Okay so this is one of the stories you guys voted on and this one won, along with You've Got To Be Kidding Me!, but I have to give you a little back ground information before you read this to make everything clear.

Bella Swan : Sophmore in high school, 16, human.

Edward Masen : Junior in high school, 17, human, Bella's crush.

Alice Masen : Sophomore, 15, human, best friends with Bella.

Jasper Hale : Senior in high school, 18, human, Alice's neighbor and boyfriend.

Charlie Swan : Bella's father, police chief.

Renee Swan : Deceased.

Carlisle Cullen : Doctor, 24, vampire.

Esme Cullen : Home maker, 23, vampire.

Rose Cullen : Freshman in collage, 19, vampire.

Emmett Cullen : Freshman in collage, 18, vampire.

James Calvin : The Creep From Down the Road, 32, human, Bella's stalker.

Victoria Calvin : James little sister, 28, human, plays a major role even though she has a small part.

My Fading Light.

Chapter 1.

Before the Kidnap

Bella Point of View

Beep . . . Beep . . . Beep . . .

My alarm clock screamed at me awaking me from my sweet slumber my of dear Edward Masen. To bad he had no idea that I even lived in the small little town of Forks, Washington. I groaned as I rolled out of bed and walked to the bathroom. I used the toilet, and ran my brush through my hair quickly, then got in the shower.

The hot water rained down on my like the rain of Forks, but unlike Forks the water was warm, and not bone chilling cold. I got out of the shower after cleaning my hair and body and wrapped myself in a big, fluffy, white towel. I dried myself and slipped on my under garments,a pair of black skinny jeans, a red leopard print camisole, with a red off the shoulder crop shirt the said, "Tears of Blood" on the right side, and black converse. I brushed my hair again and blow dried it, pulling the thick mane of curls in a low side pony tail that flowed over my shoulder.

I ran back to my room and slung my backpack over my shoulder on my back and grabbed my binder and walked down stairs. I grabbed a bag of poptarts and pulled my coat on. I pulled my hood up and walked out of the house locking it behind me. I walked the seven minutes to my school everyday. It was easy and calming, even more so during the evenings on the way home if something happened at school.

But today was different.

I walked on the edge of the road, because there was no sidewalk. A blood red convertible mustang drove by slowly. The windows tinted a dark black, to where I couldn't see through the windows. The car drove by and pulled into a driveway three houses down. I thought, "Okay, new guy in town." But then the car reversed out and came back toward me. They drove by slowly again, and I was slightly fearful at the same time. I ducked my head and bit my lip as they drove by. I sighed and mentally slapped myself for over reacting, probably.

I screamed as a car horn blew behind me, which was fallowed by a small giggle which was no other then Alice Masen. I turned around and knew my face was a tomato as Alice ran up beside me and waved to her boyfriend Jasper Hale, who drove to school.

"Why don't you go all the way with him to school?" I asked as we started to walk.

"Because we get there and we talk with his friends and I hate them. I mean I love him, but his friends are so . . . annoying." She said as she looped her elbow through mine.

"Why do you find them annoying?" I asked her as the high school came into view.

"Well his one friend, his girlfriend is Lauren." I shuddered here. "And all the chicks have no idea what clothing is cute. Which your outfit is so cute I totally rubbed off on you! Anyway, and when he is around them they act like im not even there. And he, he goes along with it!" She said with tears in her eyes.

Jasper was a dick at times he thought he was all high and mighty because he was senior and he put off to his friends that his relationship with Alice was nothing. But he was nothing without Alice, him and her alone were beautiful. He was always holding her, with love in his eyes. He wouldn't be able to live without her I know it.

"Alice why don't you talk to him about it. Tell him you don't like how his friends treat you." I asked her.

"I don't know. Why did you scream when Jasper honked the horn?" She asked me as we walked through the doors to our lockers and the bell rang.

"I'll tell you in Government class 'kay?" I hollered as she rushed down the hall.

"Yea!" She yelled back.

I smiled and walked into my World History class. I walked all the way to the back where my seat was and sat down. I sat by a quiet mousy girl named Angela. She was always quiet and I didn't mind compared to Jessica. Jessica never shut up, and Angie helped me a lot, if I was absent she took notes for me. And we had study parties.

"Hey Bella."

"Hey hun, how are you today?"

"I'm good, it took forever to get the twins up."

"Oh." I wondered what it would be like to be an older sister. "How long did that take you?"

"Like forty minutes." She laughed. "Mom says they have to go to be early tonight and for now on." She smiled as she said this.

I smiled and looked up at the teacher as she walked in, and opened my notebook getting ready for the notes.

I had second period with Alice and walked in and sat in my seat, which was right next to her. I ripped out a piece of paper and started to right note to her. It was english and today was a reading day anyway. (A/N : Okay so to be clear this is Bella, and this is Alice. Also nd is and and b/c is because, y is why, u is you, and r is are. Wat is what.)

So wat did u want again?

I wanted to no y u screamed when jasper honked the horn

o u . . . frightened me?

no tell me the real reason u were afraid, of wat?

it was nuffin ally i swear

tell me!

a newbie drove by i guess he was lost or sumthin

nd that scared u?

well no it was just soo different really. they just drove by all extra slow then turned around nd drove by slowly again . . .

oo do u think its sumthin serious?

no lik i said its prolly just an outta towner that got lost nd ended up in this little out of no where town

if u say so but i still wonder wat made u so fearful

i was just different


alice in not doing drugs jeez i cant believe u thought i would do drugs my dad is police chief remember??

yea well it could still happen

yea but sayin stuff lik that will get me in trouble charlie will test me 4 drugs lik everyday!

lol srry i didnt mean ne thing about it really

?? o really ??

well yea unless u said yes 2 doing drugs . . .

ally ur sumthin else

nd thats y u love me

yeaa sure but i hate u

Y??!!!? i thought we were friends

b/c i dont lik being bella barbie duh

oo just 4 that im gettin u


hehe . . .

alice i less then 3 u!

o ur good ur still gettin it lol less then 3 u 2!

I balled up the note and stuffed it in my bag. What have I gotten into now I would be forced into a soon Bella Barbie attack, I just had to say something.

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