Lucy Donovan sat at her kitchen table, a math sheet in front of her, but she was actually looking through an old photo album.

"Kraft Dinner or Chinese takeout?" Dad asked.

"Ummmm . . . I think I want - " She was cut off by the front door being thrown open, and a flood of voices that quickly spread through the apartment.

"ALEX! Walter's trying to kill us!" Yelled a man.

"I am not!" Came another male voice. Walter, Lucy guessed.

"You're so trying to poison us," cried a woman, who came into view first. Well, the back of her. Her hair was short and blonde, and she was trying to pull a container out of a bigger man's hands.

"I am not!" Walter yelled again.

A dark-haired woman appeared at Walter's side. She wrapped an arm around his shoulders. "Those cookies are poisoned. It's fact."

"No, they're not." Walter swung the container toward a dark-haired man. "Here!"

"No way man! I've already eaten one of your toxic cookies." The man backed away.

"And you're still alive." Walter looked at Dad. "My son made these. I doubt he's trying to kill you guys."

"Maybe you added it after." The blonde suggested, the other two nodding in agreement.

Lucy felt Dad lean down behind her, putting pressure on her shoulders. "I know they're scary, but they really are good people."

Scary, good description. Lucy thought, looking at the group. Walter now had his cookie tin open, and was waving one in the air. He pointed it at the other man, who looked scared. The two women were picking the cookies out of the contained one by one and dropping them in the trash, until Walter noticed, and turned a little red.

"These are good wholesome cookies!" he yelled.

"Calm down!" Dad boomed, still struggling to be heard over the noise in the kitchen.

To Lucy's amazement, the arguments stopped.

"Guys, this is Lucy," Dad's hand rested on her shoulder.

"Oh!" Exclaimed Walter.

"We didn't see you," apologized the blonde.

"Hi," the dark-haired man waved.

"You're so pretty," the black-haired woman said, making Lucy blush.

Dad made introductions. "This is Walter," she knew that, "Maxine," the blonde, "Tyler," the other man, "and Candace," the one who called her pretty.

"It's nice to meet you," they all said, or something like it.

And, strangely, it was nice to meet them too.

Anyone know how old Lucy is?

OMG! The finale! They finally found her! Now, we have to worry about the show getting renewed. What if there's no second season? Or am I just being weird . . . ? Anyway, I don't own Kraft Dinner or The Forgotten.