Aunt Mally was wearing a beautiful pink puffy dress that fit her perfectly. Her cheeks were flushed and her lips painted ruby red. She was breathtaking. Cassie could now believe why her aunt was the most sought after mouse in Wonderland. Further more, she could not believe how much she loved the attention. Cassie was so overwhelmed on how pretty she was.

She then heard a cough by her. "Peter!" she gasped. He was very handsome. He was wearing a very fancy blue suit that matched her blue dress perfectly. Soon they were dancing.

Later in life, Cassie would have wished she paid more attention to the ball. It had all been like a dream. All she was able to remember was Peters' dazzling blue eyes. As for Peter, all he could only remember Cassies (adjective) eyes. Hours passed and the two had no idea.

Finally, at the end of the night, Mother and Father took Cassie, Peter and Alice back to the garden. They stood together hand in hand under the moonlight. Cassie thought they made a beautiful couple.

"We have an announcement," Hatter said suddenly. The children waited in awe.

"Well," the queen said with a smile, "We are going to have a baby."

Cassie finally snapped out of daydreaming about Peters eyes. "A baby!" she gasped, running over to her parents. "That's wonderful!" she said hugging them.

This was the end and i hope u all joy it. thanks again to my editors loony and jupiter. And also thanks to my readers. Up next will ho[pefully be my sherlock holes story i told some of u about. (all i have to do is transfer it from paper to computer)