I Own Nothing!!! And seriously? I wish those dumb people would spell Marigold right. What an insult... any ways... this is a short ficlet in which Ed is being a bit angsty... but a little romantic in his thoughts for that red haired troll maiden we hear so much about! lol :D R&R!!! I'll give you cupcakes... mentally anyways...

Ed sighed dramatically to himself. He knew it was a fruitless effort, to think about that troll maiden, it really was. And well, who could blame him really? She was the prettiest troll maiden there was.

He recalled the last time he had seen her, the locks of crimson hair glistening in the sun. He sighed again wistfully. Hopefully, one day… no, it really was no use, Ed thought to himself for the one-thousand two hundred and fiftieth time. Not that he was keeping count.

"Yes," he pondered aloud the word cutting through the empty crystal cave, "If only… If only…" If only he were a better Troll. He had to face it, he was a failure to the community. It was times such as these, the evening, when dusk was settling in. In the dead of winter, when there was a bitter chill that cut to the bone, and his two heartless hounds had abandoned him for the warmth of the fire, those were the times when he realized that he was lonely. He wanted a companion, like… like… the one he couldn't have.

"Maybe next year" he murmured, He would show all of his fellow trolls he meant business, and maybe snag that lovely troll maiden on the way.