Chapter 30

Hoffman got back to the building quickly. He went in and took off his gloves. There was only a matter of minutes before this game was over. He looked at his computer and realized something on his keyboard. It was a letter written by him. The letter that led to Amanda's death. The letter that should never have been written. Many memories suddenly flew into his head as he sat down to read it.

"Get used to me, cause I'm not goin anywhere."

"Adam was right when he called you a rockstar."

"You watch me sleep?"


He remembered her. He remembered how he liked to try and piss her off for his amusement. He remembered how the sides of her mouth twitched when she tried not to smile. He remember what she smelled like. How soft her hair was. How peaceful she looked in her sleep. The way he kissed him. How much he cared about her.

No, no, no, this can't be happening. He thought. How'd this get here?

He heard the door open behind his and suddenly he felt a bolt of electricity.

"Mark! Mark, wake up you fucking idiot!" He heard Amanda's voice screaming to him. "Mark!" Her words echoed. He opened his eyes. There was something heavy on his head. He was strapped to his chair. Jill Tuck was standing in front of him.

"John left you, five envelopes." She said. "The sixth one, was for me." she pulled something out of the envelope and showed him. His own face starred back at him. "This is John's will." She said. She starred at the monitors for a second. The boy pulled the lever to 'Die'. Hoffman struggled against his restraints as Jill turned to leave.

"Game over." She said. Then closed the door. She timer activated on the thing on his head. He knew what it was now. It was Amanda's trap. Amanda's game. The thing on his head was a reverse bear trap.

"No!" Hoffman called after Jill. "No! You fucking bitch!" The timer clicked in the back of his head. He had no way of escaping. He was going to die there.

Tick, tick, tick The timer counted down. More memories rushed into his head. Memories of his sister, Angelina. Memories of Amanda. Memories of his parents. Of John. He couldn't stop them. Until he reached a memory of Amanda. They were outside. He had been teasing her that she needed to get out. So she did. They went out the night to a nearby park. Amanda liked the risk. They sat on the grass by the pond and talked. She looked beautiful in the moonlight. They had laid back and stared at the stars. She had fallen asleep in his arms. That's when he realized how he'd truly felt about her.

Tick, tick, tick he knew he didn't have much time. He realized then what he wanted.

He didn't want to go on anymore. He didn't want to stay without Amanda. He didn't want to feel the guilt anymore. The pain was too much. What he wanted was Amanda.

Tick, tick, tick He realized he only had a matter of seconds. He filled his mind with memories of Amanda. He'd always thought that his sister would be the last happy thought he'd want to have. But now he realized it wasn't. The last thing he'd want to think about was Amanda.

Amanda, I'm so sorry. He thought. Please forgive me. I love you.

The reverse bear trap snapped opened. It was over. It was all over.

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