AN: Oh boy, lol. So I was definately planning on taking a longer hiatus and catching up on some much needed fan fict reading, but what can I say, Im impatient, when your muse sings, you have to listen. Im actually working on two fictions simultaneously at the moment. I also am working on a sequel to 'The Witch's Curse', a vampire story called 'Written in Blood.' I may set that one aside while I do this one however since this story seems to be coming out faster. So Im doing two things I said Id never do, lol. One is writing two stories at the same time, cause I hate it when reading other stories and you find out that the author has been playing hookey writing for other fandoms or whatever, and they take forever to get an update out, and its very frustrating. I promise I will not do that here. My problem is having too much to get out, not the opposite. Atleast for the moment. The second thing I said Id never do was write in the first person. Okay yes I dont know why, it bothers me sometimes to read the first person. Even while reading the fabulous CH. So this is a writing excercise for me to get over that hurdle and try to improve my writing skills. So hope you all dont mind being my gunea pigs, lol.

This story actually was inspired by two things. The first part is the title, which comes from an awesome book I just read called 'The Birth of Venus,' by Sarah Dunant. I strongly encourage anyone who loves art and the Renaissance, and early Florence history to go out and pick this book up. It is a marvelous read. That said, I only borrowed words from the title and the general theme of that story which is about a young rebellious woman coming of age in Florence who has more to offer than what society, government, church, her family, and husband, had deemed acceptible for typical Florentine women of her Era but through it all, she learns many life lessons about womanhood, her family, her role in society, and above all-love. The second inspiration for this story is my other fiction 'Save A Horse Ride A Swede' which was a coming of age story about two high school friends Eric and Sookie growing up in rural, Wyoming. I wanted to find a way to continue that fiction, but since the cowboy thing is not my forte, I thought Id start over in a way and bring it back to Bon Temps.

So now that I've rambled on long enough and probably turned half of you away by building this up so much, Ill stop explaining. Just one more thing though. I have written about 5 chapters so far and hope to get them out every few days as I tweek, but they will be shorter chapters than my other fictions. I wanted to take a more disciplined approach to this one and try to get things ironed out more, since I tend to be all over the place in my other stories. Typical Gemini thing, lol. Anyhow, without further adieu, here is...

The Birth of Eve

Chapter 1: Innocence Lost

The night I first met Eric was also the night I lost my virginity. Don't worry, I'm not like that, I'm not some one-night stand kind of girl. You see I was 27, but not just 27, I was a 27-year-old virgin, a virtue most men and women my age would consider extinct in this day and age. It's not that I'm a prude or even shrewish, it just never happened for me. I never felt that spark with a man. After, what happened to me when I was a child, which Ill get to later in the story, I was just more cautious about the kind of men I wanted to hang out with or even date, which in most cases meant not many. Not that I got out much, I didn't. It was safe to say I lived a rather sheltered life. In fact Bill was the first serious boyfriend I ever had. By the time I got to my late 20's, I knew it was only a few years before I was pushing 30. I had read in several women's health magazines that a woman fertility rate dropped 25% after 30. Again, I didn't want to get pregnant, I wasn't even married. But, I felt I was far past my prime, plus Bills patience was wearing thin. I couldn't in all honesty blame him. He had stuck by me when I probably wasn't the easiest person to stick by, and was faithful, and an all around good guy. He had been loyal and the kind of boyfriend every girl dreams of having, sweet and gentlemanly, he brought me flowers before our dates and my Gran was moons about him. There was a point when you either piss or get off the pot and I felt like it was time.

Don't ask me why we hadn't done it until that night. If anyone was to blame it was me. I had waited so long the anxiety had spun into a fast moving tidal pool that was slowly pulling me down. I just wanted to get out. I wanted to get it over with already. I was sick of being trapped in this cycle. I wanted to live, and be free and not be stuck living my child hood life forever. I loved my Gran more than anything and nothing would keep me away from her, but living with her all these years had permanently cemented my role in this life. I wasn't going to be one of those girls who got to take off, go to college, live adventures, and have all those stories to tell when she got back, I wasn't going to be some successful lawyer or doctor, not that I wanted that. I was strong sensible, dependable, headstrong Sookie Stackhouse. I was happy for the most part in my little small town life.

None of that was going to change. I just felt like I was up against a wall and if I didn't do something I might suffocate. I thought maybe through sex, I could break the pattern and cross one thing off my list. I wanted to feel what it felt like to really live, to stop hiding in my good little innocent pure small town Christian girl shell and really do something important with my life. We had discussed on our last date that it would happen tonight. It didn't matter that I was drinking more than I usually would on one of the most important and life changing nights of my life. None of it mattered because this is what couples did. Couples who loved each other had sex and that's all there was to it.

We were sitting in Merlottes, I had just gotten done working a 9 hour shift and Bill had gone off to get us some chili cheese fries when my life really altered, whether I knew it in that moment or not.

Time stopped when this tall blonde mystery man now known to me as Eric first came into the bar. He had an air of danger in his eyes, but also mischief, and a deep penetrating gaze that told me he was an old soul. He was the total opposite of my lily-white southern gent of a boyfriend who had just left to get us some refreshments.

If you asked me today what song was playing on the jukebox I wouldn't be able to recall, or remember what I was wearing or the words Bill had spoken to me before he left to go get our food, it was all gone... The music paused, the conversation, time…20 pairs of eyes all following him as he made his way towards me.

I felt my heart begin to hammer in my chest although it was a puzzle as to why this was happening. I mean this man was a total stranger, mysterious and dark, clearly experienced and raw. I frowned thinking not only was I some freak 27 year old virgin when other girls my age had been sleeping around for 10 years already, but now I was a pervert too? I didn't even know him.

I tried to look away in modesty, but his deep blue eyes locked with mine pulling my gaze back to him. My chest began to heave, as he got closer. He was huge. I was sitting, so at the time I didn't know how tall he was, but he looked like a giant, and those hands. They were the size of bear claws.

He smiled and all I could do was stare at his mouth. Those perfect lips shaped just like rose petals, his tongue peeking out just a bit to moisten them. For a moment I flashed to those lips doing things I never in my wildest fantasies had thought of, and my face began to blush and my womanly parts grew warm.

But before I realized what I was doing Bill was back. He was carrying the chili fries and our drinks apparently not looking where he was going and had just crashed into tall dark and handsome.

Fries went flying everywhere and as the spell lifted I quickly slipped out of my seat to help pick up the mess. Eric had assessed the situation as Bill cursed and set the half emptied glasses down on the table clumsily making even more of a mess with the liquid. I was trying to pick up the fries one by one but tall dark and handsome had found a towel on the next table and got them all in one sweep.

I looked at him, at a loss for words. I felt so small, his shoulder blades mere inches away from mine as he crouched beside and watched me. We were so close now that I recognized the color of his eyes as matching perfectly with the shade of cornflower blue featured on my favorite dress. I wanted to get lost in those eyes and found myself thinking other less virtuous thoughts as my gaze dropped subconsciously, but before I could study his perfection any further he stood up. Offering me his hand I took it.

"I'm sorry." I said, unsure of what else to say, feeling my foot crawl slowly into my mouth in embarrassment. God was I just looking at his crotch? In front of my boyfriend! I felt so ashamed, I wanted to crawl down into one of those cracks in the sidewalk and never come out. Bill was glaring daggers at him and honestly I couldn't say I blamed him. Now that we were standing face to face or face to chest in my case I could see he was wearing a dark gray tee and black leather jacket and I swallowed.

"Why are you sorry?" Bill asked me, looking over at tall dark and handsome he replied...

"You weren't the one who wasn't looking where he was going."

I looked back at Bill my skin flush because I could feel the tension rising just wishing to get out of here, get out of here cause I wanted to escape this humiliation, and finally Eric replied...

"No, he is right, I am terribly sorry for ruining your meal, it isn't every day we see something we like and cant help but stop to take a closer look, is it?"

He looked at me a hint of mischief in his gaze and my eyes widened, jaw dropped unable to believe he had just said that, and then to my dismay his gaze dropped down to my breasts and he licked his lips as each pebbled to his delight one by one. I quickly folded my arms in modesty taking a step back and looked over from Bill to Eric when Bill stepped in between us blocking me from Eric's view and he replied sharply...

"Apology accepted, you can LEAVE NOW!"

He just smiled as if Bill was nothing but a housefly and began to step away. Bill eased his stance and turned to me, but before I thought he was leaving for good, he picked up something on the floor and handed it to me. His fingers brushed mine and I felt electric sparks shoot through his skin into mine as I took what he had to offer. His smile entrancing me, I had yet to look down when he replied...

"It was a pleasure Sookie, I hope to see you again, perhaps on a night when you are free (he added coyly, casting a distasteful glance towards Bill.)"

And then he disappeared.

My face colored crimson and Bill asked me as I dared to look back at him...

"Who was that?"

I shook my head wondering that myself, not to mention how did he know me? Now Bill was going to think I had been talking to him prior and that's when I looked down at the scrap of fabric in my hand. It was my waitress uniform. He must have seen my nametag. Oh god, now he knew my name and where I worked. This was so not good.

"I don't know." I replied and Bill grabbed my coat and held it out for me replying sharply...

"Well he was looking at you like a piece of meat, if he comes near you again Sookie Ill slug him."

I looked back and searched for tall dark and handsome and caught him winking at me from the other side of the bar. Bill added in warning angrily seeing Eric's gesture as well...

"Guys like that are Trouble with a capital T."

I nodded in agreement thinking Bill was probably right and frankly, I was a little perturbed that Eric had been so high handed and so snaky, it was rude and just not the kind of behavior I wanted to ever become accustomed to. No my Gran had raised me better then that. Bill was my Southern Gentleman; I was better off with him.

"Are you ready to go?" He asked me and I looked back at him and nodded my head, shooting talk dark and handsome a warning glare before I took Bills arm and replied with certainty...


Bill smiled and we left the bar.


It wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. Given my previous sexual misconceptions, Bill tried to be gentle at first but then his passion overcame him. By that point I had grown tired from the alcohol, which seemed to help the pain along and we finished.

When it was over, I felt more relieved than anything, but also I was grateful to have Bill as my first. It could have been far worse. I had thought. It could have been with some womanizer like that man at the bar. But I didn't feel as different as I thought it would make me feel. I was still the same old Sookie Stackhouse, the one from the night before.

A week later Eric was barely a faded memory. Of course now that I had opened Pandora's box Bill wanted to do it all the time. I just thanked the good lord and my Gran for always being at home which allowed me a good excuse. Plus I had explained to Bill that I really did want to wait for marriage until we initiated the baby making sex, or at least my wedding night. I wanted to be a modern girl, but I wasn't a ho.

Bill had seemed put off at first but as always he finally accepted it. It was Friday and I had just gotten done mowing the lawn when my Gran came out with a pitcher of ice-cold sun tea and a tall glass.

"Sookie!" She offered me the glass with a smile and insisted…

"I can't believe you did that whole lawn without coming inside once to cool off, you are going to pass out from this heat!"

I walked over to her and took the glass thankful for the refreshment and I replied with a smile…

"I'm sure it takes far more than mowing the lawn to knock me out Gran, but thanks for the tea."

I took a sip, which turned into a gulp and in about 5 seconds flat I had emptied the glass.

Gran had the pitcher ready to refill my glass before I even asked and I replied with a smile…

"I guess I was more thirsty than I thought."

Gran nodded knowingly and she set down the pitcher on a small table looking out at the property as I finished off my second glass and wiped my brow my grandmother replied…

"I appreciate all the help you have been giving me over the years Sookie, I want you to know how thankful I am."

I smiled at her and nodded. It wasn't anything I ever thought twice about but Gran wasn't done apparently and she continued…

"I feel guilty because I never want you to feel obligated to stay with me or take care of me…"

"Gran!" I interrupted in objection because I never felt obligated, but she wasn't done and waved her hand signaling she had more to say, she looked me directly in the eye and remarked….

"You have turned into a beautiful young woman Sookie…You deserve to live your own life, see the world, life is too short to be stuck here wasting away in the heat looking after an old woman."

I creased my brows not quite sure what she was getting at, but she didn't let me finish my thoughts and she explained…

"I know you like Bill a lot, and I want you to know that you don't have to stay here with me, for heavens sake, before I met your grandfather I don't think I spent one night home…"

"What are you saying?" I asked her confused and she replied…

"I'm saying I want you to go out and have some fun, with that boyfriend of yours or your friends."

"But what about the house?" I asked her knowing surely she couldn't do everything at home herself. She was always a spry and independent woman but her age was wearing on her, and she shook her head and put her hand on my shoulder assuring me…

"Don't you worry about that, I decided that this place needed some sprucing up, so I rented out your brothers old bed room for 3 months in exchange for some good old fashioned elbow grease to fix this place up."

"You what??" I asked her surprised wondering when this stranger was coming into our lives not really liking the idea and she responded…

"Well lets face it, I'm not going to be around forever and this house is older than dirt, so I figured it needs some work before I give it to you."

I frowned not liking the tone in her voice nor her choice of subject. That was so not why I was hanging around and I shook my head resisting I replied turning to look at her…

"Well I don't want the house Gran, so save your money."

She smiled and shook her head and replied with that mischievous glint she sometimes got…

"Don't worry, I saved some for you and your brother too…maybe it could be just enough to get out of here and see the world."

She winked back at me but I just rolled my eyes and shook my head in refusal.

"I'm doing just fine on my own. And what about this person? You just decided to rent out a room in our house with some stranger? What if he's a serial killer or something? " I argued and Gran came over to me and put her hand on my shoulder assuring me....

"Don't you worry about it, his family and mine go way back and I'm just helping him out for a few months while he returns the favor."

I shook my head unable to believe this. I lived here too dammit! The fact that this was a man did not put my mind at ease. Not after what happened the last time a stranger came to stay with us.

"I'm proud of you dear. Now stop worrying about every little thing. I want to see you have some fun. You don't get many days off so I'm banning you from doing chores for the rest of the day.

Suffice to say her words did not comfort me.

"I still need to finish the laundry." I argued and she simply shook her head proclaiming.

"We'll talk about this later"

I knew enough to know when my Gran said we would talk later; it meant not to argue with her. There was no winning. So I turned on my heel and had pulled open the screen door when I heard a car crunch along the gravel driveway.

"He's here!" Gran looked over at me with an excited smile and I looked back at her in confusion and then went back out onto the porch to get a better view. 'He who?' I wondered propping my hands on the railing as my Gran went down the steps to meet the mystery man.

It wasn't every day I saw a red cherry colored Corvette, this one had all the bells and whistles too. Chrome hubcaps, convertible with the raised hatch back, and the sporty hood. I couldn't deny that the car was impressive, but I knew what they said about men who drove sports cars. They were trying to make up for the lack of something and I couldn't help but smirk because in most cases it was true. I worked at a bar, I certainly saw all walks of life and the ones with the big honking trucks and flashy cars were the ones who were the most desperate.

I was just thankful Bill had a modest old jeep. With my yellow gremlin the pair of us could go down in the old unwanted car hall of fame.

I heard the car door open and watched my Gran walk out to meet him. Unable to help from rolling my eyes I thought my Gran was too kind to people sometimes and then I turned my head to get a better look.

My jaw dropped and stomach fell when I took in all 6 feet 5 of the familiar man standing across from my Gran.

It was HIM.