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It took the Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise only a single second to jump to his feet and over the back of the sofa, taking two steps of the stairs at once and crushing Leonard into a tight embrace.

"Bones." he whispered again followed by an awkward silence.

"Air." the doctor coughed and Jim let go of him blushing fiercely.

"Sorry." he mumbled.

"Nothing to be sorry about, kid. I'm the one who should be sor..."

Leonard was stopped by a beep of Jim's communicator who opened it with a sigh.

"Captain." the cool voice of a certain Vulcan sounded through the device but Dana thought his voice sounded just a little bit worried? No, not worried, she decided. Urgent. Spock sounded urgent. Just like someone who was going to break bad news.

"Everything's ok, Spock." the young captain grinned. "I found him! I finally found him!"

"If you refer to the whereabouts to the ship's CMO this is a positive turn of events, Captain, but I must inform you..."

"Later Spock! Later!" the Captain told his First Officer and snapped the communicator close - his eyes never leaving the face of his friend searching for any signs of escaping it seemed.

Dana smiled and the Doctor snorted with amusement trying to cover his nervousness. "I'm not going to jump over the balustrade and run away, Jim. I'm a doctor not an actionhero."

They both fell silent and Dana could see a whole horde of a elephants tromping into the room. She shook her head with a sigh. Boys... There they were. Each one absolutely smitten with the other, declaring their love to the other man to an old woman - Dana paused a moment, grinned and corrected her thoughts: a slightly older woman... no need to make herself feel spent - and now facing the one true love and still not able to say a single word.

What was it that made it so difficult for men to simply admit they were capable of deep feelings? They saw emotions as a weakness, she supposed. But didn't they realize that at least the female half of the population could see right through that badly held up facade?

"Boys, why don't you both come down here and have another cup of coffee? It's nearly six in the morning now and we could as well get started with the new day."

The Captain and his doctor who seemed to have forgotten that Dana was still in the same room both jumped at her words.

Jim grinned sheepishly. "Sounds good to me, Mrs. Ottman. Bones?" he asked cautiously.

The young doctor nodded. "You lead, I follow."

Dana heard the unspoken 'everywhere you want me to' and smiled lovingly at the shaken CMO. They both descended the stairs and Dana retreated to the kitchen giving the boys some sorely needed time to adjust. From the corner of her eyes she saw Jim sinking down on the sofa and patting on the place next to him.

'Good boy.' she thought.

Taking more time than needed to prepare the third round of freshly brewed coffee - she would have to stock up her coffee supplies greatly the next time she knew the U.S.S. Enterprise was going to stay at the Riverside Shipyard - she couldn't help listening in on the two lovebirds.

"Jim. About last night..." Dana could virtually see Leonard wringing his hands.

"Don't Bones... Don't. You don't have to say something. There was no harm done."

'Oh no, Jimmy. Talk about it... Don't avoid it. There's nothing to be afraid about anymore. Don't you see?' The former teacher of the Captain rolled her eyes.

"But I want to, Jim. I'm not willing to take the risk that this... incident... will stand between us in any way." Leonard sounded gravely sorrow-stricken.

Jim's voice was soothing when he answered and a peek to the living room told Dana, that he had taken Bones' hands in his own and that the doctor was staring at their hands disbelievingly.

"Bones. Look at me. Please look at me." There was a short pause. "Nothing in the world could ever stand between us. You're my best friend. The best friend I've ever had and will ever have."

"Even a better friend as Spock?" the question rushed out of the doctor's mouth even before he seemed to realize what he had asked.

Jim chuckled silently. "You can't compare Spock's and mine friendship with yours and mine, Bones. Spock's my First Officer. You know exactly that things didn't start out as a friendship with that Vulcan bastard. But we learned to respect each other and that respect turned into trust and trust into friendship. Who would have guessed that years ago at the acadamy? Certainly not me. I have to trust him and he has to trust me if we want the ship and the crew to stay in one piece. He has to know me, has to know why I act the way I do. It is easier for me to tell him things of my time on that damned colony, because he has to know. Much easier than telling you."

"Why?" Leonard asked breathless.

"Because... Bones... You and me... That's different. I trust you completely without telling you things. Because I know I don't have to. Because you accept me the way I am. Noone ever accepted me like you do. You know me. You know my... soul... And I was... I am afraid that those stories from my past... that they disturb you... that they make you see me in a different light. I don't want to see any pity in your eyes when you look at me. I want you to look at me and see that you care about me... ME... not the boy I've once been... I want you to be able to scold me when I'm being an ass..."


"... or doing things that I shouldn't do... and I know I can be a real handful."


"Huh?" James T. Kirk stopped his rambling.

"You're an idiot." Leonard stated, but Dana could hear the loving smile in his voice.

"Huh?" Jim asked again, dumbfounded.

"Yes, you are. But that is one of the reasons why I lo..."

A beep on the front door interrupted the confession the Doctor was about to make and Dana fought the need to swear loudly.

"I'll answer the door, boys." she sighed and took a mental note that this had been the strangest night in her whole life so far. Who needed to speak with her at 6 a.m.? It wouldn't come as a surprise if some extraterrestrial life form needed her assistance in some worldchanging issues today.

When she opened the door it was indeed an extraterrestrial life form standing at her doorstep.

"Good morning, Mrs. Ottman. I want to apologize for my interruption of your early morning routine. But I'm given the impression that the Captain and the Doctor are currently staying at your domicile. There are certain urgent circumstances I have to bring to attention to Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy."

"Good morning, Mr. Spock." Dana said to the Vulcan. "Please come in."

'I have to wake up, Cathy.' was her second thought 'The girl's gonna kill me when I tell her that the handsome Vulcan had been in our home as well and she slept through it.'

But another look at the Commander's eyes told her that there was no time for new aquaintances. She had been right when she had heard the urgency in the supposed to be emotionless voice earlier through Jimmy's communicator. But she wanted to give her boys - Dana smiled inwardly. It hadn't taken long for the Doctor to become one of those she considered family - the chance to sort things out.

"Mr. Spock. I know this must be really important or you wouldn't come to the home of an unimportant civilian to speak with your Captain..." Spock's left brow rose at her words as if he saw the 'but' coming.

"...but..." Dana emphasized the word and the young Vulcan man looked at her expactantly. "... uhm well... why don't you see for yourself and then decide if your current mission could be delayed for just a few more minutes."

"That is an acceptable option."

"Just... be quiet, ok? I don't think they have realized so far that you're here."

The Vulcan just inclined his head in acceptance and followed Dana to the kitchen where they could get a glimpse of the Captain and his CMO of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Probably a whole troop of Klingons couldn't have disturbed the two man who were staring at each other until Jim loosened his grip on Bones' hands and reached out for the man's cheek brushing with his thumb shyly over the Leonard's bottom lip.

Leonard was completely flushed and had caught his breath.

"Jim?" this time the name was a question.

"Do it again." James said huskily, leaning in slightly.

"Do what again?" Leonard's voice was reduced to a mere whisper.

The foreheads of the two man were nearly touching.

"Kiss me, Bones. Kiss me and make me forget that there has ever been anybody else who took that liberty. Make me forget that Frank had taken things against my will which should have been yours - and only yours."

There was a low rumbling growl coming from the doctor's chest before he closed the distance between Jim and himself, his lips crushing down on the younger man's awaiting mouth.

Dana felt tears rising to her eyes and a rush of happiness filled her heart as if the scene displaying in front of her set some things in her own life back in order. And oddly enough it did.

A very quiet harrumph next to her remembered her of the Vulcan officer who had witnessed the passionate kiss between his Captain and the CMO as well. Silently Spock turned around with his hands crossed behind his back making his way back to the front door. Dana followed him.

When she looked up to the blackhaired Starfleet officer she wasn't surprised to see a twinkle lingering in his eyes. Spock seemed to smile without showing it. Very subtle.

So she had been right with her assumption that the young Vulcan had long registered the hidden feelings Jim and Leonard harboured for each other right under the cover of a buddy-buddy-friendship. Dana had the strong feeling that Spock had tried to set things in motion as well but hadn't succeeded with those two pigheaded very human man in denial.

"Concerning the emotional impact the current situation may have on the concentrativeness and the ability to make elaborate decisons it might indeed be better to delay my request for a few more moments."

"That is very kind of you, Mr. Spock."

"It is only a decision to ensure the best conditions for our new mission." the Vulcan stated.

"Of course." Dana smiled and didn't believe a word. "It is good to know that the boys have another friend out there looking after them."

"Indeed I consider both the Captain and the Doctor as my friends." Spock's eyes met Dana's and she understood how important this deep friendship was not only for the three men but for the whole Federation. There couldn't be a better flagship to ensure peace and security than a ship leaded by a commanding crew full of people who trusted each other and spread this trust in the galaxy.

"It was very thoughtful of you yesterday to leave early to give them some space." Dana wanted to show the Vulcan that she understood his true motives.

"You are very observant, Mrs. Ottman."

"Just as you are, Mr. Spock."

"I am sure that you are a very good teacher." Spock seemed to hesitate for a moment. "May I ask you a question?"

"Why don't you just ask?" Dana offered.

"The Captain ust mentioned a man named Frank who took something from him against Jim's will."

"Yes." Dana aswered cautiously.

"Do you know who this Frank is?" Dana Ottman examined the Vulcan's expression and came to the conclusion that Spock had a very good guess what had happened to Jim as a young boy.

"His stepfather. But I think that Jim would prefer to never talk of it again."

"That was not my intention, Mrs. Ottman. Thank you for your trust. Would you please tell the Captain and the Doctor that their attendance is required on the bridge at 0830? I will return to the ship now. It has been a pleasure to meet you."

"Of course Mr. Spock. I will send them right back to you."

"Thank you. Live long and prosper, Mrs. Ottman."

Dana smiled when Spock opened his communicator. "Mr. Scott. One person to beam up."

It had been nearly a week after the commanding crew had returned completely to the ship when Dana had turned on the local news while correcting some awful spelling mistakes - why couldn't kids just understand the difference between 'rain' and 'reign'... ever heard something about 'raining a country'? - when a certain name caught her attention. She turned around and saw the aged face of someone she had never wanted to see again.

'... has been arrested for dealing in illicit drugs. A house search brought to light that Frank Johnson had been part of a syndicate that provided terrorists on the Septum colonies with illegal weapons. Winona Kirk -mother of the famous Captain James T. Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise - who divorced Frank Johnson 8 years ago stated that she was ashamed to ever be married to a corrupt man like this. Frank Johnson in the meantime asserted his innocence and that he had no idea where the found weapons have come from. But the evidence is bone-breaking...'

Dana smiled lovingly and opened her communication program and started typing a message:

To: U.S.S. Enterprise - First Officer Spock

From: Iowa Riverside Starfleet Elementary - Dana Ottman

Personal Message: Well done, Mr. Spock. I have no idea how you did it. But it was more than deserved.

It took only a few hours until she got an answer:

To: Iowa Riverside Starfleet Elementary - Dana Ottman

From: U.S.S. Enterprise - First Officer Spock

Personal Message: Thank you, Mrs. Ottman. Though I have to inform you that I don't know what you are referring to.

Dana giggled. She really started to like the young Vulcan just like the other two boys.

To: U.S.S. Enterprise - First Officer Spock

From: Iowa Riverside Starfleet Elementary - Dana Ottman

Personal Message: Of course not, Mr. Spock. But I have to tell you that you earned the title 'mother hen' this very moment. It's up to you now to look after them.

A few seconds later a new message blinked:

To: Iowa Riverside Starfleet Elementary - Dana Ottman

From: U.S.S. Enterprise - First Officer Spock

Personal Message: That is my intention. We are leaving orbit today.

End - Part 1

That this is the last chapter took my by surprise as well. It just fitted... But there are still so much unsolved problems. So there will be a Part 2!

What kind of mission was so urgent, that Spock had to beam down to Mrs. Ottman's house? And did Jim and Bones just kiss? Did they declare their love?

Part 2 will be from a different point of view. Perhaps changing point of views. And Mrs. Ottman will definitely be part of it! Do you want me to continue? Tell me your opinion :)