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We parked the cars inside the train car and got out and waited for Charlie. We only had to wait a couple of minutes until he arrived. We walked out of the train car and down the platform. Rob carrying one of the cases. We circled around to the other side of the train car and stepped in. Charlie appeared when Steve was about to walk inside. We were standing behind the other door on the platform to listen to all of this.

"I got to hand it to you Steve. You actually played this one pretty smart. Decoy trucks, you switched safes. The helicopter routine. I mean that was pretty damn good. But now I've got the gold and you. You've got nothing." Charlie said.

"I got this." Steve said pulling out a gun. "So cut the crap and give me my goddamn gold!"

A gun behind Steve clicked proving it was ready to shoot. It was the Ukrainians. Steve held his hands up and they took his gun.

"Who the hell are you?" Steve asked one of the Ukrainians standing next to Charlie now.

"I am Mashkov, and you killed my cousin Yevhen." The Ukrainian said.

"Got to have some insurance, Steve." Charlie said. We opened the other door the rest of the way, exposing ourselves. We stood behind Charlie smiling and arms folded. Stella went and stood by Charlie.

"Yevhen was already dead when I got there. I'm sorry about that, but Yevhen dealt with a lot of unsavory people. Now this guy is trying to play you. " Steve said trying to save his ass.

"You were right" Mashkov said. "no imagination."

"There's a lot of gold in there. We're the only ones with guns. I'll make you a good deal." Steve said. Rob handed the case to Charlie and Charlie handed it to Mashkov.

"I've already made my deal." Mashkov said. Stella walked over to Steve.

"What do you want?" Steve asked.

"You know this was never about the gold." She said to him.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night sweetheart." he said to her. She threw her hand back and collided it with his face. I stood there and laughed. Along with everyone else who wasn't Steve. The Ukrainians took him away.

"Bitch. Charlie! Come on, Charlie!" he pleaded. No one answered him as he was dragged away.

Charlie hugged Stella. And we all walked off to the train car that we would be in until we reached our destinations. Charlie went and got the champagne and we stood there talking about the heist.

"Guys. I want to make a toast." Charlie said coming over with the last two champagne glasses for Stella and himself. "To John Bridger, the most brilliant master planner of all. Father and friend."

"To my dad." Stella said as we all clinked the glasses together and drank.

"So," Rob said sitting next to me as everyone else went back to talking. "You never gave me an answer to my car and Tuscany." he said and gave me his charming smile. I smiled and laughed. I leaned in and kissed him. After a moment or two everyone started whooping and hollering. I broke the kiss and looked at him.

"Yes, but I get to drive." I said he was about to rebuttal that as I kissed him again.

"What the hell have I missed?" Lyle asked sitting next to us in complete shock.

We broke the kiss and drank again and continued talking about the heist and our plans. The only difference was I was sitting by Rob with his arm around my shoulders dreaming of our soon to be ride in Tuscany.