dear Mr. Edward Elric,

It is our pleasure to have you here at Ouran High School! We are very happy that you have chosen Ouran as your educational fountain and we hope that you will enjoy your time here. With every new student, we request that you please take a look at the afterschool clubs and activities that the students of Ouran High School have to offer.

Your brother will join you today, and we have notified your mother to pick you both up later today. Please take advantage of these pre-scheduled meetings with the other clubs to find something you're really good at! If you have any questions, go to the office to contact me.

Headmaster Yuzuru Suoh

Ed snorted when he finished reading the letter, crumpling it up into a ball and shoving it deep within his pocket. He could walk home and skip this whole thing…but then he would have had to leave Al to do it all by himself. The boy knew his brother was too nice to ditch something that the headmaster had personally told them to do.

With a sigh, Edward grabbed his satchel (now full of homework) and made his way down toward Al's locker. Finding his brother quickly, they both began the tedious task of going to each and every club.

The sun was lower in the sky by the time the brothers made it to the last club of the school.

"Here it is in Music room number 3, the Host Club," Al announced, standing in front of the double doors. Ed eyed the door with suspicion.

"What the heck is a Host Club?" he asked to no one in particular. Alphonse shrugged, having no idea himself. Ed's molten gold eyes glared at the door again. "Come on Al," he protested, "How 'bout we skip this one and just head home. I'm not sure we'll like anything to do with 'hosting' anyway."

"Can't hurt to look," Al argued as he headed to the doors.

"Al—" Edward began, moving toward the door as well. But he didn't finish his sentence, because he was suddenly thrown off balance from a collision from behind. Ed fell forward, crashing into Alphonse, who in turn crashed into the door. The doors opened and they entered as a messy tangle of legs and arms on the floor.

Ed winced as he struggled to get off his brother, but he was pinned. The boy looked up to stare into a pair of big, brown eyes.

And they most defiantly belonged to a girl.

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