The room was filled with light sifting in through the blinds, obscuring the sleeping forms on the bed with stripes of shadow and sunshine. There was a quiet peacefulness about the room as the two occupants slept on, unawares of the birds singing outside or the leaves floating to the ground from the maple tree in the front yard. The only thing either of them noticed or cared about at that moment was the warmth from the opposite body and the silent wishing that they could both just lay in bed for another five minutes before they had to get up and start with the days stressful events.

Mondays had to be the worst however because it was on those particular days that Gilbert's work days started.



As if on cue, the alarm on Gilbert's side of the bed went off; a loud squealing noise that hurt his ears and quickly extracted a rather loud and strangled growl from the albino. He grudgingly rolled over onto his back, flinging an arm out to slam into the alarm, effectively stopping the loud ringing still echoing between his ears. He laid there for what seemed like eons, blearily staring up at the ceiling as he willed his body to move.

Maybe I can call in sick… He thought. Fake a broken shin or something…say I was playing hockey… He sighed heavily, lifting a calloused and pale hand to rub at his face. Fuck it…I gotta get up…

Two minutes passed.

Three minutes.


There was a soft shuffling from Gilbert's right side, but he didn't bother moving to acknowledge it. Frankly, he was too groggy and his whole body felt heavy at the thought of getting up and getting dressed and actually going to do something that required MANUAL LABOUR.

It just wasn't that appealing to him. He was too awesome for shit like that.




He hummed in response, although it sounded much more like a hoarse crackle. The shuffling resumed and he heard a stifled yawn.

"Gilbert, c'mon…You gotta get up."


Silence and then an irritated huff. "Gil…!" There was a light prodding on the side of his face and Gilbert finally caved in. With a loud groan he finally propped himself on his elbows, staring at the covers that were currently keeping his legs nice and toasty.

"G'mon, You gotta get ready."

Gilbert merely sighed as he ran a hand through his short, silver locks before he turned his head. Anything he would've thought about saying promptly died on his lips however when he stared at the form next to him.

Died and shriveled up and then burst into flame and then the ashes had been tossed into the ocean to never ever be seen again.


Matthew sat before him, his half-lidded blue-violet eyes staring up at him. He rubbed wearily at his face with the sleeve of his suddenly very, very oversized pyjama shirt.

Come to think of it, that exact same shirt was revealing a rather large amount of skin as it was currently sliding off of one of his shoulders.

Gilbert could only stare. Gawk was probably a more appropriate term though. "M-mattie…?"

Surely this could not be happening.

"What?" Matthew let his hand drop down to the mattress as he frowned. "And what's with the look?"

Gilbert tried to force something else out of those lips of his but his whole body seemed to have seized up and what was with his brain? He couldn't think straight anymore.

This was not happening.


He was still dreaming.

That had to be it.

There was no way that…

That this…

That he

"Kid." It was a light croak and hardly even considered a word when it reached his ears, just mangled noise that had been garbled and crunched and shoved in a blender.

"What…?" Matthew continued frowning, although with his now…chubby cheeks…it looked more like a pout.

A real fuckin' adorable pout.

"You're a…kid…" Ruby eyes widened and suddenly, what little colour he still had in the pigment of his skin quickly faded away and left him a stark white.

Matthew cocked his head to the side, eyebrows furrowing together in utter confusion. "Gilbert I don't-"

"Holy- Oh my GOD. This is…I mean you…"

"G-gil, what-!?"

"You gotta be…kyaaagh!" Gilbert doubled over in his place on the bed, pulling at his hair and rubbing his eyes. He took a double take at the small figure sitting next to him in bed. That double turned into a triple take. Than a quadruple.

It was when Matthew reached out to tug at a lock of white hair that Gilbert calmed down.

Only slightly however.

"Gilbert, stop acting like an idiot!" Matthew tugged rather harshly at the strands in his hand, causing the Prussian to yelp rather loudly. He yanked his head away, effectively throwing himself off of the bed and pulling the covers with him. "Gil!"

"WHAT THE HELL MATTIE!?" Gilbert jumped to his feet in a split second and pointed a rather accusatory finger at Matthew- no, no the child in his bed.

"Same goes to you, Gil! What the hell is up with you this morning!?" Matthew crawled over to the edge of the bed and swung his legs over. It was at that moment that everything seemed to click for the small Canadian.

Matthew sat there for a few moments, looking highly confused before he finally looked down to assess that, yes, indeed, his feet were not touching the ground and no, no he did not have any pants on.

He looked back up at Gilbert with wide eyes, his mouth hanging open and his tiny little hands clinging to the sheets like they were his life line.

"What…What happened to me!?" His voice was rather shrill and high-pitched from panic. Tears were already budding at the corners of his eyes as he slowly shook his head from side to side.

This wasn't happening.

It couldn't be.

Yes, Gilbert decided. Monday's definitely were the worst.

Simply for the fact that everything seemed to happen on those days.

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