Island Rodney is an island in the middle of Lacus Wilkes.

Once every couple of years, fire season and flood season align to create the perfect disaster.

A Daggerwrist hones it's infamous weapons, flakes of the old dagger falling to the forest floor. He inspects the dagger, then whacks it right into the plaque bark tree. Yellow sap oozes out, as the dagger is pulled out. He inspects the wound on the tree, psuedo jaw also weaving back and forth. Suddenly, the flight of a Trunksucker catches his attention. The psuedo jaw uncoils, impaling the Trunksucker, and it bloats momentarily, as digestive fluids are pumped in, then out. After the hasty drink of Trunksucker blood and half-digested sap, The Daggerwrist, which I have decided to name Scimitar, lifts himself, distended stomach and all, and leaps to another perch.

A Sub-polar Rayback stalks out from the undergrowths of the plaque-bark forest, searching for today's prey. Island Rodney was a relatively mountainous, rocky area where rocks caught in the polar ice caps would melt during the spring thaw would be deposited. Over the course of a few million years, that process built an island, and it was populated by animals that are horribly out of place; Daggerwrists that often don't wander very far from forests; Springwings and Cragspringers from the Equitorial Mountains; Beach quills, stripewings and even the offspring of the Ameobic Sea. The rest of the animals are the hardy set expected to be this far north; Sedge Sliders, Unths, Raybacks, Mummy nests here or there, Skewers, and Eosapiens.

The Rayback, which is reffered to by scientists as CE-399, pings prudently, as not to reveal his position. Two Polar Springwings were mating on a rock jutting from an overhang. Their frenzied, strained grunts and high pitched, excited pings excited CE-399. CE-399 leaps from nowhere, surprising the 'distracted' couple. The female uses her mate and a springboard, and glides off to safety. The male scrambles away, only missing the harpoon-like tongue. He flies just out of reach of the enraged Rayback, and defacates on CE-399, as a sign of the Springwing's victory. The Victory was short lived, as a Skewer appeared from nowhere, impaling the delicate mountain beast on the lance. The corpse was loosely flung from the lance, swan-diving awkwardly until the Skewer's mate spears it as well. CE-399 stamps and shakes his arrow-tipped head, defeated and mortified. He stamps of, following the duo of Skewers hoping a few scraps of food not already gobbled up by the Scavenge-wings.

Harlequin is the affectionatte name for the variety of Stripewing that are the denizens of the island. Turqoise is an individual whose adventurous nature lead to groundbreaking studies on the evolution of animals on Rodney island. She lifts her head off the soft gellatinous matrix of this puddle of Ameobic sea. The purple-green puddles of Ameobic Sea had arrived her during the time millions of years when the sea was positioned closer to the Northern Ice cap. She prunes herself, and dances of and about the shallow ditch where she slept that night. Harlequins often take Mummy-Nests as temporary homes, but where ever the Ameobic remnants existed, they sprang on the opprotunity to take back a 'natural' home. Turquoise leaps up upon a Mummy-Nest, which grunts with a puff of steam, and she surveys the rocky landscape. She was part of a harem of females all living in a single male's territory. She leaps off, eager to explore some more crevasses, and find some rare snow-bulbs to eats.

None knew of the imminent disaster about to arrive.